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Crunchyroll is the best in the class OTT platform offering a varied assortment of anime movies and TV Anime shows of the highest quality. Whether it is the classics from the stone-cold age or the anime series under the radar, Crunchyroll has a lot to offer to anime lovers.

Aachi And Ssipak, Toward The Terra, For Whom The Alchemist Exists, The Miracle of Endymion, and many more- Crunchyroll has unlimited options for anime buffs.

Crunchyroll began its operations in 2006 and was seen as a video upload and streaming site for scaling high profits with the concentration of East Asian content. It crossed a whopping 5 million paid subscribers in the year 2021.

Now capture the power of exceptionally superb Anime TV series like ORIENT with Mystream Crunchyroll Video Downloader.

ORIENT: TV Anime with Action that Never Fades Away


Are you an anime lover? Do you want to be a part of the action and animated melodrama and like watching the action in TV format? Then, mystream Crunchyroll Video Downloader is here to get you going. ORIENT is one of the best action-packed TV Anime, directly adapted from Ohtaka’s ORIENT manga series. The animated series will show your favorite animated characters get into jam-packed action, and the level of fun and excitement begins to double upright in the beginning.

The story circumvents the life and incidents of 15-year-old boy Musashi, who plans to become Bushi a few years later. The entire setting of the Anime series relates to the times of Japan’s Sengoku when Demons rules and Samurais are considered to be offensive to society. Demons are praised for their powers, and since they have links to the outer and more powerful world, Samurais cannot confront them. Above all, Samurais are too human and, therefore, mortals created out of flesh and blood.

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Mushashi lives in a world where anarchy exists, and the people are just not feeling the pleasure. It is the world that is in direct control of the demons. Only they have the last world, and only they are the creatures who will be ruling Japan. Every mortal being should exist in them.

The life of Musashi is transforming slowly and gradually. Like many other miners, he has been brainwashed to believe that Oni is the protector, and only he is the entity who will give every living individual the life they desire. Furthermore, it is believed that Oni has superpowers, which he uses to control the Japanese.

Musashi is on a different platform. He is skeptical of Oni because he understands the truth behind Oni’s existence. Musashi is granted special mystical powers with the help of these powers, and he would stage a war against the demons. He is thinking and deliberately planning to transform the world and free it from the demons. However, he thinks that there should be a force or group that will help him fight back the demons and their powers. Musashi is working on the opportunities and waiting for the right time.

Musashi is a carefree and cheerful human who loves life and the family on the personal front. He is known to be pretty normal in his actions. The parents of Musashi used to work as farmers and enjoyed a good relationship with the reputable Kanemaki family.

Kojiro, known to Musashi, intends to become Samurai and works hard to become one. After the untimely death of his parents, Musashi is living as a wanderer. His relatives have also rejected him. He becomes a good friend with Jisai Kanemaki, and together as a team consisting of Kojiro, Tsugumi, and Musashi, they practice swordsmanship. All of the teamwork is done to fight the demons from the land. The outcome of this teamwork seems to be positive because they have the power to excel and engage directly with the demons. Times are going to change, and in these changing times, the roles played by every Samurai will become the decisive factor.

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Everything that Musashi and his team are doing is good for Japan and society.

Catch the action happening between the demons and the samurais. There is war, and one side is destined to win before anything else happens. With Mystream Crunchyroll Video Downloader, you are just a few clicks away to add valuable animation sequences to your routine life.

About MyStream Crunchyroll Video Downloader

MyStream Crunchyroll Video Downloader

The MyStream Crunchyroll Video Downloader allows Crunchyroll subscribers to quickly download their preferred TV Anime series and videos offline while circumventing the unlimited restrictions from OTT streaming video service platform. Besides everything else, there are plenty of benefits to make your entertainment quite enriching. A few of these benefits are:

Capability to Download Videos from Anywhere

The Crunchyroll streaming service is accessible anywhere in the world. With the MyStream Downloader, you do not need to have a VPN for accessing Crunchyroll videos. With it, you are on the advantage side to download infinite videos, regardless of your place.

Download Crunchyroll Videos in Outstanding Audio and Video Excellence

With the MyStream Crunchyroll Downloader, entertainment buffs are on an upper edge to download Crunchyroll videos in remarkable 720p and 1080p picture quality and outstanding audio quality comparable to the cinematic soundtrack.

TV Anime Series in MP4 Format

With the Crunchyroll Downloader, anime lovers have all the possibilities to rip anime movies from the Crunchyroll video platform without any hassles and in exceptional audio and video quality. In addition, the downloaded anime movies can be later converted and saved in MP4 format.

Select the Favorite Subtitle and Audio Settings

With the MyStream Crunchyroll Downloader, there is no need to go for preinstalled download settings. With the power of this amazing downloader, you have the benefit of modifying and saving the favored audio and subtitle transfer settings for all TV Anime series.

Transfer and Save Subtitles Like the Way You Want

Using the MyStream Crunchyroll Downloader, you select the subtitles in the file formats like .srt files or take them straight in videos, in your preferred language.

Download As Many Videos and TV Anime Series in Exceptionally High Speeds

The MyStream Crunchyroll Downloader is logically designed and a great tool to engage in a superior quality drama. This amazing software can spot videos that come as series or a season and later transfer all of them at outstandingly high speeds. In short, the staunch lovers of animated movies will not have to go through the hassles of downloading the movies one after another.

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How to download videos from Crunchyroll with Mystream Crunchyroll video downloader

Interesting in downloading Crunchyroll videos and TV Anime series for watching offline? All of it can be done in three smart and easy steps.


Begin by installing MyStream Crunchyroll video downloader on your Laptop and then click on ‘Crunchyroll’ listed in the ‘Streaming Services.’

Crunchyroll with Mystream Crunchyroll video downloader


Search for the favorite videos, subtitles, and metadata, and then get ready for download.

Crunchyroll with Mystream Crunchyroll video


Click on the “Download Now” option.

Finally, you are all spruced to create an elaborative and tailor-made library resource comprising superior quality Crunchyroll videos. You are not limited by time, place, and movement. Watch the best TV Anime series even when you are moving.

Crunchyroll with Mystream

Mega Subscription Plans for Anime Buffs

Want to pick the plan to save your movie and watch it offline mode? Here are the three best subscription plans available from Mystream. The Monthly Subscription Plan is available at the US $ 19.9 and billed monthly. The plan is usable on only 1 PC. However, the plan has 14 days of guarantee where the subscribers get their money back if they are not satisfied. Besides, there are also free updates available for enjoying more features.

The Annual Plan is available at the US $ 59.9 and is billed on annual terms. It can be used on 3 PCs and can be canceled impromptu. The plan also comes with 14 Days of guarantee with money return.

The Biannually Plan is worth the US $ 39.9, billed biannually. The subscription plan is used on up to 2 personal computers. It comes with 14 days of guarantee of money return if the subscriber is not happy with the overall performance of the downloader. In all subscription plans, there is always customer support available for 7*24.

The End Point

Mystream Crunchyroll video downloader has transformed the OTT platform completely. Entertainment lovers now have great options available that allow easy and smooth viewing and language selection features. So download Crunchyroll videos and popular TV anime series and add bonanza to your kitty. You are going to live through life-changing moments and surprises too. Ultimately, Mystream Crunchyroll video downloader is about fun, quality entertainment, and an off-grid viewing experience.

With Mystream Crunchyroll video downloader, anime lovers have more entertainment opportunities. The downloader comes with several amazing features that give the advantage of downloading the complete episodes of any anime series in offline mode and viewing them just anytime.

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