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20 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Sell (Furniture Business)

Making beautiful hand-crafted wood items to sell is a great way to make some extra money. You can find woodworking plans online or in magazines, and you can use either power tools or hand tools to create your products.

To get started, you’ll need to choose the right project for your skill level and then gather the necessary supplies. Once you have everything you need, you can start working on your project.

If you’re just getting started in woodworking, it’s important to choose a project that is simple and won’t take too much time or effort to complete. For example, building a basic box or stool is a good starter project. As you get more experienced, you can move on to more complex projects.

Here is a list of some profitable woodworking projects you can make and sell on marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy.

Is Woodworking Business Profitable?

How profitable a woodworking business is depends on numerous factors, including the type of products or services you offer, your target market, your business model, and your own managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of the key factors that can affect the profitability of a woodworking business.

The type of products or services you offer is obviously a major factor in determining profitability. If you’re selling high-end custom furniture, you’ll have much higher profit margins than if you’re mass-producing cheap knock-offs of Ikea furniture.

Likewise, if you’re offering a niche service like hand-carved wooden sign making, you’ll be able to charge a premium price for your work, and thus have higher profits.

The key to profitability in any business is careful planning and management. Before starting a woodworking business, you need to determine what products or services you will offer, what your overhead costs will be, and how much you will need to charge to cover those costs and make a profit. Once you have a plan in place, you need to stick to it rigidly in order to make your business successful.

Of course, even with careful planning, there are always risks involved in any business venture. Whether or not your woodworking business is profitable ultimately depends on your own managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

List of Basic Equipment Needed for Woodworking Projects

Workbench: This is perhaps the most important piece of equipment for any woodworker. It provides a sturdy, flat surface to work on and can be used for a variety of tasks, from chopping lumber to assembling furniture.

Saw: You’ll need a saw to cut lumber to the desired size and shape for your project. There are a variety of saws available, from hand saws to power saws, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Drill: A drill is useful for drilling holes for screws or other fasteners.

Set of clamps: Clamps are used to hold pieces of wood together while glue or other adhesives dry.

Set of hand tools: These include a hammer, screwdriver, chisels, and other tools for shaping and assembling wood.

Set of power tools: These include a circular saw, jigsaw, drill, and other tools for quickly cutting and shaping wood.

Safety equipment: This includes safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask to protect you from sawdust and other airborne particles.

Wood glue: This is used to attach two pieces of wood together.

Finishing supplies: These include paint, stain, and varnish to finish your project.

A plan: This is a drawing or other guide that shows you how to build the project. Plans can be found online or in woodworking books and magazines.

Profitable Woodworking Project Ideas to Build and Sell for a Business

The list is almost inexhaustive when it comes to woodworking projects ideas to build and sell online as furniture, below is a list of some of them;

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Wine Racks

wooden wine racks

Wine racks are a popular woodworking project because they are both functional and decorative. They can be made to fit almost any space, and they can be customized to match the style of any home.

The most important part of any wine rack is the stability of the structure. The wine bottles must be able to rest on the rack without tipping over. The best way to achieve this is to use sturdy construction techniques and a good design.

School Furniture

wooden school funiture

When it comes to woodworking projects for business, one great option is making school furniture. This can include items like desks, chairs, blackboards, and more.

Not only is this type of work usually in high demand from schools, but you can also command a higher price point for your pieces since they will be used in an educational setting.

In addition, making school furniture can be quite satisfying since you know your work will be put to good use by helping students learn and grow.

If you’re looking for ideas on specific items to make, check out some online databases of school furniture or speak with teachers and administrators to get an idea of what kinds of pieces they are always in need of. With a bit of creativity and hard work, you can start making money by crafting school furniture.

Dog Beds

wood dog beds

Yet another hot selling product in the woodworking business is making dog beds for sale. This is a fairly straightforward project that can be customized to fit the needs of different customers. Plus, who doesn’t love dogs?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when making dog beds. First, you need to make sure the bed is big enough for the dog to comfortably sleep in.

You don’t want your customer’s dogs to be cramped up in a small bed! Second, you’ll need to use materials that are comfortable and durable. Dogs can be rough on their beds, so you’ll need to make sure the bed can withstand some wear and tear.

Finally, you’ll need to choose a good design. This is important because the bed needs to be both functional and stylish. Dog beds can be made to match the décor of any home, so get creative!

Coffee Tables

wood coffe table

One classic woodworking project that always sells well is the coffee table. This is a piece of furniture that can be made to fit any home, and it can be customized to match the décor of any room.

Coffee tables can be simple or complex, and they can be made from a variety of different materials. The most important thing to keep in mind when making a coffee table is the stability of the structure.

Coffee tables are often used for putting your feet up, so they need to be sturdy enough to support a person’s weight. In addition, coffee tables usually have glass tops, so you’ll need to make sure the table is well-built enough to support the weight of the glass.

TV Stands

wood TV Stands

One option for a woodworking project that could be turned into a business is building TV stands. There is always a demand for these, as people are constantly upgrading to larger TVs and need a place to put them.

There are several ways to go about this. You could build them from scratch, or you could take an existing design and improve on it. You could also make different versions, such as ones with extra shelves or storage space.

You would need some basic woodworking skills to get started, but if you can make TV stands, you can probably make just about anything in woodworking. So this could be a great way to start your own business.

Book Shelves

wooden book shelves

One simple woodworking project that can be used to generate business is the creation of bookshelves. Many people lack the necessary space to store all of their books, and are often willing to pay someone to create custom shelving that meets their specific needs.

When designing bookshelves, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The first is the overall size and shape of the shelves.

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They should be large enough to accommodate the intended number of books, but not so large that they take up too much space or clash with the existing décor. The second consideration is the type of wood used. Wood that matches the existing furniture or flooring will look more polished and professional than wood that stands out.

Rustic headboards

Rustic headboards

Owning a business is a lot of work. You have to be creative in order to get people’s attention and coming up with new ideas for products or services that you offer can be difficult. However, if you’re thinking about starting a woodworking business, there are plenty of rustic headboards made of stunning wood that would make great products for your customers.

There are many different ways to make rustic headboards, so you could explore different designs and find something that suits your style and expertise.

You could also look into incorporating some carving or other decorative elements to really make your headboards stand out. Whatever route you decide to take, offering high-quality, well-crafted products will be essential for success in this competitive market.

Coffee Cup Racks

Coffee Cup Racks

Creating coffee cup racks is another brilliant product idea for a woodworking project. These are often used in restaurants and cafes to keep the cups organized and out of the way. They can also be used in homes to declutter countertops and make things look more organized.

Building a coffee cup rack is fairly simple and can be done with just a few tools. You will need some wood, either pre-cut boards or planks that you can cut yourself. You will also need a saw, drill, screws, and nails. If you want to paint or stain your rack, you will need those supplies as well.

File Storage boxes

wooden file storage box

One of the most popular and practical choices for woodworking product ideas are storage boxes. File storage boxes, in particular, can be extremely helpful for any business that deals with a lot of paperwork.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right file storage box for your business. The first is size. You’ll need to make sure that the box can comfortably fit all of the paperwork you need to store in it. The second is material.

You’ll want something sturdy enough to protect your papers, but not so heavy that it’s a burden to move around. And finally, you’ll want to consider style.

Wooden Pallet Christmas Trees

Wooden Pallet Christmas Trees

Wooden pallet Christmas trees are easy and fun to make, and they can be sold for a profit.

To make a wooden pallet Christmas tree, you’ll need two wooden pallets of the same size. Stack the pallets on top of each other, with the front sides facing out. Use ropes or straps to secure the pallets together at the corners.

Wooden Toys

wooden toys

One option for a woodworking project that could be turned into a business is to create wooden toys. Wooden toys are growing in popularity as parents seek alternatives to plastic and electronic toys.

There are a few things to consider when starting a wooden toy business. The first is what type of wooden toys to make.

There are many different types of wooden toys, from simple blocks and puzzles to more complex items such as cars and trains.

The second consideration is the target market for the toys. Parents with young children are the most obvious market, but there may also be opportunities targeting older children, such as those entering pre-school or kindergarten, or even adults who appreciate finely crafted woodworking projects.

Wooden Home Furniture

Wooden Home Furniture-drawer chest

A great way to get into the woodworking business is to make and sell wooden furniture such as adult and baby wardrobes, wooden shoe racks, cloth hangers, coat racks etc. There are a few things you’ll need to do in order to get started.

The first step is designing your furniture. You’ll need to come up with a few different designs that will appeal to your target market. Once you have your designs, you’ll need to create a prototype of each one. This can be done using a simple woodworking jigsaw or scroll saw.

Once you have your prototypes, you’ll need to start building your inventory. You can do this by buying lumber and other materials in bulk, or by finding local suppliers who can give you a good deal on materials.

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Fruit Bowls

wooden fruit bowls set

A fruit bowl makes a great gift for someone who enjoys cooking or has a green thumb. It can also be used as part of a centerpiece for a dinner party or buffet.

Fruit bowls are simple to make and can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be sold at farmers’ markets, craft fairs, or online.

When creating a fruit bowl, it is important to select a type of wood that is durable and will not warp or rot easily. Some good options include maple, oak, or cherry. The bowl can be finished with a sealant or wax to protect it from moisture and enhance the color and shine.

Picture Frames

wooden Picture Frames

They’re relatively simple to make. With some basic woodworking skills, you can easily put together a picture frame. And since they don’t require a lot of materials, they’re also relatively inexpensive to make.

Also, Picture frames are always in demand. No matter what season it is or what the current trends are, people always need picture frames! Whether they’re looking to frame a family photo or a piece of art, your customers will be sure to find a use for your wooden frames.

Plant Boxes

wooden Plant boxes

Plant boxes are simple and can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be placed on decks, patios, or in yards and used to house flowers, plants or vegetables. You can make them with straight sides or with angled sides for a more decorative look.

Bird Houses

wooden bird house

Another option is to build birdhouses. Birdhouses are also simple to make and there are many different designs available online. You can make them as basic or decorative as you like and they make great gifts for bird enthusiasts.

Both plant boxes and birdhouses can be sold online, at craft shows, or through local garden centers.

Wooden Flower Vase

wooden flower vases

A wooden flower vase can be completed in a short amount of time and does not require a lot of materials. In addition, a wooden flower vase can be sold at a variety of prices, making it an ideal product to offer to customers.

When starting out, it is important to choose projects that are simple and easy to complete. This will help ensure that the quality of the finished product is high, and it will also make the process less frustrating for beginner woodworkers.

With a little bit of practice, more complex projects can be tackled. But for now, start with something simple!

Office Workstations

wood Office Workstations

Office Workstations – If you’re looking for a woodworking project that will help you start your own business, consider building office workstations. A well-made workstation can provide a comfortable and productive workspace for any office worker, and they can be sold for a profit through online stores or local furniture retailers.

When designing an office workstation, it’s important to consider the needs of the user. The workstation should be large enough to accommodate a computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and it should also provide ample storage space for books, papers, and other office supplies. The desk should be adjustable to accommodate different users, and it should include a built-in electrical outlet for charging devices.

Kitchen Furniture

wood Kitchen Furniture

You can make new cabinets, kitchen shelf tables, kitchen tissue holders, walnut chopping wood, kitchen cabinets, install countertops, or even add a backsplash. If you’re feeling really creative, you could even paint or stain your existing kitchen furniture to give it a whole new look. Whatever project you choose, just make sure it’s something that will make your kitchen more functional and stylish. Good luck!

Corner/floating Wall Shelves

Corner/floating Wall Shelves

Corner Wall Shelves are a great way to add storage space to any room, and they can be customized to fit the specific needs of each customer.

To create corner wall shelves, you’ll first need to measure the space where they will be installed. Next, cut the wood according to those measurements. Then, using a drill and dowel jig, drill holes into the sides of the wood that will be used to secure it to the wall. Finally, sand and finish the shelves as desired.

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