refer ng Review: How To Earn Money Online

Making money has never been difficult as provides you with a platform that allows you to earn cash by referring people to the program.

Recently, we have discussed to a large extent many ways you can earn money. NNU Income Program and Newspay Income Program have been putting smiles on people. You asked for the payment proofs to put doubt to rest which we did justice to that.

Today, I bring to you a new way you can earn money. Did you say, “I am pretty doing good with the ones I introduced?”

I bet you are but this is another proposition to consider. There are so many attractions on which I am sure you may not get elsewhere, maybe in the future but definitely not on the ones making waves at ththe moment

Let me tell you a secret, you can withdraw your money when it accumulates to NGN3000. Is that not cool instead of having to wait until it reaches NGN5000 or NGN6000?

Now that we have been able to get you oiled, let’s give you a thorough review of how you can earn a great amount of money.Is a scam

What is currently tops the pack when we talk of the many ways you can earn money online. The more people you bring into the program, the more cash you get.

There are several ways you can earn money; among them are photo competition, lucky number challenge, through voting, video testimonies and chats.

Students, businessmen and women, skilled and unskilled workers, part and full-time workers and other people in one field or the other can join. It is a program that is meant for anyone seeking to make legit money. Members must be eligible and validated before they start earning.

Being eligible and validated means you must have already joined the program and approved. Being active is the second, and this is the most important part. It is where you determine if you want to make as much as NGN300000 every month.

Is real?

It gets bothersome when you have so many affiliate sites with claims on how you can make money by performing some tasks.

Like several people, if this is your first time of trying your hands on an online business like this, the first thing that will cross your mind is, “If a scam or legit?

Who will blame you for looking before taking a leap? We all need that one giant stride of faith to do things we will not ordinarily have done.

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I have managed to read a few testimonies from users and the claim is still as strong. is here to stay and another thing that makes it better is that they are a registered company. In the event you want to look it up, it has a registered number 2737898 and managed by Casy Global Services.

For those who do not know how to the physical verification or have time to visit the corporate affairs commission. You can have it checked online through the official link.

Corporate affairs commission

When the link opens, input Casy Global Services, it will thereafter displays the name of the company, registered address, RC number and date the company was registered.
Casy Global Services was registered on 20th of december, 2018.

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is an independent body charged with the responsibility of managing the affairs of companies in Nigeria.

How to create an account on

My first impression of the site was the blog designs plus the responsiveness, it really got to me. Later, I found out that it was easy to navigate around it.

What is better? Creating an account on this platform is very easy and we are here to guide through the process.

Like every other similar ones, a one-time payment of NGN1600 will be paid before getting approval.

  • The first step is to go to visit registration page.
  • Fill correctly all the details and click on sign up. After filling every detail, you will be taken to a new page where you can make your one-time payment of NGN1600.
  • To make payment, you will need to provide your card number, cvv and expiry date. The card number and the expiry date can be found on the face of the card while the cvv is at the back.
  • Click on pay NGN1600 to authenticate.
  • You will receive a message confirming your registration.

The system makes use of paystack for the online payment.

If you are having doubt about making payment through the paystack then it is important I inform you that you are in good hands.

Paystack uses a manual and automated fraud systems that guide you against fraud. It is PCI DSS-certified systems and fully automated fraud observant.

The acceptable cards are verve, mastercard and visa card.

How to withdraw your money from

Like I said at the beginning of the post, you can withdraw your earnings when you have not less than NGN3000 in your account.

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This is no doubt a great offer, now you can get to use your money as quickly as possible without waiting long.

  • To withdraw your money, login to
  • Go to your dashboard and select WITHDRAW MONEY.
  • Fill in your bank details correctly. Your bank details are bank account name, bank account number and name of the bank.

Your names should correspond with the names you used to register your account. Like I said earlier, always provide correct details.

Even though I always advise people to make use of their own bank account, seems to allow people to make use of other account as you may wish.

  • Select, “SEND REQUEST” to request.

Simple ways you can get more referrals.

It might seem impossible on first instance but if you can be resourceful enough, it will be very easy. Almost all the things you ever need to be successful is on income program.

Have you ever asked why some people seem to be making money while the others in the same line complain bitterly?

What you know is what differentiate and set you apart from the rest. Being demanding of yourself is the second, and if you manage to do wiser than the other, it won’t be long before you start smiling at your bank cashier.

There are several ways you can find people who want to join the community, most of the jobs are done on the internet, only a few people do it face to face.

Below are some of the ways to get more referrals: 

Face to face: this is the oldest way of marketing and still as effective as it used to be. Although there is no denying that a lot has changed recently.

Ads are now being spread on the internet, social media now enjoy better interactions like never before.

Social platforms: This is the 21st century and some people are still finding it difficult to use twitter.

Twitter is a great place to market yourself to the public. Unlike Facebook which only allows not more than 5000, you can have as much as any followers you want. You don’t need to be a celebrity before having over 100000 or a million on your twitter page.

Imagine how much reach you can have by sharing your referral link to twitter knowing that you have no limitation.

Facebook is no doubt the most used social media. With such reach, you can get your link sent to many.

If you are going to make waves, you can create a community of online business or a page to help you better. You can have as many friends on your facebook page or group, which could prove very useful for your earnings program.

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whatsapp is the cheaper alternative among the social media, it saves your data and have your message sent to your WhatsApp group or broadcast to friends and families.
You can’t go wrong using whatsapp to kickstart yourself into earning good cash on

Through Telegram: I recently fond out that we have been ignoring telegram and that to our disadvantage. I stumbled on entclass and I realised how much interactions they generated on telegram. Their members continue to grow and currently has over 41,000 members. On telegram, you can create a channel or group to help your business.

Campaigning through Forum: Nairaland no doubt stand tall and could be said to have one of the best ways of getting more referrals. Your post can be viewed by anybody if you made it to the front page. There is no boundary like the rest of the social platforms.

Quota: Quora too is another way to get more referrals but you need to be discreet as quora delete replies especially if it is just to send links and has no intention of solving issues. One link is enough but be sure you have done enough to answer the question.

Bulk sms: bulk sms is a great tool to use for referrals. Over 90% of people read their SMS, this alone can help you get the attention of the people you want to refer. Once you have their attention, following up won’t be a problem.

SMS is now highly targeted by business owners as it has proven over years to be effective. Individuals and companies use bulk sms a lot in the hope that it will get to the targeted audience a lot.

Handbills, tracts posters and billboards: This is one of the oldest ways of getting our messages across to people. Individuals, companies, churches, politicians use it a lot and to a large extent been good so far.

If you need one, ask a good graphic designer, probably me to help you design it and have it printed for you. You will be surprised how much you can make off it.

How can I refer people to

To refer friends and family is not as hard as you think. After you have registered and got approved.

  • Go to your dashboard, select and click on “refer your friends”
  • You will be directed to a new page, where you will have “invite friends”, use the code and earning history.
  • Below “invite friends“, you will see your referral link, copy it.
  • Share the referral link to your friends. Your friends must use the link to register and got approved.

For everyone that comes into the income program through you, you get NGN1000. If you bring 10 people on board, you will get NGN10000. login and app download

To login into the site, go to and enter your email address and login

To download the apk file for Android, go to

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