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Olist Nigeria – How to buy and sell on Olist

Do you wish to buy or sell items online? Are you interested in making money by disposing items?

Introducing Olist Nigeria, the next best thing that is set to replace Olx Nigeria. Olx used to be fans favourite until it was acquired by Jiji. The acquisition is not what was expected by fans, this left an unpleasant taste on the lips of many. Jiji had acquired olx businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

This classified ads site, Olist NG was launched by Opera and will be anchored by professionals to integrate several categories including jobs, real estates, agriculture, autos, constructions and maintenance. Opera will be aiming to provide better user experience and do hope in the long run, they find themselves worthy competitor to other online stores in Nigeria.

However, it is a new dawn for Olist, the company is set to compete with Jiji, a classified marketplace which now wields the power and all that comes with it. With Olist NG following the business model of Olx, it is just a matter of time before they catch up with Jiji.

Do you have an item you have been using for a very long time and now looking for buyers? Maybe you are a buyer who is looking to take breathtaking deals on Olist ng. You are surely in the right place.

Olist Ng is the best spot to market, advertise, sell and buy items or properties from real people. It has almost everything you need including job opportunities and services.

The classified listing website is very easy to use and free of charge. There is no limit to how much ads you can put online. The best part of using Olist Nigeria is that prices are always reasonable, you could get price slightly lower on olist, compared to when you take a walk down to your local stores.

As someone who is looking to improve your income, olist provides you with an investment opportunity where you will not need to pay any fee to sell your items.

How to sell on Olist Nigeria

Signing up

Olist website is www.olist.ng.

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Like every other site, the first step is to sign up on the site.

Registration on olist Nigeria could take different forms depending on your choice, using google or facebook to utilize your email is one of the quickest ways to get started.

You don’t own any? You can just register by clicking on https://olist.ng/register. You will be required to enter your names, email, passwords and mobile number. Make sure it is all correct before submitting details as you will need to verify your account through the email you provided.

Post an ad

Although filling correct info is important but not as important as structuring your ad to look perfect for anyone who comes across it.

The best way to start is to find or take a clean image depicting your items in all its glory. Everyone hates blurry images including the girl next door. Create a well-written content featuring all beauties as well as the ugly parts if it has.

Also, the price has to be slightly lower than the market price if you want to sell it as soon as possible. That is my marketing strategy during the era of Olx Nigeria, if they are selling, say a phone at N40,000 in the market, I put it at N39,000, knowing it will be difficult to beat elsewhere. I will rather sell 10 items quickly than holding on to one for months.

Go to your profile by clicking on it, locate, “Post New Ad“, and tap the “Enter button

The best strategy in attracting sales on Olist Nigeria is to use a title that reveals the item name. Selling iPhone 8? If it is clean, you put, “Clean and unscrewed iPhone 8 for sale. If otherwise, you can decide to use, “fairly used iPhone 8 for sale.’

To get your ad approved, make sure the price is in consonance with the market price. If overinflated, you may not get the ad approved by the team.

Giving your ad a nice touch is the key to getting the customers rallying up around your item. You don’t need to write so long an epistle but make sure the few words are able to cover the conditions of the item.
How old the item is, is it in perfect condition or otherwise, do you accept a swap or full payment, and the features should be highlighted.

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Do not forget to have the ad listed in the appropriate category, I won’t be caught searching for a phone in the cars category. These are just few of the descriptions you should consider putting in to avoid unnecessary inquiries from prospective buyers.

Indicate contact details for customers to reach you. You can insert your WhatsApp mobile number below the end of your description message if you want more reaches. You never know if what it takes to buy from you is a few chats.

I believe you now have all that are required of you tucked into the space provided by Olist? Take a few seconds to go through the information, if you have no issue, then quickly publish your post.

How to buy On Olist Nigeria

On Olist Nigeria, you can buy almost any item whether new or old at a very fair price.

The first thing is to select your location for best results. Selecting your location free you from having to worry about how to get the items quickly. If items are from other states, it becomes very hard to have them.
When I am just a few miles away from the seller, I could easily take a bike to locate him. If the condition of the item does not satisfy me, I walk away knowing that I have not lost much.

If you are looking to buy on any classified listing site or online store like Jiji, jumia or Olist, the first thing to do is to get the site URL, since it is olist we are considering, you should enter www.olist.ng into your browser. It loads on any browser.

If you are familiar with the interface of Olx Nigeria, you should have no problem with using Olist as they are almost the same. Type the item you are looking for into the search box and enter. You will be provided with available ones that your search words match. Using fewer words will help you get the most results available on Olist.

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Another way to go about your search is to make use of the filter when you click on any of the categories. Select whatever options suit you for your queries.

Now that you have seen what you want to buy, click on, “Show contact” or “Start chat.
Show contact will reveal the phone number of the seller while start chat will automate the chat feature between you and the seller. If he is online, you may get instant message, if otherwise, he may reply you immediately he was notified by the system.

Safety tips for buyers on Olist Nigeria

  • Never reveal your financial information such as BVN, passwords or pin.
  • Always make sure the deal takes place in a safe and open location.
  • Customers are always right if you are not convinced about the uploaded images, request for a better one.
  • Research items before talking with the seller.
  • Never send money ahead to sellers.
  • If in doubt about the product, call someone that knows about it.
  • Don’t be pushed into hasty decision especially by the sellers.

Safety tips for sellers on Olist Nigeria

  • Sellers are warned never to send items ahead.
  • Collect money immediately the buyer shows intention to purchase the item.
  • Verify that cash is not fake before giving out items.
  • If the buyer request for large quantity, ask for government ID card and proof of address.
  • Be careful about sharing too much information to the buyer.
  • When a buyer requests to transfer into your account, check balance from your bank apps or ATM. You could talk to your bank if none is available.
  • Avoid sharing your financial information.

Olist for android 

Get your olist apk downloaded from google play store. It is faster, better and convenient compared to having to use your browser.

  • On your android smartphone, locate play stay and tap.
  • Search “Olist” on the play store.
  • Click on the result and tap “install” to have it downloaded and installed on your phone.

Olist Contact details

If you have any questions as regards Olist, use the comment section or go through Olist direct channels. Below are their contact details:


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