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Raiderlink: Helpful guide to access TTU Raiderlink at Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University, otherwise known as TTU, Texas Tech or Tech is a public research university in Texas. It is one of the schools in the US to get a quality education. As it is common with schools, it also has a login portal called TTU Raiderlink.

Raiderlink is a student online space that provides access to resources they need at Texas Tech University. From the virtual platform, they will be able to carry out various activities towards fulfilling their roles as students.

Such roles include registering for class, checking grades, looking up schedules, TechMail, receiving important announcements, and more. The TTU Raiderlink is a one-stop-shop to get all you ever need whether you are off or on campus.

Why do you need to use TTU Raiderlink

TTU Raiderlink

The introduction of the internet has brought in many opportunities alongside the ease of doing things compared to others. Before the advent of the internet, one would have no choice but to access services under Raiderlink manually.

Now, one does not need to visit the campus often for services that can be easily accessed online. With any device, be it a mobile device like IOS, or an Android device, all you need are just a few clicks away. For instance, students are now able to pay for fees like tuition after login instead of having to queue for long at the bank or any physical payment center. It can also be accessed on Desktops such as computer and Mac.

Getting started is easy! The step-by-step instruction to set up your Raiderlink account will also be provided especially if you are new and still yet to know how it is done. But first, how to log in on TTL Raiderlink?

How to login to TTU Raiderlink

Follow the guide below to sign in to your Texas Tech Account:

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How to login to TTU Raiderlink

1. To log into Raiderlink, start by entering on your web browser.

2. Enter your TTU Username.

3. Provide the password associated with the account.

4. Tap Sign In to access your Student account.

How to set up an eRaider account for use on TTU Raiderlink

To access any login portal, there is always an account creation process to follow. For Raiderlink, you need an eRaider account. An eRaider account is a Texas Tech University (TTU) student electronic ID. It consists of your login details, that is your username, and password which you are to enter on the sign-in page for access into your personal student dashboard.

The eRaider account grants you a gateway to a variety of services including engaging in online tutoring, downloading software for free, accessing Raiderlink, building a website, using the internet, accessing your email account, and (Techmail). With eRaider, you have just found the superpower to bring all the TTU services together.

Back to sign up for an eRaider account. You need an activation code which the IT Help Central will email to you.

Before going through with our guide, endeavor to check your email for a message from If it is not there, you could also check your spam folder. If not, then proceed with the guides.

First, let’s show you can get your eRaider username from eRaider.

How to obtain the eRaider username

1. Go to and tap Forgot username.

2. Complete the requested information and then click Continue.

3. eRaider will want to know if you are a bonafide student of TTC, so verification will be required. Choose a verification method, email, or by phone. Next, click Continue.

4. The code will be sent to whichever medium you choose. It will display as the sender. Enter the code and then click Verify.

Now that your username is ready, the next step is activating eRaider.

How to activate eRaider

1. Navigate to from your web browser and click Activate Account.

2. Enter the requested information. Enter your username, date of birth, and the activation code sent to you.

3. Review the “Terms of Use” statement. Tap “I Agree” if you have no issues with the terms guiding the agreement.

4. Choose a password and click Continue for the next phase.

5. Next on the plate is to provide another way of contacting you on the eRaider activation screen in the event of password reset or account activity alerts. Specify an alternate email address and a phone number, and click Continue.

6. Choose your preferred email alias or type a custom address. Click Continue after choosing an email alias.

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7. If your account can access both TTU and TTUHSC email, you will get a pop-up message to choose a primary address. Once chosen, click Continue for the next part.

8. If you have access to enterprise voice services, you should set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for conferencing and voice mail. Then, click Continue.

9. Review the information you provided and then Click Activate Account if they are okay for submission.

Note: The account creation should take up to 30 minutes. After waiting 30 minutes you should log in to access eRaider-authenticated services. Now let’s go to the part on how to set up a new eRaider Account.

How to set up a fresh eRaider account from the scratch

1. Go to and click Set-Up Account.

2. Provide the required information and tap Confirm.

3. Look through the ‘Terms of Use statement. Click Agree if you are okay with the statement.

4. Next, provide the required information in the fields. It is highly important to provide the correct info. Also, any field marked with an asterisk must be completed. Click Continue when done.

5. Next is this page called Contact Information. eRaider activation screen requires that you provide an alternative way of contacting you which can be used to reset your password or contact you of any activity on your account. You will need to select a carrier and then provide your phone number. If you do not have a phone number for any of them, you can specify another mobile phone number and an alternate email address. Once satisfied, click Next

6. Choose a password of your choice, but must conform to the TTU requirements. Be sure it is a password that you won’t have any issue with remembering. Click Continue.

7. If you can access email services, you may need to type to create a custom alias or select from the suggested ones. Tap Continue once done.

8. If your account happens to be linked to both TTUHSC and TTU email, you might need to select a primary email address. Then click Continue.

9. If you can access enterprise voice services, try creating a Pin for voicemail or conferencing. Click Continue after creating the Pin.

10. Take one last look or a few peeks at the information you submitted and then Click Complete Account Set-Up. If any of the information is incorrect, tap Cancel to start afresh.

11. Alternatively, you can also proceed to the eRaider Account Set-Up Page to create an account.

How to sign into the TTUHSC login page?

TTUHSC is an abbreviation for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. The university is not the same as Texas Tech University as they both function independently. Both TTUHSC and TTU are among the four universities that are part of the Texas Tech University System.

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If you are a student of TTUHSC, you can log in to the portal by following the guide below:

1. Go to the TTUHSC login page from your web browser.

2. Provide your eRaider username and password in their respective fields.

3. Click Sign in to access your TTUHSC student account.


1. Where can I get help with my classes?

TTL has a proper arrangement for students. After completing your registration, the best places to start are TECHniques Center, The Learning Center, and residence halls.

There are also some departments of the school that has come up with arrangements to help students with their academics. You can always contact your Advisor for help and for more information.

2. How do I get help with study tips, time management, etc.?

The Learning Center in 164 Drane Hall is one of the best places to get help on study tips and many others. There is a learning specialist on-site who can help you with counseling. However, you should endeavor to call them at 806-742-3664 to set up an appointment.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to your advisors or lecturers. Any of them would be ready to help depending on their planned schedules. If it was very tight, there can make arrangements for you.

3. How do I view the list of classes or courses I will be taking next semester?

To view the classes you will be taking next semester, simply login to Raiderlink – TTU MyTech > Registration – Look Up Classes.

4. How do I drop a class?

You will be able to drop a class provided you are within the drop period, have no active holds on your account, and not planning on dropping all classes at once.

Go to your TTU Raiderlink to drop the course. Meantime, follow the guide below:

Sign in to your Raiderlink account using your eraider login details > TTU MyTech > Registration > Add or Drop Classes. Under the Action tab, select Drop > Delete on Web, and hit Submit.

5. How do I register for classes?

To register for class via Raiderlink, login to your student account on TTU Raiderlink, Tap “TTU MyTech” and under “Manage My Enrollment”, click “Registration”. You can proceed to add the classes you will be offering in the semester.

6. How do I withdraw from all of my classes?

To withdraw from all classes, you will need to complete a Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

7. How do I know my school advisor?

Finding or knowing your Advisor will depend on your Major. However, there are quick ways about it. Log in on to find out who your advisor is or call the phone number, 806-742-2189.

Normally, your advisors are the ones sending you a mail weekly. Now that is a quick way to get in touch with them.

8. How to reset my TTU Raiderlink Password

To reset or change the password, simply go to the login portal of TTU Raiderlink. Click Forgot Password?. Then enter your eRaider Username and Date of birth and click Continue. Follow the online prompts to have your Raiderlink password changed.

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