Top 10 Richest YouTubers in the World in 2022

Top 10 Richest YouTubers in the World and Earnings in 2024

Have you ever wondered how much money YouTube’s in the world make? Or you are curious to know how much they earn on their YouTube channels, with scores ranging from thousands to millions of subscribers?

The most prominent YouTubers are mega-celebrities and household names. Some of them you must have come across at least once if you’re a regular YouTube user.

Top 10 richest YouTube’s in the world

This article lists the top 10 richest YouTube’s in the world according to stats from the last six months. Perhaps if you’re a YouTuber, this listicle will give a glimpse of what’s possible in your niche.


Jeffree Star’s current net worth is $200 Million, with an average earning of $15 Million. He’s an American.  His total views on his channel “Jeffree Star” hit 2.4 billion views with an average of 1.4 million views.

It all started in 2009 with his first video on YouTube about music but didn’t quite go well later in 2014; he had earlier been supporting himself with makeup work and modeling.

In 2014, he started a cosmetic brand with a YouTube channel, “Jeffree Star,” which posts makeup kits and cosmetics tutorials. His current subscribers hit 16.2 million.


Ryan kaji comes in second as one of the youngest and richest YouTubers, and His current net worth is $50 Million. Considerably, he was just four years when he started his YouTube channel “Ryan World” his mum had earlier quit her job to work entirely on the channel.

Currently, the channel makes an average of $29.5 million with views of over 61.3 billion views. He features his family, and also, the channel contains toy content with different challenges on it. His average number of views every day is 358 thousand views with 31.5 Million subscribers.


Pewdiepie’s YouTube channel comes in 3rd with views reaching over 27 billion views and an average of 1 million views in a week. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg created “Pewdiepie,” a Sweedish and has a net worth of $40 Million with total views of 27 billion.

He features playing video online to show gaming experience with a superb commentary on his experience. With hilarious reactions to his gaming experiences, he currently has 111 million subscribers, and 4,451 posted.


Mark Fischbach, an American, comes in 4th with his YouTube channel Markiplier which currently has a $35 million network with total views of 15.4 billion.

Arguably, the Five Nights video was his first massive breakthrough, with 80 Million views. His YouTube channel contains comedy but sketch comedy in particular and hilarious gaming, and he currently has an average view of 2 million views with 5,086 videos posted and 31.6 million subscribed. He has also partnered with different celebrities


Daniel Middleton started the DanTDM channel, which currently has $35 Million net worth with over 18.5 billion views.

He features animated content and games; his games are like Minecraft. Considerably, he also achieved a Guinness record on his channel.

He currently has 25.9 million subscribers and 3,564 videos posted. He is on a YouTube premier series called “big scene.”


Rhet Link comes in 6th place, a channel created by students James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln attending the Carolina state university.

James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln currently have a net worth of $32 million. They’ve both created other channels and identified themselves as “intertainers.”

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One of the channels created was Google Mythical morning. They had earlier worked in their careers before working full-time on their channel. They both feature comedy, acting on their channel, and a YouTube personality.

Furthermore, the duo channel currently has 4.99 million subscribers and 342videos with an average of 260 thousand views in a day and total views of 9.2 billion.


Dude perfect is currently worth $30 million net worth, with over 12.8 billion views and an average of 2 million views.

Twins Cory Cotton and Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert created the channel with over 57 million subscribers, consisting of epic trick shots, comedy, and sports. They sponsor a child for every 100,000 views they make of their videos.


Evan Fong initially started “Vanoss Gaming” on YouTube, where he analyses video games and streams them while playing; he originally got the idea “Vanoss” from a variable valve timing system.

His current net worth is $25 million with over 137 billion views. He is also into the production of music and is a Canadian celebrity. His YouTube channel currently has 25.6 million subscribers, with 1,487 videos posted.


Richard Tyler Blevins created the Ninja channel, and his current net worth sits at $24 million with over 2.4 billion views. He is a professional gamer featuring his gaming experiences and streams the game while playing it.

He broke the twitch record and currently has over 23.9 Million subscribers with an average of 221 thousand views.


James Charles’s current net worth is $25 million with over  $3.3 billion views. His YouTube channel features makeup creative and tutorials with fashion. He is a makeup artist and a CoverGirl spokesmodel.

Although he was the first-ever male to be appointed as a CoverGirl spokesmodel,  he achieved this while only seventeen years old.

His YouTube channel has over 24.3 million subscribers and 374 videos posted with an average of 1 million views.

How Do Youtubers Make Money?

There are a few ways that YouTubers can get paid. The most common way is through ad revenue.

YouTube splits the advertising revenue generated from ads that run on videos uploaded by content creators with the creators themselves.

So, if an ad runs on a video and the viewer clicks on it, the creator of the video gets a portion of that money.

Another way YouTubers can make money is through sponsored content. This is when a brand pays a creator to create a video promoting their product or service.

The creator usually discloses that the video is sponsored, and again, splits the advertising revenue with YouTube.

Finally, some creators also sell merchandise related to their channels, like T-shirts or mugs.

The vast majority of YouTube revenue comes from ads, but recently YouTube started experimenting with newer ways for creators to make money through paid memberships and merchandise.

The option to sell fans access to exclusive content is still very new, so only the most popular creators are able to take advantage of it so far.

Just like regular YouTube videos, paid content is hosted on YouTube and can be accessed via the video-sharing site.

As for joining a paid membership, viewers are directed to the creator’s website or another platform of their choosing.

How to Make Money On YouTube in 2023

Aspire to become a successful YouTuber Influencer? Here is the entire road map which you have to adhere to so you can be a successful YouTube channel. So let’s get started.

STEP 1: Pick a Niche for your YouTube Channel

Choose a subject for your channel, something that interests you and is suitable for a mass audience.

If your videos are unique and engaging, people will get attracted to them even outside of YouTube. It also makes sense to choose a niche that already has an audience on YouTube because then it will be easier for newbies to get noticed too.

For example, food reviewers tend to do better than critics or bloggers who talk about history or art in general topics.

Don’t be discouraged if there are only a few topics you like. Just pick up one and start working on it.

STEP 2: Chart a Course (Plan)

Decide the type of video you want to make, how often they will be uploaded, who your target audience is etc.

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This is important for deciding what kind of equipment would suit your channel best, where to buy it from how much money you need etc.

For example: if you are planning short daily vlogs rather than in-depth reviews or tutorials, then the most important thing would be to choose a camera that comes with an LCD screen so that you can check whether it’s recording or not without having to connect something else into the HDMI port every time.

So this saves some extra bucks on buying a screen for your camera. You can also buy a spare camera which you can use when the other is being charged or while traveling etc.

STEP 3: Get your Filming Equipment ready

A DSLR Camera will be great because it has manual settings and a large sensor but it’s an expensive proposition.

Smartphones are also becoming very common, so if you have money then go for that too otherwise invest in a cheap webcam to record videos from your laptop/desktop.

In both cases, make sure you get a tripod along with it because any camera movement during recording tends to distract the audience from watching the video content itself.

A cheap tripod with flexible joints is fine unless you are planning something big later on.

If you are using a phone, make sure to download a gimbal for recording videos without too much movement.

STEP 4: Get a Professional Editing Software

If you have a DSLR, there is a GoPro or high-end smartphone then the data from those devices will come in MP4 format which can be edited on any editing software available.

If not then record videos directly into your laptop using the webcam and edit them with a free open-source editor called OpenShot or use iMovie which comes preinstalled with all Macs.

For PC’s Windows Movie Maker is good enough. These are easy to learn but have limited options for video editing so if you intend to use Photoshop, After Effects, etc as well as custom themes, etc then go for premium software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

STEP 5: Promote your Channel on Social Networks

You can start a blog on Tumblr or WordPress where you upload your content and then share it with people around you through social networks.

You can also build a mailing list by leaving a subscribe option to your website from each video description.

For marketing purposes, it’s important to have at least 50 subscribers who regularly watch your videos because only when the audience size is big enough, brands would notice you too.

This doesn’t require much effort but if you want immediate results then instead of focusing on driving organic traffic from search engines, buy them from Facebook Advertisements because that will allow you to target a relevant audience according to their gender, location, etc.

STEP 6: Produce high-quality, engaging content on a regular basis.

Don’t expect overnight success. Be patient – it may take time for your channel to gain traction and attract an audience.

You need to invest time and effort into making good videos, posting them regularly on social media networks.

They should be unique in their own way so that people can easily recognize your channel while watching similar kinds of content on other channels.

Also, it is very important to have a proper brand image for yourself because people can easily identify you through this. For example: if you have light-colored hair then style it up every time before going on camera instead of doing just one or two takes because it gives viewers an idea about you which helps in building trust over time.

Another helpful tip is to use the SEO stuff wherever possible by mentioning relevant keywords throughout your video description, subtitles, etc so that search engines can index you faster and that helps viewers find your videos easily whenever they search for those keywords.

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In the case of music, make sure to get a proper license from the composer because playing copyrighted material without obtaining a license will put you in legal trouble which nobody wants.

Also licensing options of unknown songs are available online only if the composer is known but yet not as famous as saying Harris Jayaraj, Anirudh, etc.

At last, remember to have fun while doing this because it is going to be a long journey before you become popular, so don’t take it too seriously and give yourself a break once in a while.

STEP 7: Promote your channel on social media and other online platforms

Until your channel doesn’t have a massive following on social media networks, it is difficult to get noticed by brands. That’s why you need to advertise yourself over the internet which requires a lot of hard work but will give good results too because people are able to find your content easily through search engines.

Once you have acquired a decent number of subscribers then just go out there and market different products that interest or relate to your audience base. You can opt for affiliate marketing where you don’t invest any money upfront but make money when someone purchases their product through your link.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc for this purpose because these are some of the biggest social networking platforms available right now where millions of people spend hours every day so it’s a good idea to target this potential audience by promoting your products on those networks.

STEP 8: Build trust among the audience

Once you have gained people’s trust, brands will approach you themselves instead of going through an intermediary because they can connect directly with their customers through you only if they know that your viewers actually listen to what you say and follow your recommendations.

This all happens when you consistently upload valuable content which is appreciated by the community members and thus becomes a reason for them to keep coming back for more.

So try to keep a balance between the commercial promotion of third party products and your personal views about those products because there are thousands of channels that just focus on doing commercial endorsements without telling anything about their own experiences but it is not advisable to follow them as they are doing nothing more than being just a product endorser of sorts.

STEP 9: Become an influencer

Influencers are those people who have amassed thousands or millions of subscribers over the years because their content is popular among the audience and people respect their opinions.

Once you become an influencer then companies can easily approach you with hefty amounts of money for promoting their products through your channel, all you have to do it just show your viewers some ads that connect with them on an emotional level.

Also, you will be able to make money by charging fees for hosting live events where brands pay big bucks to get exposure through your fan base who will be attending those events in huge numbers.

STEP 10: Build a strong brand

Last but not the least, try to establish yourself as a brand because that’s how you can make long-term cash flow and also reach out to more people.

Now create your own store via the website or social media pages by providing different kinds of merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, etc. for your viewers where they will come and shop again and again if the quality is good so that you get regular income from the audience without having to create any content at all because once a person has become a fan of your product, they won’t even think twice before purchasing it from you again.

And when I say creating content doesn’t mean making short films or acting in movies or TV shows because these are just promotional activities that will pay you for a single time and once your show gets over, you won’t get any other income from it.

So if you want to make money as a YouTube content creator then just follow the above-mentioned points and even if you fail to become successful at first but keep trying relentlessly because one day you will surely succeed in making it big on the biggest stage of the digital world where creators are given equal opportunity.

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