Best Side Hustles Jobs To Make Money

30+ Best Side Hustles Jobs To Make Money In 2024

Do you need a side hustle? Of course, you do. Check out some best side hustles jobs to make extra money in Nigeria or anywhere.

No one is ever short of ideas but what is mostly lacking is not doing enough to make it happen.
Although you may not find it worth doing if you have no experience about the intended business. Don’t be too worry, there is still time to learn or even add more skills to your set of traits.

I have always maintained that online businesses offer many benefits, it is worth mentioning the convenience, easy reach-out to clients and low cost set up. There are also some offline businesses you can do that won’t stress you much.

Let us take a look at some of the best investment opportunities you can take up even when you are fully engaged in your full-time job. It does not matter if you in the USA, Canada, UK, Nigeria or South Africa, this piece will give you an idea of what to work out.

1. Rent your space out

Got a space to rent out in the US? Why not give it out for cash. Sites like Airbnb, FlipKey, and VRBO provide you a way to earn additional income even when you are fully occupied with your main source of income.

You don’t need to keep that entitlement dormant, get more off it. Give it to people at a price, the money could be the key to start another investment while you continue to make money off your properties. No law says you can’t have several hustles.

2. Monetize your skills

A skill if ignored for a very long could get weaken. You can make some money online using Fiverr or seoclerks, they both offer you a platform to sell your services.

The key to Graphic designers, content developers, blog creators, Seo experts, and other related ones making money on these platforms is to offer great value at a reasonable amount.

3. Start or sell on online shopping sites

You could decide to start an online store but will take a while before becoming a force. Some may not be on the first 5 pages on google for a year.

Running an e-commerce site will take more than putting up pages. There are a lot of ways why eCommerce business could fail, some may be because of poor contents or no marketing plan. The worst that could hit it is when it is not ranking on google.
Of what good is a site if google has nothing to do with it?

I used to sell on Olx until they linked up with Jiji, now that they are no longer around. eBay, Jiji, and Craiglist are the best sites to start selling your items whenever you are short of cash. You can also make the most of it by ordering items from affordable shopping site like and then sell on jumia or Konga.

However, you might need to understand the various safe measures buyers take when shopping online.

4. A blog is a great investment if done rightly

There are more failed blogs than successful ones today, yet it does not mean people are not making it as bloggers. The reason, why people fail with blogs, is largely connected with poor contents and problem with getting the right links.

I often maintain that content may be the king but the right backlink is the kingmaker. What is the use of great content if your links are spammy? To get the right backlink from authority sites, you must have some evergreen contents that they can’t just ignore.

A quick way to fast track your progress is by requesting space in authority blog as a guest author, guest post works but could be demanding unless you are unconcerned about delivering a very rich article.

5. Write an e-book

I have never written an e-book but I have written articles that are worthy of being converted to an e-book. I have also seen friends that sell e-book and constantly maintaining a passive income.

An e-book is the cheapest alternative to create content. You only need your PC or smartphone to write out the contents
To produce a book in a printing establishment will take a lot. If you pay a printer to handle all, he is going to include expenses like payment to a graphic designer, lithographer, and more.

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If you are good at something, take a time to write a very engaging write-up. Images have an amazing effect on everyone, it opens up a quick way to understand what is being said and putting that into e-book could make yours one of the most sought. There will always be competitors but what makes yours unique could make you stand out.

The juicy part is you can sell your ebook online or use KDP for free and start making money. I would advise you should avoid using CreateSpace as there is a wide report that the site is hacked or fraudulent as reported by Phishtank, made known through opera.

6. Become a caregiver

This might not be a good idea if you own a full-time job unless your job runs through the night. Some can actually afford to run it depending on the time of day.

Reach out to your neighbours who might need someone to take care of their kids while they zoom off to take care of important tasks. With time, It won’t take long before parents start needing your services.

7. Join upwork if you have a skill

Are you an academic researcher or a content developer? It does not stop there; lawyers, accountants, engineers, web and graphic designers, in short almost anything that can be done using a computer can get its store on one of the largest freelancing site, upwork.

Charges on upwork range from 5% to 20% of the initial cost of the project. You won’t even notice you are paying upwork $20 from a billed amount, say $200.
Lol, I would know after all but you are going to get more connects than you can ever expect if you are good at what you say you do.

8. Become a jumia j-force sales consultant

Jumia is the biggest online merchant in Nigeria and in some other parts of Africa with their interest in electronics, mobile phones, accessories, clothing, footwear, and several others.

The company has a program where you can earn a commission as Jumia Sales Consultant when you refer others or even buy your own products.

Jumia j-force even trains its members on how to make use of the opportunity given to them and also provide them with tools to get started. After successful registration, you will be invited to a business opportunity meeting to expose you to what you need to know.

9. Give part-time lectures

One of the benefits of indulging in a part-time lecture is that you can arrange it to be within any time frame. I know quite a few lecturers who give evening lectures, this is one of their sides hustles aside from researches, selling handouts to students, and many others.

If you know a particular course or subject every well, sell your services to students or anyone who is waiting to sit for entrance exams. It becomes a necessity for them especially when they know how tough an entrance exam can be.

10. Become a blog writer

If you are good in putting thoughts into writing, you can lobby for jobs from bloggers. Blog owners are constantly looking for good writers and the pay is decent.

Becoming a blog writer should not affect your main job since it can even be done on your phone, though computer would have been more preferable. The least amount a blog owner receives is $2 for every 700 words. It could be more if you find top bloggers.

11. Give driving lessons

Guess what? I am still yet to take my driving lesson at the time of writing this article. I know a few people who will be ready to pay a reasonable amount for what you know.

Have some time to spare? Why not use that as your side hustle and make money off it. It is that simple to make money even for skills as driving. Give life to those business ideas now.

12. Sell on social media

If you spent a lot of time on social media like me, you will find a lot of items put on sale. Social platforms afford you an opportunity to sell to friends and families on your list, even to friends on your friends’ list.

You can expand your coverage by using the ads feature with a rare chance to select your target based on age, gender and location at a cost. Facebook ads and instagram ads are good place to start.

13. Take a cleaning job

Not everyone can spare the time to clean their home or compound, make money within your neighborhood by offering to help them clean their home or even do their laundry.

If you are having problem with getting jobs, advertise your service on jiji or on nairaland.

14. Fitness training

I have come across a lot of people especially ladies who are not taken with their body shape, these people will do almost anything to have their ideal shape.

Tell them what you can do by indirectly asking them if they know anyone who is interested in personal training. Be courteous when asking them. You will be surprised to see how quickly they will try to haggle clients’ fee with you. Same for men who want to keep fit.

15. Become mobile money agent

Here is side hustle worth considering as one of the best business ideas.
Starting a mobile money agency does mean the end of your main source of income. Join opay mobile money, paga or link with one you know.

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A mobile money shop is a place where mobile money services are carried out such as cash in, cash out, airtime purchase, bill payments and other services as directed by mobile money operators.

Have someone manage it for you if you are too busy. A side hustle will definitely go a long way in taking care of some bills. Remember, not all main job can take of all expenses, even if it can, there is no harm in going for other business opportunities.

16. Start an online tutorial

Skills and experience can be monetized as long as you create a decent platform for them. Telegram and WhatsApp group are the most common.

Get in touch with people who are lacking in a certain area you have already explored. Your experience might be mini importation business or you know how to create an online store. There is no crime in assembling a group of people and charge them a fee.

17. Join referral programs

Don’t see affiliate program as a quick way to make money unless you are willing to work your socks off. MLM is a marketing strategy where representatives of the company sell product to end users.

Jumia affiliate is a good place to start. Add to it, the once-popular NNU and newspay which seem to have been quiet recently. Glo affiliate program still ever on with their ever competitor, MTN affiliate program not left behind in their surge for dominance.

18. Join Uber

With uber, you are the boss. You set your working hours, make as much as you want and bow out when you feel.

One of the awesome benefits of driving for uber is you are always right, no more customers are always right. You make the decision on which route you want to go. When you are ready to receive orders, you just need to click, “GO” to go online. You can decide whether to go or deny by clicking, “X” which will automatically close the order.

19. Drive a motorcycle

If your working hours fall between morning and afternoon, you can make some extra bucks by conveying people or items to a location.

Motorcycles and tricycles have been known to be costlier than a public bus because of their willingness to reach places where a commercial bus will not reach. It also affords one to get off a queue quickly in the event of gridlock. Imagine how much you can make in the USA especially in congested places like Los Angeles, new york, san Francisco, and Chicago.

If you are living in Nigeria, Opay oride offers you an opportunity to make as much as N10,000 every day or you can simply rent from someone at a daily fee.

20. Manage social media for top brands or businesses

You don’t even need a formal qualification to become a social media manager although HR will expect you to own a school certificate. What you need to become a great social media manager is pretty simple. Be a pro on every social media like facebook and twitter, be ahead of the competitors, have knowledge on how to design graphics and how to make engaging posts.

However, quiet people are not exempted.
Let me clear this, there is this misconception that quiet person doesn’t make a good social media manager. This is so wrong. No one does it better than a quiet person, his power of observation is unrivaled.

21. Offer business center services

If you had passed through a citadel of learning, you must have made use of Microsoft Word for assignment or project. Such a service can be offered to schools in your environment or students.

The best part is it can be done anytime depending on the arrangement with your contacts. In Lagos, typing and print out of a page cost N100 for straight typing, and complicated ones are charged between N150 to N200 per copy.

22. Sell airtime and data

Not the most lucrative if you ask me but affords you the convenience and time. You don’t need a skill to start selling recharge or smartphone data, all you need is to know the USSD code or SMS format used in selling airtime and data.

Make money within your area and in your workplace if they allow it. It does not take much to start a recharge and data business.

23. Sales of past questions and project materials

I have seen some blogs who make not less than N5,000 every day from just selling project materials to students in the higher institution. On-campus, you have undergraduates selling past questions to prospective students awaiting their entrance exams for money.

You don’t even need to own or create a blog before selling out projects. Reach out to students on their dedicated group page or contact them in their various schools. Most of them would hurriedly buy from you knowing that a good mark in their project would skyrocket their grade point.

24. Become a sperm or egg donor

In developed countries, you will be able to easily find a list of hospitals or clinics that offer such but in countries like ours, such may be difficult to locate, hospitals do arrange that when it is needed.

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You might need to talk to a doctor and have your name down as one of the donors they may likely call on. Sperm donors get at least N10,000 while egg donors could make between N100,000 to N200,000. It could be more depending on your physique and educational qualification. You can also have your profile on so you can be contacted when you are needed.

25. Flipping items

There are more than enough investment opportunities you can take as a side hustle. You can buy items very cheap on Jiji or from your social media timeline and sell for a profit on eBay and even on the same jiji’s site. You just need to be a better negotiator.

As a student, I had a history of buying things on Olx and sold them for a higher fee. One needs to be very careful though because you might end up buying stolen items which can put you into trouble. Play safe by keeping track of your sellers and demand receipts from them.

Items you can flip for fast cash are electronics, home appliances, cars, tools, children items, bags, construction supplies and many more.

26. Participate in surveys and paid reviews

This may not be your type of ideal business ideas but it is also one quick way to make money by just reviewing software or providing answers to surveys.

On capterra, you can make as much as $185 or more depending on the offers from Gartner, it could be within $5 to $10 per review. All you just need to earn cash is to share your experience on software or apps you have used. You will be required to provide the benefits as well as your concerns about the product.

27. Creation and management of blogs

If you are already into blogging, then creating a blog should not be a problem. Make huge money by designing or managing blogs for clients and the best thing about this is that it should not affect your full-time job if you have one.
Designs or managing does not have to be on laptop, you can as well use your smartphone like I have done most of the time. I am always working even when on the move.

28. Rental business

Never a week without, “owanbe” in the popular state in Nigeria, Lagos precisely. Owanbe is a Yoruba word which means, “it is there.
Typical of The Yorubas to always look forward to an occasion almost on a regular basis, be it wedding or naming ceremony. Owambe could be, “food or everything is there.”

To make such a day a remarkable one, people will need to borrow pot, plates, spoons, coolers, canopy, chairs, tables and many more. It is on you to charge them rental fees.

29. Through network marketing

Multi-level marketing (MLM) still works, not just in the USA but in any country you are living in. You just need to reach out to the right company.

MLM, which is also known as a referral network is when you are under a company with a task to sell company products and as well bring more people in. The more people you bring into the system, the more stars you have. Most companies pay about 10% to 30% for every product sold.

GNLD and tasly which have been around for years are one of the few ones I could recommend. Then we have the star of the moment, longrich which is currently making waves on social media.

30. Real estate consulting services

Reach out to property owners, lawyers or real estate companies who will be willing to give you a certain percentage on the sale of properties. Some even allow you to make as much as you can so far you remit the agreed price to them. Having a proper real estate education will be a great help on your way. If you are interested, read this guide on how to become a real estate agent in 60 days.

What is more, you don’t need to concern yourself about paperwork or how to get a warehouse, like you would have done if it was perishable goods. All you just need is to link clients and when they pay up, you will be paid agreed commission. No risk!

31. Translation service

Are you good in speaking or interpreting a foreign language like English, Portuguese, French or Russian? That counts as an investment opportunity for you if you have this unique ability in you.

Translation service is very much in demand as there are no much interpreters around. Top businessmen will need a translator during trade negotiation, organizers may need your service in a concert of which they will be willing to pay you more than enough for your troubles and government establishment will be unable to ignore. Use upwork to advertise your service if you are having problems with finding clients.

32. Travel agency

You don’t need to have an affiliation with any agency before you become a travel agent, you can work as a freelancer. Although the major requirement of a travel agent is to have a track record of success and with excellent communication.

The work of a travel agent is to help individuals or group plan their travels, information about destination, books flight, visa processing, hotel, and could be more as client requested.

33. Interior decorating

Know a few tricks on how to make a home homey and beautiful? Sell out yourself to clients within your neighbourhood, in your working place, on social media and dedicated sites. You can also sign up as a freelancer on to improve your income.

34. Sell on Olist

If you live in Nigeria, is a place to sell if you ever need cash. You can market or advertise almost any items and earn good cash from them. Items posted on Olist is free and you can post as much as possible.

Old items and new items can be sold on this platform. You can also have products delivered to you on wholesale, and sell on Olist to make good profits. Another way you can do this is to buy from olist and resell on it to make extra bucks. It works just like the old Olx, with the company putting more efforts, we are bound to see much improvement within the coming days.

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