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My insite | Macys Insite Login for employees to view benefits, schedules & paycheck

Macys my insite login: With over 130,000 employees under Macy’s, Inc., one could expect a company with such size to have a dedicated online login platform for its employees.

This made us come up with this post to educate people on how to access Macy’s Employee Login page so they will be able to manage their accounts from anywhere.

Becoming an employee is you being an important stakeholder within the Macy’s establishment. As an employee, you will be able to access your schedules, view payslips, company information, and carry out self-service without the need to contact the administrators.

To be part of this, you must be an employee of either Macys or Bloomingdales. Once you have been slotted into the system, then you are authorized to use the login page. However, you will need to get your login credentials, which we would also be sharing the process on this page. But first, let us introduce Macy’s to you if you are not familiar with them.

What is Macy’s?

America is blessed with many large organizations that are currently doing well and among them is Macy’s. The company was established in 1958 by Rowland Hussey Macy.

When it was founded by the American businessman, the name was R. H. Macy and Company but in 2007, the name was changed to Macy’s, Inc.

Macy’s is arguably the largest distributor of products such as footwear, clothing, jewelry, beauty products, accessories, bedding, furniture, and housewares. The company products are well equipped to serve everyone including kids and teens.

As of 2017, the company was able to earn $24.8 billion in annual revenue which points to how massive they have been in the ever-challenging market. Macys is currently in over 510 locations in the US with its Headquarters stationed in New york.

Macy’s official website for customers is Customers can sign up on the site like any e-commerce store they are familiar with, make orders, and manage their accounts. And if you choose not to use the site, you can also visit the Google Play Store or App Store depending on your phone to download the Macys app to your phone.

If you are an employee of Macy’s (MyInsite) and looking to access your dashboard, this is no place for you. However, we will be sharing information on how you can get to Macys my insite login page.

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About Macys Insite login benefits

There are lots of benefits you can get when you access Macy’s Employee Login Webpage. It can be very stressful for anyone to make a physical presence anytime they need to access some information. This is why having an online login platform for employees makes it easier.

With Macys insite employee login, all it takes are some clicks to get details about yourself, paychecks, and benefits pertaining to health, welfare, and retirement. All made available to you by Macy’s, Inc on the portal.

Despite the many benefits you can get on Macys Insite Login, it is important to safeguard any information as the company has stated that it won’t be responsible for any breach that might occur through your negligence. Therefore, ensure you are the only one that has access to your login details. And if there is any reason to believe it has been compromised, change your password or contact the Human resources department for help.

Benefits as an employee of Macy’s

The company has been on for several years and is currently in over 50 states in the USA. Its affiliate store, “Bloomingdale” also has several branches spread all over the states thereby contributing to its overall success.

By becoming a staff of the company, there is a lot to gain. And among them are health insurance scheme retirement benefits, employee assistance program, 401k, and commission. These are just the basic stuff as there are also more benefits that are never publicized enough.

As an employee, you can also get a big discount on products, mostly 20% off, and a chance to win a scholarship for your child. You can also be rewarded for opening credits, although it will depend on how many you opened in a month.

Outstanding workers are rewarded for their efforts from time to time. This is to ensure that every employee gives their best during the discharge of their duties.

Benefits and offers are advertised for employees to participate in. This is one of the best places to work in the US as they are not only interested in making sales, but also in your development.

Shortcomings of being an employee of Macy’s MyInsite

Like many great organizations, it is not entirely a perfect system as there will always be checks and balances to keep everyone in order.

As an employee, you start with some credits and every time you are more than 10 minutes late, you could lose 1/2 a credit and this could be twice the penalty during the weekend. This may not do you good especially if you are trying to make a big impression. Others may include suspension or one that fits the wrongdoings.

However, the benefits to gain are more than the penalty employees get. Being with the company will expose you to many things, and you will also get some valuable experience that might prove useful for you along the course of your journey.

How to register for my insite Macys

If you are an employee of Macys Insite, you should have your login details to access the portal. This is will be provided to you after you have been hired as an employee.

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Once you got your appointment letter, you will be trained on various ways to handle your assigned duties which could take some time. During the training, you will be provided your personal 8 Digit Employee ID and password which you can use to access my insite macys web portal.

If you have not yet gotten yours, you should reach out to Macy’s HR for help.

How to login on Macys mysite portal as Employee

Step 1: Visit the Macys mysite portal

Once you have gotten your login credentials from the HR at Macys, you can now visit Macys Insite via your mobile or desktop browser.

my insite

Step 2: Select whether you are currently an employee or not

Now that a new page has been opened. Accessing your dashboard through the HR Portal is the next step.

There are dedicated pages for both old and new employees and you are to select based on your current status.

If you are an existing employee, you will click through “Colleague Sign up” while old or former employees of Macy’s will punch “Former Colleague Sign up.

3. Provide your login credentials

Every employee is provided the login credentials during training which you can use to access and manage your account.

Enter your Macys 8 Digit Employee ID and network password. If it happens you have not yet obtained it, we advise you again to find time to visit your Human Resource Department for help.

macys my insite

4. Tap “Log In”

Once you have confirmed that the credentials are correct, you can now proceed to click on “Log in” to sign in to your dashboard.

From the page, you will be able to make changes, view information about your jobs, assigned tasks, schedules, payslips, and many more.

How to change my Macys Insite password

To keep your account safe, there may arise a need to change Macy’s password. No one should have access to your login details except you and if by mistake, you have revealed it to a third party, then you will need to change.

Also, if you have just gotten your login credentials from your Human Resources (HR), the first thing you want to do is to have the password changed to the one you prefer.

Follow the below steps to change your Macys insite password:

1. To change your password, simply visit Macys Insite Website.

2. Select either colleague or former colleague sign in. This would depend on your current stance with the company.

3. Tap Forgot / Unlock / Change Password.

4. Enter your employee ID and the last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN) or 4 digits at hire.

5. Click “Next” and follow the onscreen instructions to change your Macys password.

How to retrieve Macy insite password on

Maybe changing your password is not what you need, but getting it back. It is also possible to retrieve your Macy’s password online.

Like most online platforms, you will need to create a new password once you receive the go-ahead. Let us proffer you the solution by following our leads:

  • Go to Macy’s website page at
  • Tap Colleague Sign in or the other depending on your current employment status.
  • Go to Forgot / Unlock / Change Password tab and click on it.
  • On the page, you will be required to provide your 8 Digit Employee ID, and the last 4 digit to verify you own the account.
  • Tap “Next” to continue.
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How to use the Macys my insite login portal

Employees of Bloomingdale and Macy will find the login portal very useful as long as they are still under their payroll.

The login detail is normally provided during the training session of employees. And if for some reason you are yet to get it, ensure you do that as soon as possible as it is very vital to your success and development while with the organization.

Once gotten, go to my insite and slot in the login credentials to access and manage your work account.

Once there, you can carry out several actions such as managing your profile information, view work schedules and benefits available to you, check insurance and retirement plans, request for time off, and more.

To make changes to your personal information, all you need to do is to visit the section and edit. Sometimes, people change locations and phone numbers and it is important they update their employees’ info so they can receive timely information that can only be provided through their contact details.

Macy insite sign in for employees

As an employee of Macys, you can sign in by following the same Macys my insite login guide shared in this post. However, if you need a clearer guide, then below is the guide:

1. To sign in as an employee, go to the Macy’s Employee Login page by clicking on this link,

2. A new page will open, you are to select between two choices, whether you are still with the company or not.

3. The next step is to insert your employee ID and network password. The employee ID is about 8 digits.

4. Now click “Log in” to access your Macy’s Insite account.


1. What is Macys my insite login?

It is a login page for all employees of Macy’s. It provides relevant information concerning their work and all the benefits they stand to gain.

The site opens access to both old and existing employees with separate links for each set. You can access Macy’s login page by visiting

2. Who can use Macys login page?

As long as you are a staff or have once worked with the organization, you will be able to access the site for updated information. Existing employees would benefit massively as they will be able to check their schedules and also important information that may help them towards discharging their duties effortlessly.

3. What are the site requirements for Macys my insite?

My insite login page can be accessed on PC, Mac, Android, Ipad, and on Tablet.

If you are accessing from phones or tablets, the site should work fine on most browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and more. IOS’s safari can also be used to access the site without any issues.

Internet Explorer 11 and the updated versions would do reasonably well while Safari 7.01 or better is recommended for Mac.

It is also important to install Adobe Acrobat or any PDF viewing app on your device. The app or software can be used to view any documents you might have downloaded on My Insite.

4. I lost my Macy’s password. Will I be able to retrieve it?

Yes, your Macy’s network password can be retrieved. To get it back or change to a new one, go to the login portal. Tap “Forgot / Unlock / Change Password” and then follow the prompts.

5. What is Https www Macy’s com My Insite?

Https www Macy’s com My Insite is no longer active and tends to come up on search engines. It may not mean anything to you until you enter the new login link for employees.

Https www Macy’s com My Insite used to be an active web portal, the new link is now

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