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Top 15 Nigerian Startups Providing Solutions To Businesses

Despite the challenges faced by most startups in Nigeria, there are a few who are scaling the hurdles to provide solutions to businesses and have consistently experienced a boom over the years. The top Nigerian startups providing solutions to businesses can serve as a propeller for entrepreneurs who are yet to find their feet in their industries.

There are a few exceptional Nigerian entrepreneurs who are doing great in their contribution to the growth of the Nigerian economy. While some of them received a lift with funding from international or local organizations, others have been able to map out their journey around success. These startups cover diverse industries for our Best Nigerian startups providing business solutions.

Startups in Nigeria – Top Startups Providing Supports To Businesses

1. LifeBank Nigeria

LifeBank was established to save the lives of people through speedy blood donations and their delivery to hospitals. The e-health startup was launched in 2016 and currently facilitates blood transmission from labs to doctors and patients in hospitals across Africa.

They hold a firm belief that Africans shouldn’t lose their lives as a result of a deficiency in required medical products. Hence, the startup partners with diverse hospitals to find medical products that can save lives and deliver them to areas where they are needed using smart solutions. Medical products they deliver include blood products, oxygen, and vaccines.

The company was founded by Temie Giwa-Tubosun and has secured $200,000 in funding from Fola Laoye and EchoVC Partners to help in broadening its tentacles. They also have an emergency medical oxygen delivery service called AirBank which aims at cutting down on child mortality rates in the country caused by inadequate access to oxygen.

They currently have screening centers in Abuja and Lagos. The LifeBank website reveals that they have saved 3118 lives already by moving 12,570 products, attracting 6,542 donors, and serving 704 hospitals.

2. Printivo

Printivo began operations in 2014. It focuses on meeting the printing needs of individuals, and small and medium enterprises, and is currently flaunted as one of the foremost Nigerian digital printing startups.

The online printing platform helps prospective customers customize a ready-made template or upload their designs, print out the results, and deliver them. They provide quality print items such as photobooks, calendars, diaries, posters, large paper prints, and many more to customers, while also ensuring ease of delivery.

Their speedy delivery service helps customers cut down on time and the cost of printing. The whole procedure runs in-house.

3. Flutterwave

Flutterwave is one of the Nigerian financial technology startups that has distinguished itself within their short period of establishment. The startup was founded in 2016 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, ex-bankers, and engineers to provide payment solutions in one piece to customers, banks, and merchants in diverse areas of the African continent.

The company is currently partnered with about 50 African banks and has successfully processed over one hundred million transactions which is estimated at $2.5billion. They have also made it possible for Africans to create multinationals that can pay and receive payments with ease from any part of the world.

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Within the very few years of operation, Flutterwave has raised more than $20 million with Greycroft Partners and Green Visor Capital being a part of their biggest investors. The company’s headquarter is in San Francisco, while they have operational offices in Accra, Uganda, Nairobi, Johannesburg, and Lagos.

4. PiggyVest

PiggyVest is not just the first online “Savings & Investment” app and platform in Nigeria, but also in West Africa. They debuted as, but as time went on, the name was changed to PiggyVest which has now become a household name in Nigeria.

PiggyVest is a fintech that focuses on savings, thereby providing financial intelligence to millennials. It has currently generated over 195,000 registered individuals, and over N1 billion savings every month.

The company is working out more financial features to make the platform more robust and primed to access more prospective users across Africa. The startup situated in Nigeria is on a mission to help Nigerians on how best they can manage their resources and cultivate the habit of saving.

To make it affordable for everyone, you can choose to save little by little or in greater amounts which could help you plan better for the future. Owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will find it very beneficial to their businesses.

5. Estate Intel

Estate Intel was founded by Dolapo Omidire MRICS and focuses on making data provision for the Nigerian commercial real estate sector through the creation of web-based applications for players in the market.

Organizations have always turned to them to provide the most valuable market data that can help them come to a reasonable conclusion. For the faith placed in them, the team are ever ready to provide input that could clients’ projects.

The startup won a whopping $10,000 at the Pitch Storm event which was put up by Techpoint. The founder has projected that the company would provide solutions in everything related to the real estate industry.

6. CowryWise

CowryWise was launched in 2017 as a personal finance startup. The Nigerian fintech startup helps users attain their financial goals by automating their savings and investments. As a user, you will be able to earn up to 15% interest every year when you save.

Muslims can also use halal savings option if they are looking for a savings option that does not earn any interest. This provision is to ensure no one is left out.

This startup is for every Nigerian who wants to cultivate the habit of saving and also wants to plan their financial goals with easy-to-use financial tools. This is automated, you can set it up daily, weekly monthly, or whatever is convenient for you.

CowryWise functions with a PCIDSS compliant payment processor to secure users’ data and other Bank-Grade security features. The company has raised $170k in funding – $50k from Microtraction and $150k from Y Combinator.

7. Publiseer

Publiseer was pioneered in 2017 as a digital publishing startup that is geared towards meeting the increasing demands of independent African artists and authors. The founders are Chika Nwaogu and Chidi Nwaogu, who are also brothers with a focus of bringing technology, publishing, and design into one place.

With the help of Publiseer, authors and artists are able to make professional masterpieces of their raw work. They provide your finished book or album with a professional cover and a unique ISBN/UPC number which is specifically allotted to your work.

The startup was reported to have published and monetized the over 500 finished works of Africans in the first quarter of 2018 and garnered a profit of $11,000. They have partnered with Google Play Books to support the distribution service of Google’s digital book to meet the demands in Africa.

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Publisher now operates in diverse countries in Africa including Egypt, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.

8. Crowdforce Africa

CrowdForce is Nigeria and Africa’s largest offline distribution network. This exciting startup in Nigeria has found a way of allowing users to avoid the manual process of data collection using paper, instead of converting paper forms to mobile and start collecting data instantly and wherever they are.

Mobile forms do Intelligent data collection and empower decision-makers with actionable and real-time intelligence analytics of real locales in Africa, to improve decision-making.

With the drag-and-drop feature, it is now easier for users to send or share their forms with any of their teams. All they need to do is log in to their mobile platform and start accessing the information.

This startup has helped companies gather insights in a reliable way, reduced costs, and drastically dropped their turnaround time for decision-making.

This Nigerian Startup was founded by Damilola Ayorinde and Oluwatomi Ayorinde and is currently working to transform the use of data for small and large-scale enterprises locally and internationally.

9. Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric is an agricultural company that was launched in 2016 and is mainly driven by technology. They have a core focus of helping smallholder farmers get the required finances to succeed in their business through online crowdfunding. They also connect the farmers to markets where they can get good profits from their produce.

The platform works towards cutting down on the importation of food through the provision of its technological solutions for improving agricultural productivity. It also gives potential investors the opportunity to empower farmers by funding a farm and sharing the produce.
Interested individuals can begin by subscribing to Thrive Agric and selecting a farm or farms and the desired quantity. You will thereafter pay the amount reflected in your account as a subscription charge.

You’ll get updates that will help you to keep abreast with events. At the time of harvest, the produce is sold and the returns are distributed within a specific period to subscribers at a 40:40:20 profit-sharing model. Farmers receive 40% of profits, subscribers get 40%, while the startup gets the remaining 20%.

The company has worked (both directly and indirectly) with more than 11,470 farmers within Nigeria, with agricultural extension agents working in 12 states in the country.

10. Paystack

Paystack is a payment startup that was founded in 2015 by Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade to help business individuals receive online payments in Nigeria through money transfer, debit cards, credit cards, mobile apps, or mobile money on their websites.

As a user, you can receive payments anywhere in Africa from anywhere on the planet. It currently has over 30,000 businesses benefiting from their immense services with huge corporations like Domino’s Pizza, Taxify, MTN, Ren Money, and Axa Mansard on the list.

They secured $8 million in Series A funding in 2018, from huge payment corporations like Visa, Stripe, and Tencent to improve their engineering team and enlarge their payment infrastructure.

Paystack also provides a dashboard that helps companies monitor their business performance accurately.

11. is a concept by Mark Essien that was launched in 2013. The online travel startup focuses on providing ease of hotel booking and clients support.

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They ensure the best comfort options for their clients by providing hotel reviews and travel information around the country. They have a goal of becoming the biggest travel information provider and reservation in the African continent.

Not long after its unveiling, invested $75,000 in the company after seeing how promising the startup was. Another investment of $150,00 followed from the same company months later.

2015 rolled in another huge investment of $ 1.2 million for from EchoVC Pan Africa Fund and Omidyar Network. They currently have over 11,272 lists of hotels located in 1,787 cities within the country.

They launched in 2018 to cater to international hotel needs, and it currently has over 27,312 hotels listed in diverse cities in Africa. was also launched to provide flight services within Africa.

12. Kobo360

Kobo360 was founded by Ife Oyedele ll and Obi Ozor. It poses as one of Africa’s leading logistics platforms and aims at building a global logistic operating system through the upgrading of its platform.

They focus on building more physical interactions around Nigeria and also aim at expanding operations to many Africa countries including Togo, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Cote D’Ivoire.

With only a click of a button on their seamless applications, owners of cargo can ask for any truck of their choice and have their goods picked up and delivered to the required location through an all-in-one robust logistics ecosystem.

The Nigerian startup adopt innovation and technology to bring an end to transportation issue while also contributing to the growth of farmers to help them manage their limited resources thereby reducing wastages and also help manufacturers to gain new markets.

13. Accountinghub

Maybe you need a startup that is renowned for calculation, then you should lean on Accountinghub. With this company, you can have the time to focus more on your business while they ensure correct analysis of your stock.

Accountinghub specializes in virtual accounting to provide simple but expert accounting services. The startup was created to cut out the need for small businesses to employ or train employee accountants.

The startup is a small business accountant and bookkeeping practice in Nigeria that currently services entrepreneurs, startups, projects, and small businesses. They help companies track their finances, and also organize their accounts.

14. was founded by Kunle Olukotun and Ekechi Nwokah in 2014. The startup functions as a digital credit platform for emerging markets.

They offer financial insights on companies’ customers through payment history, phone records, and bank records. Their clients generally have a huge customer base and need to avail credit to it. is largely for retailers, banks, payment processors, and mobile operators.

15. Riby

Riby was founded by Abolore Salami and is geared towards providing the momentum for trade groups and cooperatives to attain financial success through the provision of financial services such as loans and savings.

They revealed their goal on their website which they claim is to help millions of lives in Africa to enjoy financial stability. The platform currently has over 10,000 users and has a projection of 500,000 users within the next few years.

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