OCC D2L: Guide to access the D2L My OCC LMS

OCC D2L is the name that Oakland Community College calls its own content management system and it was developed to make studying easier for Students as well as a source for various services and resources.

OCC’s D2L could also be referred to as D2L OCC, but the official name for the LMS has always been OCC D2L. Nevertheless, the most important thing you should know is that the platform is rightfully owned by Desire2Learn Brightspace. An establishment that is known to have served many institutions in the USA and several other countries.

Not everyone could enjoy the full services offered by Occ D2l, to become a major beneficiary of the program, you must have been offered a place in the school whether as a Staff and a Student. Still, the benefits lean towards the students more.

What is OCC D2L

OCC D2L is the LMS used by Oakland Community College, particularly the instructors to provide interactive and educating content to the students. Aside from that, students will also be able to access various services and resources.

With the D2L OCC, every registered student will be able to gain access to their courses, engage in discussions with fellow students and instructors, manage student account, check grades, and more from anywhere.

As a student, if you come across any issues while accessing the OCC D2L, you can contact the dedicated D2L technical support team set up to help you as regards the learning management system. The icing on the cake is that they can be contacted any time of the day.

How to log into OCC D2L

Follow the guide below to access the Oakland Community College Myocc LMS:

d2l occ

1. Simply go to oaklandcc.desire2learn.com/d2l/login through your desktop or mobile browser.

2. Scroll down a bit to locate the D2L sign-in form.

3. Enter your D2L OCC username and password.

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4. Now, click Log In to access all the services and resources made available just for you on the occ d2l online platform.

How to recover your OCC username

Your d2l occ username is very important if you are going to use the learning management system. Meanwhile, if you have forgotten your username, you could recover it back.

To obtain your Oakland Occ D2l, simply visit the Username recovery page. Now, provide your Last name, which is also the same as your surname. Provide your OCC ID or Social Security Number (SSN) and tap Submit.

Once done correctly, you should get back your D2l Occ username. With it, you can proceed to use the login area of the LMS.

Recovering passwords through the OCC D2L Login Page

Being unable to remember passwords to important web pages can be very frustrating after some fruitless tries.

Notwithstanding, there is always a way back to reset your password. Therefore, if you are struggling with remembering your occ password, follow the instructions below:

Remember occ d2l password through Password hint

When creating passwords on some platforms, there may be requests for users to enter any hint that could help them remember their passwords when they forget. It is the same for the occ d2l and this could be very effective if you do not want to go through the tiring steps of trying to recover your password.

The password hint could be a name, place, or any slogan that could quickly help. If you have set up a password hint when choosing your password, you can follow the steps below:

1. Go to myocc login page using your web browser.

2. Under the “What’s my Password?”, tap Show my password hint.

3. Provide your myocc login portal username and tap submit.

4. Now, you should receive your myocc password hint.

Reset your d2l myocc password

If after the previous attempt and you still could not remember your occ d2l password, the last resort is to reset the password. The link to restore the password is normally sent to your secondary email address which you are to use upon receiving.

The secondary email address is different from your myocc email address and it is created during your account set up. If your secondary email address is not on the school record, please contact Enrollment Services at 248.341.2280.

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1. Visit the myocc d2l login page and click Reset my password.

2. Fill in your last name and either your SSN or your 7 digit Oakland OCC ID.

3. Tap Submit to receive the password reset link in your email inbox.

What is MyOCC?

MyOcc provides a platform for students to access information contained in the database managed by Oakland Community College.

With the myOCC, you can access your course, view and print your schedule, register, add or drop classes, view grades, print an unofficial transcript, make payments, etc.

How to log in to myocc d2l

MyOCC can be accessed by not just the students, but other bodies like Faculty, Staff, etc. Depending on what class you belong to, you will need to select the appropriate option once you are on the myocc login page.

myocc d2l

1. Visit the myocc login page from your browser.

2. Select the appropriate option between Continuing Education (Non-Credit), Students, Faculty, and Employees.

3. Alternatively, tap NEW! MyOCC Self-Service to visit the New! MyOCC Self-Service.

4. Enter your Username and Password.

5. Tap Sign In to access your myocc d2l account.

If you forgot your myocc username or password, you can have any of them recovered using a simple process. To recover your username or reset your myocc password, go back to the myocc login page or enter myocc.oaklandcc.edu on your browser.

Now, you can reset your password by clicking What’s my password? and then follow the instructions to reset your myocc passwords. Also, if you are unable to remember your my occ username, tap the What’s my user name? link.

If you encountered any issue while using the platform, you could get help by calling the enrollment Services at 248.341.2280 or send an electronic mail at SSHelpdesk@oaklandcc.edu. Employees can also contact the IT Support Center.

Occ Student Email

The student email is a very helpful way that the OCC use to provide information to students aside from the announcement tab on the OCC D2L. Ensure you get your OCC student email so you will not miss any important information.

With the student email, you can quickly be privy to official communications including information about your classes, financial aid, retention alerts, billing statements, and more. Do note that official info will only go to your Oakland student account and you can also use your email account to communicate to the school. Messages sent to OCC from your OCC Student Email Address have no risk of going to the spam inbox, therefore you can expect timely delivery.

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How to log in to Occ student email

If you have a MyOCC account and have at least logged in once, then your student email is ready for the activation process. To begin, enter your MyOCC username and password then click Sign In. The Student Email link can be found from OCC Home Page or MyOCC.

To sign in to your Oakland student email account, start by visiting mail.student.oaklandcc.edu.

Scroll down to the sign-in form.

Enter your student email username and password.

Complete the captcha.

Tap Sign in to access your occ email account.

Zoom Web Conferencing at OCC

Zoom Web Conferencing is available at Oakland Community College and is also another way to communicate except that it comes in form of a video session.

How to join a zoom meeting

As an occ student, you do not actually need to sign in to make use of Zoom. Instead, click the Join A Meeting link to join an active Zoom meeting.

However, your instructor will provide you with the meeting ID number that will be entered in a field and then redirect you to the actual room for your Zoom Web Conferencing

After clicking the link, select Join a Meeting from the newly opened page. Enter the meeting ID number you received from your instructor and click Join to attend the meeting.

OCC Connect Mobile App

OCC Connect Mobile App, for over the years, has received several updates and we can confirm that it is big and better. Most of the actions you want to engage in on the myocc page can be carried out in the app.

Among the key benefits, you can enjoy on the OCC app is being able to access and manage your courses on the go and easily, register courses, view grades, receive instant notifications, make payments, check your account balance, etc.

OCC Connect Mobile App is available on the two leading operating systems, IOS and Android, and the best part – it is available to download for free.

Simply visit your App Store to download the OCC Connect Mobile App. When on the search field within the App Store, simply search for “OCC Connect”, however, we will be providing the link for Android, iPhone, or Ipad to make it easier and quicker.

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