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myUNSW: How to access UNSW moodle login

Today, we will be discussing extensively the two major online platforms made available by the University of New South Wales, which are myUNSW and UNSW Moodle. Both are very important for both old and new students and should be prioritized.

Think of myUNSW online portal as a student portal where you get to manage enrollment, make the necessary school payment, check schedules, and more while the UNSW moodle is a learning management system for students of UNSW.

Now that we have introduced you to two of the most powerful tools at UNSW, let’s go into details as we will be revealing all the major information to help you get started. Also, some information unsw email including how to log in to your email account.

What is myUNSW?

myUNSW is the University of New South Wales where the students can access using their respective username and password to gain access to programs and tools.

With the UNSW online portal, you can carry out your payment obligation, check the class timetable, update or edit your account information, apply for a program, access UNSW job opportunities for students, and more.

How to log in to myUNSW

Follow the guide below to access myUNSW:

my unsw login

1. Go to on your web browser.

2. Click Sign On located at the top right of your screen.

3. Choose an applicable one depending on your current status at the school: Current Students and Staff, New Students or Alumni & Ex-Staff.

4. Enter your zID or username and click Next. The username is in the format,

5. Provide your myUNSW password.

6. Login to access your myUNSW account and other resources made available for you.

How to sign in to myUNSW as a new user

1. Navigate to and tap Sign on at the top right of the page.

2. Click New Students.

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3. Enter your zID and password below to log in.

4. Now, you have access to myUNSW.

How to reset myUNSW password

Forgetting passwords is not peculiar especially if you have a couple of websites that are not using a single password. Despite this, you can always reset your password on most websites and the same also goes for myUNSW password.

To reset your UNSW password, you will need to visit the UNSW Identity Manager website. Tap RESET MY PASSWORD, enter your zID and date of birth, choose whether you want to receive the one-time code through email or SMS and then click Send Me The Code.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to Support on 9385 1333 or visit the IT Assistance Counter, behind the Library on the Kensington campus.

Below is another guide to quickly reset your my UNSW Password:

1. Visit the UNSW Identity Manager website.

2. Tap the Menu button at the top right corner of the page.

3. Select Forgot your password?

4. Enter your ZID and then your date of birth.

5. Choose a method to receive the passcode. You can select between email and SMS.

6. Enter the code to proceed to the next steps.

7. Enter a new password and follow the online instructions to complete the password reset.

How to change your myUNSW password,

1. Visit the UNSW Identity Manager website.

2. Tap the Menu button at the top right corner of the page.

3. Click Change your password.

4. Enter your zID and your password in their respective fields.

5. The Welcome to UNSW Identity Manager Self-Service page will display on your screen, tap the Change Password button.

6. Now, enter your new password and confirm it by retyping the new password in the field.

7. You can now make use of the password alongside your zID on unsw and other supported systems.

How do I activate my zID

Your zID is your username and before you will be able to use it to access the UNSW pages, you will need to activate it for use.

If you applied for a course through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC), you may not know your zID, therefore you will need your 9-digit UAC Application Number which is normally provided by UAC, and the Program Code for the course you want to study at the University of New South Wales.

However, if you submit an application directly to the school, you will have already have your assigned zID. The zID will start with a ‘z’ and be followed by 7 digits.

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How do I unlock my unsw account after being blocked?

Your UNSW account can be blocked if you enter an incorrect password 10 consecutive times. To avoid having your account being blocked, you could stop at the 8th try and use the reset option instead.

Still, if your account has been blocked, you will be able to unlock or unblock it. To unlock your UNSW account, you should visit Identity Manager at You will be required to provide your zID, year of birth, and whether you want the passcode sent to your email or as SMS.

How to log out of your My UNSW Account

To avoid having your account in the wrong hands, you should always log out after finishing using your myUNSW. To log out, simply the Log Out button at the upper right corner of your myUNSW tab.

If you have logged in on multiple devices, you will have to click the Log Out button one by one. Always check to be sure you are fully logged out of all Single Sign-On applications.

What is UNSW Moodle?

UNSW Moodle is the name of a learning management system provided by the University of New South Wales for easy and convenient delivery of learning content to the students. The word “Moodle” is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment while UNSW is an acronym for University of New South Wales.

With the UNSW Moodle, your instructors will be able to provide online and blended learning and teaching environment that will no doubt have a positive outcome on you as a student of the school. The moodle is like any other LMS you may be familiar with.

How to log in to UNSW Moodle

unsw moodle

  • Navigate to the UNSW moodle login page through your browser.
  • Tap “Agree and sign on to Moodle”
  • Enter your username and password. Your username is your ziD.
  • Click Login to access your online content learning system.

How to Access a UNSW Moodle Course

1. To access the UNSW Moodle Course, you’ll need to visit the Moodle Website first.

2. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to your Moodle home page.

3. Search for a course by navigating to Site Home and using the search tool.

Note: we encourage you to always log out of your unsw moodle account and other TELT applications especially if you are using a public computer.

By leaving your account signed in, you are giving people access to go through your personal data to the extent of having your scores being checked.

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To log out, click Log out at the drop-down menu under your name.

How to Submit an Assignment in UNSW Moodle

1. Go to the course home page, and then click the assignment name.

2. Now, proceed to the Submissions page, and click Submit Paper.

3. A pop-up screen will come up, which you are required to complete in all the relevant fields. You may also be given a choice to choose how you want your assignment submitted on UNSW Moodle, “File Upload or Text Submission”

4. Now, Tap Add Submission to submit your assignment to your instructor.

5. You will get a notification on your screen irrespective of whether your assignment submission goes through or not.

6. You also have the option of printing your digital receipt by visiting your Submission Inbox page and then selecting View Digital Receipt. Click the Print Icon.

How to view assignment grade on UNSW Moodle

1. On the course home page in your moodle account, go to Settings block, and click Grades.

2. In the Grade item column, click the link to the assignment.

3. Alternatively, go to Navigation, and then My Grades and click Grades. Your report will be displayed on the screen. Click the Overview report tab to view all grades for all the courses you are offering.

UNSW Moodle StudentQuiz

A new activity has been introduced on UNSW Moodle which allows Students to contribute their own quiz questions. To use this activity, it must be added by your lecturer. The purpose of this tool is to ensure that students are able to collaborate which in turn will improve their learning speed.

On the Moodle StudentQuiz, you can create a question, complete a question, comment on a question, rate a question, and check scores to see how you are doing when pitched with your peers.

How to Access UNSW Moodle StudentQuiz

Accessing the StudentQuiz activity will depend on whether your lecturer created the activity and had it displayed within the UNSW Moodle Course.

If your lecturer had created it, you would be able to access and use it. On the icon, you should see My StudentQuiz.

UNSW email for Students

The UNSW email is a dedicated service hub for electronic email. All students are required to set up an email address for effective communication, and regular updates and assignments

It is very important to check your mail regularly to avoid missing out on any information that is being passed around or one only meant for you.

If you have just been accepted into UNSW, you will need to enroll in at least one subject before you will be able to access your email. This should come after 48 hours of enrolling for a subject.

The email address is normally displayed in this format, or For instance, or

How to access your unsw email

To log in and access your email on unsw, follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to
  • Enter your username and click Next.
  • Now, provide your unsw password.
  • Log in to access your messages.

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