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Sacramento, Capital of California: Interesting facts you should know

Sacramento, the Capital of California has some interesting facts you would love to know about.

The state capital of California is situated in Sacramento Valley, Northern California. The region has achieved remarkable success in agriculture and technology in past years and is also one of the best livable places in America.

For people who are migrating from another country and are on a budget, the place is a very good city to start from even if you are looking to move on later. You also have limitless opportunities when it comes to jobs or running a business.

The cost of living is low and also close to places like Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. However, one of the major issues with the capital state is the incessant traffic which may have been caused by its proximity to these nearby cities.

Sacramento, CA is a city you would love to see. It is a place with lots of historical events and with numerous ways to spend your time.

  • Population: 524,943
  • Zip Code: 942xx, 958xx
  • Area code: 916 and 279
  • Popular Celebrities from Sacramento: Colin Lewes Hanks, Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Jason Coffee, Josie Totah, Lil Drip, Sam Elliott, and Rodney King.
  • Website:

Land area and population

Sacramento, CA may have a feel of a small town but that does not make it a small one. The town’s total area is 99.77 sq mi and has water taking a small part of it, 2.09 sq mi.

The city has about 524,943 residents according to the 2020 population census. With the count, this makes the city the ninth-largest capital in the United States and the sixth-largest city in CA.

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The city has had many names in the past and present – The Camellia City, The Big Tomato, City of Trees, America’s Most Diverse City, Camellia City, Sactown, River City, and Sac.

10+ Interesting Facts About Sacramento, California

1. Bacon is adored by the locals. If you think you are so much in love with this processed meat, you have probably not met anyone from the town. They love it to the extent that a festival was created in honor of the awesome yummy.

2. In 2002, Sacramento was ranked as “America’s Most Diverse City” by the Harvard University Civil Rights Project which was conducted for a popular media house, Time magazine.

3. Snow is not common in the state capital. If you are looking for that big thick snow, then this city is not for you. However, you have other cool stuff you can try out.

4. The state capital building in the City is not new to kids, thanks to their schools. The children know the ins and outs of the capital building even more than any older residents.

5. Another interesting stuff the city is famous for is being home to the world’s oldest triathlon. This is an athletic contest that includes cycling, swimming, and long-distance running. The city boasts of a 12.5-mile bike ride, 6.10-mile swimming or any other water event, and a 5.82-mile run for the runners. The race normally starts with a mini race for locals and anyone that wins it gets a reward.

6. You do not want to miss the yearly state fair called The California State Fair. This usually takes place in Sacramento. The duration is 17 days and you are just going to love everything about it. In the event, you are going to be exposed to so many things about California including their diversity, agriculture, industry, and their economy.

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7. When residents in Sacramento say they are going to or branch at “the City”, they are not referring to “downtown Sacramento”, but “San Francisco”

8. The city you see today is not the original city. The original one was swept off by flood in 1862 thereby creating an inland sea. The new city was rebuilt by those that stayed back, raised the city, and then created underground spaces and walkways. If you are visiting, you can take a walk in the underground spaces.

9. The city is also called the City of Trees. If you are visiting for the first time, it is not easy to miss the beautiful trees spread around the town which is enough to give you a hint why it is called that. The trees you are likely to come across include oaks, sycamores, and elms.

10. I know you will be surprised to see a live lion at the Sacramento Kings home games and city events. However, you should not be as it is the usual practice. It is the team’s mascot named Slamson.

11. Sacramento was the capital of California twice in history, it was dropped but was picked again. The state capital is the 6th capital of California since 1854.

12. The capital of CA is just 17 feet above sea level. Scared? No, you should not. You are totally in good hands. Lol.

13. In Sacramento’s famous Farmer’s Market, there is an abundance of tomatoes. If you need to refill large quantities, the market is a place to go.

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14. The California Railroad Museum in Sacramento can not be compared with another of its kind as it is the largest in America.

15. The state capital is the fastest-growing major city in California.

16. Sacramento is home to several great establishments including the world-renowned UC Davis Medical Center, UC Davis School of Medicine, and California Hall of Fame.

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