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NIN Nimc Mobile App: Download National ID Card Online From

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) in conjunction with the Federal Government of Nigeria, has launched a National Identification Number (NIN) mobile app that allows every successful registrant to access their National Identity Digital Card online.

With the NIN Nimc Mobile App which is available for download on Google play store and Apple Store, it is now easier for individuals to carry their national ID cards with them.

The NIN mobile ID app is free for every Nigerian and you will only be able to access the card online if you have completed your NIN registration and also receive a National Identification Number (NIN). The online NIN ID can be used in place of a physical national ID card.


This development has a massive advantage over using a physical ID card. With just a click of a button on your smartphone, you could have your National Identification Number (NIN) placed before you at no cost.

Nigerians can now avoid the stress and resources used in going to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) when their cards get stolen, damaged, or lose their smartphones. Being a virtual ID card, it can be accessed through your device or another if you have lost your phone.

If your device is lost, you just need to report it, log in from another device and block anyone from accessing your information. This is how far the team behind this great project has gone towards ensuring that everyone’s identity is safe and secure.

Individuals, government agencies, and corporations can also use the NIN mobile app to verify the identity of anyone. For this, you will need to purchase a subscription plan. This could help you know better about a person or group than what they presented to you.

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For example, you are about to employ a maid and you want to confirm if she gave her real name. You can quickly verify identity by slotting in their NIN, however, no one can verify your identity without approval from you, and they must have already completed their NIN registration.

Meanwhile, we should highlight some features and benefits of the NIN Nimc Mobile App.

nin number app


  1. NIN Nimc Mobile App is very easy to set up and use.
  2. The app is free to download on any supported smartphone.
  3. Successful registrants of the National Identification Number (NIN) can link up to 7 devices.
  4. It is safe, secure for everyone, and has good security protocol to keep your NIN from being cloned.
  5. Individuals and organizations can verify the identities of anyone provided they have their consent and approval.
  6. On the NIMC portal, you can print all verifications you have made.
  7. Users will be able to lock away their IDs when they don’t need them.
  8. Users will soon be able to bring all their Government-issued IDs in a secure wallet tied to their NIN.


  1. An internet-enabled smartphone (Android, Ipad, or iPhone).
  2. National Identification Number (NIN).
  3. Mobile phone number used to register for NIN number.


Before we provide you with the original download links, there are few things we would like to share with you.

This is an app that you should treat like you would treat your payment app. You are about to experience a digital ID card.

Whenever you want to download NIN Nimc Mobile App, make sure you are using the official links. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store but for some reason, I would advise you should go through the dedicated site for the NIN app.

NIN Nimc Mobile App

When you click on the download link through the site, you will be redirected to your phone store. This can help you avoid downloading the wrong app from any of the stores.

  • Go to to download NIN Nimc Mobile App for free.
  • On the homepage, among the things you will come across is Apple store and Google Play Store, click for whatever suits your device.
  • Click “install” to have the mobile app downloaded and installed automatically on your mobile smartphone.
  • Now you have successfully installed the NIN app. The next part is how to set up and use the NIN Nimc Mobile App.
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Once you have set up the NIN NIMC MOBILE APP, you will be able to save or print a copy of your NIN card, below are the steps to start using the app:

  • Launch the NIN Nimc Mobile App from your device.
  • Scroll through the various points on the app by clicking “Next”.
  • Then tap “Begin” to sign up on NIN Nimc Mobile App:
  • On the newly opened page, provide your 11 digit National Identification Number (NIN). If you have forgotten, dial *346# to retrieve it.
  • Tap “I Agree” on the attestation page to continue with NIN Nimc Mobile App Sign up.
  • Select the first option if you are still using the phone number linked to your NIN, if not, simply choose, “I no longer use this phone number.
  • If you have selected, “I am still using this mobile number”, a user ID and one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the phone number you tendered at the nimc registration point, now enter the USERID and OTP to continue.
  • If you are no longer using the phone number, you will need to visit any National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Office to update your account information.
  • Create a 6 digit number. The number should only be known to you and must be very difficult to guess. 

nin mobile id app card


MWS has paid service plans that allow one to verify the credentials of another person.

Once you have been verified by The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), you can log into the Portal, using your userID and an OTP from within the mobile app, and print out the verification slip associated with that transaction.

Alternatively, send “UID” as a text message to “346” from the number known to NIMC, if you don’t have a Smartphone.

Below are the various service plans and their prices on MWS’s NIN Nimc Mobile App:

Nin service plansVerification unitPrice (N)
2Individual50 (plus 15 bonus units)N7,000
3Bronze500 (plus 150 bonus units FREE)N65,000
4Silver2,500 (plus 500 bonus units)N300,000
5Gold N100/unit10,000 (plus 1,000 bonus units)N1,100,000


How much does it cost to use NIN Nimc Mobile App?

If you have a smartphone, you can download and use the NIN Nimc Mobile App for free. If you don’t have a Smartphone, you may still download your NIN slip in the new format for N400 plus Taxes.

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The crowd at the NIMC centres is huge, can I link my phone numbers in the NIN mobile app?

Yes, of course. All you need to do is use the number known to NIMC to provision yourself in the app using your NIN, then click on “My Devices”, where you may add up to 6 EXTRA numbers to make it 7. Each one must be verified via SMS. An OTP will be sent to the number you entered in the function, and you will then enter the same OTP in your NIMC MobileID.

What then are the NIN App Service Plans for?

Since one of the most common reasons why an ID card is often asked is to allow easy verification of the actual identity of another. It could be used in financial institutions, workplaces, companies, or government agencies. Therefore, individuals, corporations, and any agency can now verify the identity of another, subject to their express approval and consent. However, for this to work, you will need to purchase a service plan and you must also have your data with NIMC.

I have a BVN, does it mean I have a NIN already?

Most BVN holders already have a NIN, due to the harmonization being carried out between the NIMC and NIBSS. Notwithstanding, you will still need to visit the NIMC centre or an accredited agent to update your biometrics BEFORE the NIN becomes active. So the answer is no. You need an active NIN number to provision yourself on the app.

Do I need Internet Access to display my ID after set up?

No, you will no longer need an internet service to display your Identity Card Online once you have been able to set up your ID on NIN Nimc Mobile App. As a verifier, you must be connected to the internet at all times when you want to verify the identity of another. If the verifier needs more information such as your birth date, they will need to ask you to click on a button at the top right corner of the ID Page. It is only then that they can scan the QR Code on the ID page to verify your credentials with this extra info. Whenever you are verified, you will be notified of the verification under “My Records” in the app. The UserID of the Verifier will show there, as well as the type of verification and the date it was done.

I don’t know my NIN. How do I get it?

The system has made it easier for anyone to retrieve their NIN number and avoid going to their registration point. You can easily know your NIN number by dialing *346# on the phone number you used to register. The service is completely free.

I no longer have the number I used to register at NIMC Centre. What do I do?

For anyone to set up and use the NIN Nimc Mobile App, must be verified with a mobile number linked with his or her NIN number. If you no longer have the phone number, you will need to visit any nearest NIMC Office around you to update your mobile number.

Can I correct my name or birth date in the NIN App?

Whether first name, last name, or date of birth, you will not be able to update it yourself. If at all there are errors, you will need to visit any NIMC enrolment centre in person to update or make changes to your details.

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