MyCsulb: How to use the My Csulb Login Portal

Are you a Student of the California State University Long Beach and in search of the MyCsulb Login Portal?

We are here to help out and also provide useful tips that will benefit all students, especially new ones that are yet to find their feet. Every top school in the US or any part of the world has login portals for Employees and Students.

The login portal provides access to information and resources for students. Among them are school breaking news, result portal, schedules, school fees payment, and many more.

As a new student, this is one of the first things to know. Besides, it will do you some good if you can spend some time navigating around the website. However, let’s get you started with the basics.


Mycsulb is the name given to the online login portal used by California State University, Long Beach. Without the login portal, sorting out things would have been very difficult for Students, but being an online platform, accessing is easy and can be carried out from anywhere.

Throughout your program, My csulb will house information pertaining to your studentship. While this article may lean more towards students, it is worth noting that the employees can also access the portal.

To use My Csulb login, you must have signed up for an account. Then you proceed to the login page to sign in with your Campus ID and password.

The school – California State University Long Beach

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) is a public university established in 1949 by the then Governor ‘Earl Warren’
in the United States. The school has gone through many changes but one can say it has now paid off as it is now one of the largest states in the USA.

The school has also changed names many times with the first one being Los Angeles-Orange County State College, followed by Long Beach State College and then California State College, Long Beach. It is now known as California State University Long Beach.

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CSULB is one of the Schools with the lowest tuition and mandatory fee in the US. This made it one of the favorites for Parents and students in the US as well as people from other countries.

The university offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. To get started, visit the school website, go through the requirements and apply online.

How to log in to mycsulb

My Csulb Login

Follow the guides to sign onto the csulb portal:

1. Visit on your web browser.

2. Provide your username and click Next

3. Then, your My Csulb Password.

4. Click Sign in to gain access to your dashboard and other information as regards your education.

Steps to follow for Newly Admitted Students at MyCsulb

Are you a First-Time Freshman at CSULB, and you do not know how to get started, we have provided must-read instructions that would benefit you. Below are the steps to follow after being offered admission:

1. First, activate your CSULB account and email.

As a Student of this citadel of learning, you will need to get access to the school portal. The school provides each student with their own CSULB email address. The email address is the way by which the school communicates with the students.

After getting your offer of admission, go to Enter the received email address and set up a password. Students will receive a verification code through phone calls or SMS to validate the action. This is to ensure they are the ones accessing the platform and not 3rd parties.

2. Accept your letter of admission.

The second step is accepting you have agreed to become a Student of California State University Long Beach. Your admission letter can be accepted by visiting CSULB Single Sign-On,

Once the page loads finish, go to the Student Center (MyCSULB). From there navigate to the Admissions section and select “Accept/Decline.”

If you are accepting the admission letter, you will need to make payment for the enrollment deposit. The enrollment fee is otherwise known as acceptance fee. After payment, you will get a notification confirming the acceptance of admission and payment. If you qualify for a waiver, you need not pay the fee.

3. Meet the immunization requirements.

All fresh CSULB students are expected to have gone through some phases of immunization before proceeding with the registration. If ever there was any pandemic during the registration period, you are to provide a Student Vaccine Certification via the website. In the case of Covid 19, you can visit to submit certification.

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4. Complete Placement Exams (If Required)

Students may need to write placement exams depending on their course. This is to enable the school to determine the appropriate class they might fit into. The placement exam must be carried out before the advising and registration date.

5. Review cost and accept any financial aid offers

Students often get information about Financial aid from the school which could be of great help especially for freshers who are just joining the rank. Once you have reviewed the cost of getting an education at Csulb, visit the Financial Aid for Newly Admitted Undergraduates to explore more on the subjects.

Scholarship opportunities are also available for freshmen. Ensure you visit the school dedicated page for any financial aid such as grants, loans, federal work-study funds, etc that may aid you.

6. Take part in orientation, advising, and registration.

It is very important to make yourself available for orientation and advising. This is to ensure you can blend in easily to the newfound environment. You can get all the information about the orientation, advising, and how to register for the program by visiting the CSULB’s page dedicated to these purposes.

7. Apply for accommodation

As a new student at the university, it is advisable to apply for housing. This is one of the few things you should endeavor to take care of early to avoid late hours’ panic.

Also, you are to visit the Housing office to let them know where you will be staying during your first year at CSULB.

8. Submission of transcripts and test scores

Another important step that needs to be taken by any newly admitted student of CSULB is to tender their official transcripts to enable the University to validate the high school document and confirm your place at California State University Long Beach.

Electronic copies of the transcript may be sent by email to This must be directly from your High school.

9. Apply for Early Start Program (If Required)

Another one is the Early Start Program for Students who find themselves needing the supplemental coursework in English and math before their 1st semester.

There are important deadlines to take note of and they are – when to report to where you are taking the Early Start Program, applying for the Early Start Program, and confirming the completion.

10. Take advantage of the helpful resources and tools offered by Mycsulb

Now that you are a CSULB student, you need to take advantage of the school online login portal, Mycsulb as it contains valuable tools and resources that you can use from time to time.

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Beachboard is another. It is an online learning environment that is home to virtual classrooms, online course catalogs, resources, and more.

CSULB also provides a mobile app for Students. The app is known as Beach Connect and can be used to keep track of schedules and make contacts with your advisors and other resources for support.

How to sign up on Mycsulb

Existing students can take advantage of the Mycsulb to view and make changes to their schedules. It can also be used to register for classes. After being admitted, you can make any changes until the last day of self-service registration. Once it ends, any changes or registration will have to go through an approval before being effected.

Enrolling for classes on mycsulb

Students can proceed to register for classes once their admissions have been officially confirmed.

To enroll or register for classes on Mycsulb, follow the guides below:

1. Once you have logged into the SSO using your username (Campus ID) and password, tap myCSULB which will take you to the Student Center.

2. Tap Enroll and you will get a pop up on your screen, requesting you to tap Term.

3. Select the appropriate term from the list and then click Continue. Once done, you will get a schedule for the selected term.

4. Take note of these important action words – Enrolled, Dropped, and Waitlisted. Enrolled indicates that you have been officially registered, Dropped means “You have dropped the class from your schedule” while Waitlisted implies you are yet to be formally accepted.

5. Tap the Search Button to search for classes. When attempting to look for classes, you have the option of tapping the “Select Class” button on the Class Search Results page which will automatically add the class to your cart. If you have already been selected for a particular class, the “Select Class” button will not display for the class.

6. Select the class you want to partake in. If you have more, you will need to continue selecting all the classes you wish to enroll in.

7. After necessary adjustments, you can proceed to the last page. Click the “Finish Enrolling” button to confirm the class you added on the Mycsulb.

How to view your Schedule and Enrollment Status

After registering for a class on the California State University Long Beach Portal, you can view the status and schedule. However, if you are on the waitlist, you will only see your current position. On the information page, you can view instructor information, room, date, time, and day.

To view information about Withdrawal Deadlines for a class, you are to proceed to the Calendar button. From the page, among the information you will get are the class drop date, end date, drop calendar, and cancel & withdrawal calendar. Once done, you can return to your student main page when you scroll down and then click Return to View my Schedule.

If you prefer the schedule to display graphically, you can switch by tapping the radio button next to “Weekly Calendar View” on the My Class Schedule page.

Students are to realize paying their school fees is mandatory and failure to do so may lead to cancellation of classes. Always ensure you meet the school payment deadline to avoid forfeiting your admission.

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