best platform to learn forex trading

Best Resources for Learning Forex Trading

When you are interested in getting into the forex market to invest your money, you might be super excited to get started. But before you dive into the market and start trading currency pairs with your hard-earned money, it is wise to take a step back and spend some extra time doing research into what this market is all about. By learning as much about it as possible, you can begin to gain a clearer understanding of how to increase the odds of being successful once you begin trading with the help of a high-quality broker and trading platform like MetaTrader 4.

Sure, there are forex brokers that can help you get started, and you can find brokers that even offer demo accounts that are useful when you want to get some hands-on practice using virtual money rather than real money. But there is more that you can do to learn forex, and there are loads of resources, including courses, that you can turn to online. Continue reading for a short list of some of those helpful resources.

Best platform to learn forex trading


Udemy is a well-known website where you can find a host of affordable online courses that you can complete on your own schedule. Topics include everything from business and marketing to health and fitness, and everything in between.

And if you are looking for courses on forex, in particular, you will find them on this site as well. You can find courses for beginners, but you can also find advanced trading courses that you can use to enhance your skills. So, whether you want to learn the basics or you want to check out the best forex strategies for success, this is a good place to start.

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YouTube can be a great resource for just about any subject that you want to learn more about. And when it comes to forex, a quick search will reveal that there are a lot of people posting content about this topic. The best part is that you can access it all for free and on your own time, so you can watch these videos at your leisure.

Also, videos vary in length, from those that are short and concise to those that are longer and more comprehensive. Overall, this is a good place to go when you are first starting out as a forex trader or when you already have some experience but you want to get some tips and insights from other traders who have been able to achieve success in the market.

The Trading Channel

As mentioned above, you can certainly turn to YouTube when you want to look up various videos that discuss topics that are related to forex, the forex market, and how to trade forex like a pro. But if you are hoping to dive right into a specific channel, consider going to The Trading Channel on YouTube. They have more than a million subscribers, and they have a host of videos that you can turn to, regardless of your experience level. Also, you can browse their playlists, which include trading tutorials, live forex trades, information that is geared towards beginners, and more.

The channel is run by Steven Hart, who is a pro at forex trading, and he is happy to help other traders succeed by sharing his tips and insights with everyone for free. You can certainly get plenty of great information from the YouTube channel on its own, but when you want more, you can head to The Trading Channel’s website, where you can enroll in courses for a fee.

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FX Academy

Last but certainly not least is FX Academy, which is a website that provides a variety of online courses that cover myriad topics related to forex. It is a good resource for traders of all experience levels, including those who need to learn how to trade currency pairs to get solid returns on their investments.

There are also articles that you can read to learn even more about this market. And the best part is you can join for free, so definitely check it out to see if it has the information that you need.

Another useful resource for information and training on various topics related to forex is They offer live streams every day, so you can gain valuable insight and tips from experts on a regular basis, and they also offer video lessons that you can dive into as well.

All of the information they provide can be used by traders of all experience levels, so whether you are totally new to the forex market or you have experience with trading in this market but you are looking for ways to improve, this is a good source for everything from market analysis and free tools to strategies and more. Plus, you can even chat with mentors to get advice, and you can check out their YouTube channel for even more tips, lessons, and other helpful content.


Investopedia can be a wonderful source of information on a variety of topics that are related to markets, trading, and investing, and that includes forex. The website has a search feature that you can use to look up topics about forex, and it can be extremely helpful if you are totally new to this trading method.

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Whether you want to learn about the terms that are used in forex or you want to get a better idea of how to make smarter trades, the articles found on Investopedia might be the perfect place to start your search for information. Plus, the site also has many courses that you can check out, including one that is all about forex for beginners—just keep in mind that the courses are not free, but they are affordably priced.

Which Forex Resource Will You Turn to First?

The bottom line is this: there are several ways that you can prepare yourself for the forex market, and the right resources can give you the tips and guidance you need to make smarter trades with better returns.

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