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myJHU: Guide to access and use my JH Portal

myJHU is a portal for students of Johns Hopkins University & Medicine. It is a one-stop shop for various Johns Hopkins web applications and important information about the school community.

It does not matter what you are studying, myJH is a reliable platform if you are looking for several Hopkins-related tools. Once on the page, you can search the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED), manage your passwords, check your email, and more than you think.

In this post, we will guide you through on how to log in to your my JH account, password change plus other things you should know about accessing your myjhu account.

How to log into myJHU portal

My jh

To access your myjh account, start by following the guide below:

1. Go to on your web browser.

2. Tap Log In button located at the top of the page.

3. Provide your JHED User ID and click Next.

4. Enter your my jh password to access your account.

First-time users on MyJH

If you are a first-time user looking to make use of the tools and resources made available by MyJH, then you are going to need different approaches. But first, you will need to create your JHED account.

Once done, you will be able to use your login details on apps and services supported by Johns Hopkins University & Medicine. Let us get you started as a freshman who is yet to activate or obtain the ID for myJHU.

1. If you have not received your JHED ID, then you should visit myJH.

2. Locate the JH Enterprise Directory (JHED) search tool in the Featured Tools + Resources section.

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3. Provide your name starting with your last and then first name. Your last name is your surname. Now, tap the search button once entered in the field.

4. The results should display on your screen. If you received multiple results, then you will need to carefully go through the list to find the correct record. Once found, click on your name in the Full Name column.

5. On the new page, you’ll see your JHED ID to the right of the “Login ID” label. In other words, your Login ID (LID) is the same as your JHED ID. Once you have found it, copy or write it out. You can use the JHED ID to log into MY JH.

What is Jhed?

JHED is an abbreviation for Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory and is an online and reliable source to get contact information of any staff, faculty, or student of Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

JHED plays a very important role on the myJH portal. It ensures that the school can validate, identity, and personalize services for you.

Do note that JHED ID, JHED Login ID, and JHED LID can be used interchangeably. Therefore, it should not be mistaken to mean different things. With the JHED ID and password, you can use it to access many of the resources at Hopkins. Examples of the resources include employee payroll systems, course registration, email, and course registration. The login details are all you need to sign into myJH.

Activating your JHED ID

Now that you now have your Jhed ID, as a first-time user, you will need to activate it before you can start using it as a login on My JH Portal or any other supported systems.

  • First, you will need to go to the My JH activation page.
  • Enter your Login ID (LID) or JHED as you may call it.
  • Complete the captcha. This may come in form of an image in which you are to enter specific text in the field.
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Now, click Continue to complete the JHED ID activation. If your My JH has already been pre-activated, then you will not need the page, but to proceed to the login page for my jh.

How to change JHed password

Once a password is provided for your JHED ID, the password is only valid for 365 days. After, you will get a notification requiring you to change the password. The notification will also come with detailed instructions on how to change your password.

However, if you discover that your my JH password has been exposed, then you need to change the password to put a stop to unauthorized access. We have the instructions below for the My JH Password change:

1. To change your My JHU password, you will first need to log in to your account using your login details.

2. Proceed to myProfile. The icon is at the top right of the page.

3. From the myProfile, tap the Change Password link in the Password Management.

4. Provide your current password, and also the new password. The new password must satisfy the criteria.

5. You may also be prompted to update or create your Security Questions. Once done, you should click Change Password and Set Security Questions button to successfully change it.

How to add a nickname in myJHU

If you are proposing to have your nickname changed in myJHU, we have come up with a detailed guide. Still, it is important to know that your grades, transcripts, bills, class registration, etc will still be under your official names.

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However, if you want it changed, you will need it to do it legally and then proceed by submitting an official document stating the name change. The document will be received at the Registrar’s Office so they can have your information updated in the record.

Follow the below steps to have your name changed on the JHED directory. The nickname will display when you receive an email, and when someone searches for you:

1. Login with your Jhed ID and password on

2. Click on myProfile and then scroll down to “Nick Name”

3. Enter the nickname you would like to use in the field. You can also edit who can see the nickname in the drop-down menu.

4. Scroll down to locate the “Save myProfile” button and then click the button to save your preference.

Note: When you make changes like this, it may take up to 24 hours for the change to reflect.

How to create your JHED password

1. Visit and click “First Time User?” in the left menu.

2. Enter your Jhed ID. Although we have already provided a guide on how to obtain your Jhed ID, if it fails, you can call 410-516-8080 or email

2. Enter the characters in the image which is the same as completing a captcha. Now, click Continue.

3. Create your password and also ensure that it conforms with the requirement.

4. Provide your date of birth and also your social security number (SSN). If you are an international student, you will receive an email. The electronic mail that will be sent to you will include your ID number which can serve in place of your valid ID card. In other words, it is your JHU government-issued ID card. If you can not remember it, you should call 410-516-8080 or send an email to

5. After confirming that your Jhed Password is set, you can now start using it alongside your jhed login id.

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