NTUNow: How to Access My Ntu Now login portal

NTUNow: How to Access My Ntu Now login portal

NTU NOW is an online platform used by the students of Nottingham Trent University. The virtual learning environment and student information centre was introduced to massively improve NTU students academically and also to provide access to information and services.

Now stands for NTU Online Workspace and it remains one of the core services of the school. Once you have received your acceptance letter from the school, NTU NOW VLE is a platform you want to get familiar with as it is always updated with resources and information to make studying easy and convenient for you.

As we always do, this article will come with some information that you ought to know and also feed you with the knowledge of how to use NtuNow LMS, and log in on the NTUnow portal.

What is NTU Online Workspace (NOW)?

NTU Now is an online platform used by the Nottingham Trent University Students for access to information and resources needed to fulfill their main objectives in the school. NOW is available at any time of the day with lots of eLearning tools that bring you closer to your instructors.

How to log into My Ntu Now

NTU Now login

Below is the NTU Now Sign in process:

1. Launch your desktop or mobile browser.

2. Enter now.ntu.ac.uk in the field.

3. Click Log-in to NOW

4. Enter the school username and password.

5. Click Sign in to access your MyNTU account page.

Some essential features on My Home Features you should know

After logging into NTU Now using your sign in details, below are the features that will welcome you especially if this is your first time accessing the page:

1. Student Dashboard

This tool will track how engaged you are with your studies compared with other students which can result in you finding ways to transition to a role that will aid your studies.

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2. NTU Email

The NTU email remains a valuable tool in your arsenal. It allows you to enjoy the support of the teachers and the school through email, especially about your studies. It is important you check regularly to avoid missing out on important information. It is also a way to access the Office 365 suite in MS software.

3. Timetable

Students can think of the Timetable section as a replacement word for Schedule. It provides you with information about the arrangement of any upcoming lectures, workshops, or events for Students. The details will include the time, lecturer name, and where it will take place.

4. My Tools

My Tool is home to important tools such as My Files, My Home Directory, ePortfolio, Blog, and Learning repository.

a. My files: It is your own online storage space to save your work. However, it is advisable to have your work saved on the A: Drive.
b. My Home Directory: Currently not used.
c. ePortfolio: There are some courses that will need to make use of the portfolio tools for creating multimedia while another may adopt the use of a separate PebblePad system.
d. Blog: This space comes with tools to create a simple blog that can be viewed by your coursemates.
e. Learning repository: The learning repository contains a chunk of learning content from several Higher education institutions.

5. Help

This section is a place to get support for all academic areas including improvement in maths and stats, how to make use of equipment provided by the school, academic support, and more.

6. Learning Rooms

This is one of the most important pages on the NTU NOW. From this section, you can access resources from your Lecturers, submit assignments, and more. The learning rooms can be accessed by going to the ‘Waffle’ menu or icons.

7. Library OneSearch

On the Library OneSearch, students running a certificate at Nottingham Trent University will be able to access lots of educational materials such as journals, magazines, and articles online.

NTU student email

NTU now email

Every enrolled or admitted student of the school will be required to own their own personalized NTU student account. Your NTU student email is a breaking news hub to get timely information about the school and your courses.

Therefore, the NTU student email is one to take note of and you should always endeavor to check from time to time. The NTU Now email address normally look like, firstname.lastnamestartyear@my.ntu.ac.uk

The NTU email address can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. Another quick way to access the email is to download the MyNTU app. If you are to sign into your account through a computer, at the Start Menu, you should find Microsoft Outlook. Alternatively, simply visit https://now.ntu.ac.uk to access your NTU email account.

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Below are some of the highlights of the NTU Student email:

1. Receive important updates or information from your lecturers.

2. University would be able to send information about the school, fees, and funding available to you.

3. One of the sections of the school, NTU Student Communications will use the avenue to send you breaking news, and valuable information happening around the school.

NTU Now Student Dashboard

The NTU Student Dashboard is a learning analytics system to help students to manage their respective learning methods and also allows them easy access to lecturers or instructors for support.

With the NTU Student Dashboard, you can engage with the school resources online, thereby providing you with your academic progress. It works by collecting data from different sources to give you an understanding of how well you are in touch with your studies compared with other students taking the same class.

Your lecturers and other support services can use the dashboard to work with you in a bid to make you a better student. For instance, it can be used to offer you one-on-one lectures and also allows discussion on various topics or any aspects towards making you a better person.

Why every student should use NTU Now Student Dashboard

No one wants to be left behind irrespective of our different pursuits. Checking one’s progress also allows us to concentrate on achieving optimal performance if it’s so bad.

The team found out that engagement rating in the Dashboard tends to have an influence on students which could lead to getting good grades. Someone getting a poor score is more likely to put in more effort.

Besides, the online resource will also provide information about your lecturer and how to get in touch with them. The dashboard is one of the ways to make an informed decision towards getting the best out of your education.

How to access the NTU Student Dashboard

1. Visit https://now.ntu.ac.uk from your desktop or mobile web browser.

2. Sign in with your user login details.

3. Go to the top of the page and tap Student Dashboard.

Once clicked, you will be able to access your schedules, attendance, view your engagement, profile details, lecturers’ notes, and more.

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The learning room is one of the most important features available on the NTU NOW. The LMS comes in different formats to make learning easy for students, they are via Video presentation, real-life case studies, social interaction, interactive assignment, research, and more.

Studying is now easier as students are now able to access materials and information with no issue. Moreover, one can access it from anywhere especially if you are totally an online student.

How to access the NTU Now LMS

Below are the guides to accessing your NTU Now Learning rooms:

1. Login to the NTU Portal using your access details.

2. Click on the waffle shaped icon 🧇 located at the top of the My Home page

3. From there, you can view the list of learning rooms you can use.

4. If you find a room you want to access from time to time, you can have it pinned by clicking the Pin icon next to the title.

NTU Now Library OneSearch

The Library OneSearch used to be known as The library catalogue and eSearch and remains one of the most important sections used by Students at NTU.

On the page, students can look up all library, research, and other educational materials using the search field on the Library OneSearch.

There is also Library OneSearch Pro which is an upgrade on the other. The Library OneSearch Pro offers a more robust material compared to the NTU Now Library OneSearch plus being able to carry out advanced searches and more.

Access links:

1. Students can access the Library OneSearch by clicking this page.

2. To explore all the resources available on Library OneSearch Pro, simply click this link.

Access MyNTU


The MyNTU is an app developed by Nottingham Trent University for students for access to information, managing their various schedules, onedrive, email, etc.

Apps for years have been known to provide a better user interface and the MyNTU is not an exception. Also, getting timely updates even makes it better as users will no longer need to go through the web browser.

Whether you are in school or not, you can keep in touch with all happenings at NTU. Also, Users will be able to personalize the app settings as deemed fit. Below are some of the features and benefits you can enjoy on MyNTU:

  • Access your emails from the school and NOW Resources.
  • View the PC availability and campus maps.
  • Mark your school attendance.
  • Access your dropbox deadlines.
  • View your timetable and other schedules as designed by your tutors.
  • Easy access to NOW resources and onedrive.

How to download MyNTU App

The app is available for IOS and Android devices and comes at no cost to the students. You can navigate to their respective stores, search for MyNTU and install it on your device.

Meanwhile, we have provided their respective download links to make it easier for you. Below are the My NTU download links.

  • Google Play Store: Download MyNTU App for Android.
  • App Store: Download MyNTU App for iPhone and iPad.

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