How to operate multiple Whatsapp Accounts in Huawei P30 Lite

How to operate multiple Whatsapp Accounts in Huawei P30 Lite

If you are someone who has two sets of phone numbers and would love a different WhatsApp account for each of them, then you are at the right place. It is super easy and simple to set up two WhatsApp accounts on the Huawei P30 Lite as the phone naturally offers dual SIM slots.

Along with this, Huawei offers the twin app function which makes it a breeze to set up multiple WhatsApp accounts at any time. Let us now delve into step-by-step details of the process you can follow to achieve this. Hop on!

App Twin

As mentioned earlier, Huawei offers the app twin function. This is also offered by other dual-SIM smartphones but goes by different names. This includes brands like Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Asus.

This function has been added to the latest android smartphones as most users seek models with dual SIMs. And, with the desire for a dual SIM, comes along a desire for separate WhatsApp accounts. WhatsApp officially discourages switching phone numbers too often without legitimate reasons.

Moreover, even though there are tons of apps available in the Google Play Store to help achieve multiple accounts, the company discourages it. WhatsApp does not naturally support two accounts in a single phone. Hence, the app twin and other similar functions were created.

These were launched to allow android users to utilize the dual-SIM property to the maximum. By using the app twin function, you can simply and easily run two entirely different WhatsApp accounts in one phone.

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The process…

Following are the exact steps you need to follow to operate two WhatsApp accounts in Huawei P30 lite:

  1. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to pay a visit to the dual app settings in your P30 lite. Open settings and select ‘App Twin’.
  2. Next, tap the slider button next to WhatsApp in the App Twin window. This will give you a prompt that questions you whether you want a second WhatsApp app to be installed. Simply allow installation and wait for the process to be completed.
  3. Once, the twin is created, all you need to do is enter WhatsApp and create a regular account using the phone number that has not yet been registered. Once verified by WhatsApp, you can simply use both your numbers with their own respective WhatsApp accounts.

Why should I use the App Twin feature to run multiple WhatsApp accounts, at all?

Something, that may come to mind or may not. But the answer is going to help enlighten you about why you should make use of this function. And, what you will miss out on if you choose to not use it at all.

Added privacy

Are you someone who does not like sharing their personal phone number with just anyone? Then, the App Twin feature will save you. You can use two separate numbers along with their WhatsApp accounts on your Huawei P30 lite at any time. This allows you to stay private just in case the person you gave your phone number too, turns out to be troublesome. You can easily share your secondary number with strangers and can interact with them without having to worry about them going nuts on your primary number. You can simply share your primary number with family and friends and use your second one for other dealings.

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Easy business

WhatsApp offers business accounts as well. Although one number can be used for this purpose, dual accounts make it easy for you to keep your business account and number separate from that of your personal one. Moreover, you will not be bombarded with business calls and messages via your regular number which may get annoying if you are on vacation. Furthermore, this feature is also great for those who run multiple businesses.

Separate alerts and beeps

With two accounts, comes the added ability to block numbers on one number whilst communicating with them via the other. Moreover, you can also keep separate ringtones and alerts for each of your phone numbers so you can easily make out whether a call or message is from a friend or your business partner.

For fun

Definitely, not something that has to be done but more of what comes as a side joy with the App Twin function. You can simply use your dual accounts for fun and pranks. Also, dual numbers are great for spying and making others give up information they would not give up if they knew it was you. We do not intend to make you go evil and avenge people, so if you misuse this function instead of simply fooling around, then it is all on you.

Otherwise, even if you are not someone that needs two accounts, you can simply create them to have a little fun with your friends!

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