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Easy loan on Opay Okash with no collateral

Are you looking for a quick way to get loans in Nigeria? Opay okash loan is here, though not the biggest loan provider but very easy to access. Opay okash was recently added as one of the features of opay app to help customers find more values on the app.

Opay app is no longer about paying for opay oride (bike), make a transfer, order foods (ofood), bills payment or buy airtime; customers can now do much more on the opay app. Opay app is inarguably your one-stop-shop.

Think about how much you can do with the opay okash loan; school fees will no longer be a problem, you can now upgrade to a more decent phone, get the perfect date, turn around your business, or start a new business idea. Opay okash remains one of the many ways to get an instant loan in Nigeria.

Why Opay Okash?

Opay okash is part of the features on Opay, a mobile wallet developed by Opera. The Norwegian browser company has been around for over a decade and have more than 400 million users worldwide.

This company is majorly known for its mobile browser, opera mini which took the hearts of many during the Java era. Since then, many browsers have been developed and not forgetting the desktop version for PC. Now that I mentioned Opera, this is a clear indication that you are doing business with a team of professionals who truly know their onus.

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Okash being part of Opay is a good thing, instead of having multiple apps for your transactions while not on one app? And with loan duration up to 365 days. Meanwhile, the smallest amount any individual can get is NGN2,500 while the highest is NGN60,000. Who knows, maybe at time goes on, they can up the credit limit.

For those who want to become opay mobile money agent and do not have most of the cash to start, you can apply for opay okash loan. This should not hurt your other commitments, you can employ someone to be in charge while you continue going about your other tasks. Partnering with opay is free but you will want to put something in place.

How does opay okash work?

As I said, the credit limit is way too small compared to the likes of Credit wallet, Palmcredit, Branch loan, Lapo loan and Fairmoney loan app but you are still going to find it very useful if you do not need much emergency loan.

The shortest loan tenure is 3 months while the longest is one year with the original fee not more than 24% per year. It could come down depending on loan amount and loan duration.

To get a loan from okash, you are expected to provide certain information during registration. Details on how to successfully get the loan will be provided in this article.

Meanwhile, the information required from you on Opay okash are highlighted below:

  • Mobile number.
  • Legal names.
  • Applicants must be Nigerian.
  • Government-issued ID card number. (Applicants must be within the age bracket of 20 to 55 years old).
  • Date of birth and education level.
  • Outstanding loans if available should be noted.
  • Marital status and monthly income.
  • Address and referee’s phone number.
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As you can see, just a few provisions to get the loan amount as quickly as it can get. The provided information will be used to determine your loan limit. Qualified or not, your loan status will be communicated to you.

How to get Opay Okash loanHow to get okash loan

Now that I have been able to accentuate the various conditions to get the loan, the most important part is knowing how to get started on Okash.

  1. Whether android or apple device, the first step to go to the store and download the okash personal loan app.
  2. After installation, locate and click on the app
  3. Like most first time users, the first step is to register which is done by providing your personal details. If this is not your first time, you only need to login into opay and click on Okash.
  4. Select the product you want to apply for.
  5. After registration, you are expected to provide some information.
  6. After submission, you may get a call requesting you to verify.
  7. In few minutes, result will be shown in the app and also receive SMS if it passed the approval stage.
  8. E-sign the loan agreement
  9. After approval, expect the cash in few minutes. This should happen within 5 minutes.

Other features available on Opay

  1. On opay, you can make payment to a bike rider (oride) to convey you from one location to another, even refer friends and in exchange, get free coupons.
  2. Airtime and data purchase are also one of the most used features on the app. Buy right from the comfort of your home and even enjoy an amazing discount.
  3. Order for food from the best restaurants in your locality. While waiting when Ofood is just an app from your location?
  4. Bills payment also got better with Opay. Take advantage of the convenience provided by Opera by paying for stuff on the app.
  5. Add cash to your wallet easily which you can later use on the platform for what to come.
  6. Have you heard of Owealth? Owealth is a medium provided by opera for you to partner with them. Invest as low as NGN500 and earn returns on your investment.
  7. Receive and pay money easily by just scanning the Opay QR code.
  8. Sending and receiving money has just been made better and faster. You do not need to have even recipient’s bank details, you can type their phone number to send or request money with no cost. You also don’t even need a bank account, you can cash out or in from nearby agent.
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Opay okash contact details

You can contact opay through their mobile number 09066722924, 08097755512,08097755514 or send a message to their box using support@o-kash.com

Meanwhile, the office address is Room 301, Japaul House, Plot 8 Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Central Business District, Ikeja, lagos, Nigeria.

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