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10+ Best Sites Where You Can Shop Online

Shopping online is fun but the question is do you just go on a shopping spree on any Online shopping sites you come across?

Here is what you should know before slotting your card information or PayPal into the website payment system.

Thousands of e-commerce websites are created on a regular basis. Counting on a new shopping site with little or no experience can be devastating.

Rule experience out, for now, don’t you think you will be taken a huge risk by putting your money on a site that is yet to take a stand among long-serving ones?

I understand that most people who are not yet informed, they might believe having a website automatically makes a business legit. I am sorry to say it is not always like that.

No wonder, we are quick to believe any site as our source of information, not for any reason but because we were made to understand the Internet has answers to every question.

This article is a sequel to my posts on online stores but this time, I am doing it differently. It will aim to provide you with the best online shopping websites in the world that ship to wherever you are.

It does not matter if you live in Saudi Arabia, USA, South Africa or in Africa, you will have your items delivered to you although delivery time might take a while especially for some sites who use economic shipping.


Aliexpress online stores

Aliexpress is the biggest online shopping site. This online shopping website came into existence in 2010 and it is run alongside the popular

Both sites are under Alibaba Group Holding Company, a project of Jack Ma and some key members of his company.

Alibaba Group Holding Company was founded in 1999. The company has a wide interest in commerce, retail, internet, and technology. It was estimated to have a total asset of $143.801 billion as of 2019.

Aliexpress running under the umbrella of this multinational company can be said that a reasonable amount of money has been invested as well as the good number of professionals are on ground to help with the continuous growth.

Aliexpress runs a dynamic online shopping site that ships anywhere, both locally and internationalyl despite the office has its work ground in China.

2. Amazon.comAmazon online store

Shipping and import fees will push you away but it remains the best online shopping site that ship to you quickly.

Amazon has great collections of products on their site with the best hands on deck to make your shopping awesome.

It remains the most popular with a platform carefully designed to help you adjust and move around easily.

Amazon has been around since 1994. A project led by Jeff Bezos and with a total asset of $162.648 billion as of 2018.

It plays an important role in the world and considered a pace maker in technology, e-commerce and artificial intelligence. Rated alongside the likes of Google and facebook. is just one of the many subsidiaries of the Amazon. There are several ones, among them are the popular IMDB, Alexa, Goodreads, and amazon studios. It first started as online store for books but as time passed by, Amazon ventures into other fields and later outweighed the iconic Walmart.

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The company has its office in the USA and continue to be a force to reckon with in this fast-growing market.

If you are living in united states or in Canada, you wont have to pay the outrageous shipping expense but for people who live in another continent especially Africa. The shipping fees alone can be more than what you paid for the item.

Good quality products but does it worth it when you can get the same product cheap and with no or low shipping fees on aliexpress, eBay and few others.

Lastly, old and new items are sold on amazon.

3. Ebay.comEbay online shopping site

I just started using ebay and the experience so far has been great.

Ebay has a very strict policy, their own way of protecting buyers and sellers against people with the intention to commit fraud.

After registration, you can buy or sell before you are granted full privilege, your account will be temporarily put on hold after registration till you confirm your identity.

Unfortunately, you will need to make a phone call to ebay service centre and you will be asked to provide some vital docs. Make sure you have enough airtime before calling the care agent to avoid be cutting off in the middle. When cut off, you might need to start all over again and this might not be good for your credit balance.

This involves submitting a copy of a government issued card or driver’s license and a cover letter containing your phone number, email address and with your eBay user ID.

Nevertheless, it is a great online shopping site where you can get things very cheap with low shopping fees.

There is a buyers’ protection policy, when activated, you can reverse your money. You can always open a dispute on PayPal if you guys can not find common ground, you can make a claim. Paypal will refund your money if you are not on the wrong side of things.

4. Banggood.comBanggood online store

Being an internet fanatic means I have to come across cool sites like this.

When you first come across the site URL, you might be beginning to ask yourself if it is really a shopping site especially when the URL name, “bang good” could mean another thing.

I laughed at first but a click to the link tells me what I need to know.

Banggood is an online shopping website with large numbers of users on a daily basis. Report from verifiable sources estimated it to be over a million visitors per day.

A Chinese site which is known for selling of electronics, mobile phones, tablets, gadgets, industrial tools, computer and networking, clothing and shoes, automobiles and many more.

What is more? You can buy items very cheap and also get to choose your carrier. There is free shipping available for some of the listed products, mostly standard shipping.

If you want items delivered earlier, you will need to part away extra bucks to make that happened. Items will get to you no matter anywhere you are in the world.

The most popular payment systems on bang good are PayPal and master card. There are also several payment gateways available on the site.

5. Beautybay.comBeautybay review

For the ladies who need where to shop for beauty products, Beautybay is the site to visit. They specialize in sales of skin care products, hair products, and accessories.

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The online shopping site is based in manchester in the UK. United Kingdom has always been known for fashion, clothing and beauty products. The country has a rich culture of having some hard to get and quality products.

You can shop for products you ordinarily won’t find in major stores and might come across products that will capture your mind.

Items, when compared with other stores are unbelievably cheap plus most of their products always come with no fee on shipping.

The only negative aspect of using beautybay is that delivery may take longer. It should not be a surprise as this is common with most major online stores. If you are lucky, you might even get it so quick than you expected.

6. Feelunique.comOnline store that ships anywhere feelunique

Whether you are a lady or dude who knows what it takes to look good, I present you feelunique, one of the leading cosmetics online stores.

Feelunique is not the only link to make you feel unique. There are about thousand sites out there but I will be concentrating on the best online shopping website in the world.

Fortunate for beautybay, it made our list. I can not just ignore the rating it enjoys by the classy queens who know where to shop.

Feel Unique is no novice in the industry, already a leading store in the UK and has the earmarks of a store that can compete even against the best, if not the best already.

You won’t find much stores with such luxury beauty products like Feelunique. In their good gesture, students can get discounts off their purchases.

7. Lookfantastic.comLookfantastic wih best online stores

You might be surprised to hear that the reason why your friends look so good and radiant is that they have not been telling you where they shop for beauty products.

For a company that has been around for more than a decade ago, 1996 precisely, you can always count on them to provide you with nothing but quality beauty product.

I know you are already fantastic, putting a finishing touch with the help of the iconic online shopping site, LookFantastic might be all you need to become the main attraction.

Lookfantastic ship to any country. A return policy is available to you if something goes wrong. For lookfantastic, money has never been the driving factor but the joy in satisfying the demands of their customers.

8. Bestbuy.comBestbuy shopping site review

Best buy is one of the major players and owned in the US. It has been around since 2006.

It’s considered to be one of the popular online stores in the world by revenue which currently stands at $42.15 billion as of 2018. Bestbuy was the most successful retail business in the USA and with subsidiaries in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and China.

Bestbuy thrives in the sale of electronics, clothing, groceries, pets, music and books, automobile, tires and industrial and many more with free shipping on most of the items found on the site.

9. Asos.comAsos review

Let me start with the icying on the cake, when you shop on and amounting to £50, you can get your product delivered free of charge. Item below the £50 will have a delivery fee of £8.

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Asos, one of the leading online stores in the UK was born in 2010 and since then, has become the talk of the town in major cities in the UK and other countries.

You wont find electronics, mobile phones and its accessories, and automobiles aside clothing, beauty products for men and women, hair products, active wears, shoes, etc.

In order words, it is an online stores for beauty products.

Asos is an acroymn for As Seen On Screen with the company official name being AsSeenOnScreen LTD.

10. Missguided.comOnline shopping store

Hope you are not reading it as mis-guided? it is miss-guided. As the name implies, the online shopping site targets young girls and ladies (aged 15 – 40).

It is not that it is the benchmark for sales of items on the store. What it means is that, you are going to find products suitable for ladies that are not more than 40 years.

The company has a long history of delivering high-quality products such as clothing, shoes, and beauty products. These are just a few of available items they sell on their online store.

Ever wanted a brand you want? Check our their various collections from top brands in the country. The iconic, “Playboy” is one of the brands you will like to get your hands on.

Shopping on the website will be an experience that will forever linger in your heart.

11. Zalando.comZalando best online store

This is one of the popular online shopping websites in Germany. It caters for all gender needs including children with her main interest in ladies wears, beauty products, and accessories.

Zalando accept paypal and credit card for items ordered on the site, free shipping on most of the items and with 4 to 6 days to deliver your item after payment.

DHL which is known for fast delivery is among the delivery options on Zalando. To be eligible for free delivery, you must have an order with price not less than £19.90. Anything short of that will attract a reasonable amount of shipping fee.

Zalando do not ship to every country. When you log in using, you wil see list of country they ship to. Select one that suit your location.

12. Rosegal.comOnline stores in the Uk, china and world

It is difficult to understand why major online stores in europe decide to be feminine when choosing their company’s name. Come to think of it, rosegal is based in china.

Maybe it’s because women take the business of looking good very serious. For most men, they would be fine with simple wears.

Don’t the let the name shy you away, rosegal is more than just female products. Men and kids collections are also available on the store and with free shipping above items that cross over $45.

The online store deals with women’s, men’s and kids’ fashions such as clothing, shoes, hair and accessories, swimgear, and much more but targeted towards the trend ladies.

It is one of the best online shopping sites to get all that make you look good and more attractive than you are.

The payment options available on rosegal are PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, and Western Union. They ship to any country but shipping can take a while at times.

If you really want it quickly, they have their store on Amazon where you can get it delivered in not more than 5 days at most.

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