Best SMS Texting Apps For Android

10 Best SMS Texting Apps For Android In 2024

Despite being around for a very long time, SMS texting, or text messaging as you would rather call it, remains one of the most effective ways to communicate anywhere in the world. In fact, it communicates faster than emails on most occasions and doesn’t require rigorous processes such as designs, etc.

And many people still prefer that you text them to the other options. Today, it has even gotten better, as we now have several SMS apps that have come in through technological advancement and are now doing better in terms of automation, notifications, and delivery.

Another thing you will love about these apps is that they allow users to add all kinds of files including videos, emojis, and images to make room for a good conversation which makes it quite better than the traditional way of sending SMS Text.

Let’s consider the 10 best text messaging apps for Android users in 2021.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free text messaging app with great features for users who would prefer text messaging. It is convenient and has upgraded security measures to protect users’ data. It supports basic text chat, and also voice messaging video, and photos.

It permits group chats of up to 256 participants with end-to-end encryption to secure chats. Two-step verification can also be used for added security of user’s data. It allows international messaging without increased charges being incurred by the user. Hence, the cost of messaging is determined by the content rather than the destination.

It also allows you to personalize your app through your favorite theme, display picture, profile photo, username, and many more. You can use voice notes in place of texts, send images, etc. WhatsApp status is also another resource for individuals who would like to reveal their creativity to their contacts, showcase a product, or simply a lifestyle.

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Google Play Store: Download Whatsapp for Android

2. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is one of the earliest third-party texting apps that revolved over the years with increased features and design. It now allows the use of emojis in expressing emotions, quick reply in notifications, SMS blocking, group texting, and MMS.

You can even decide to stop a text message in the middle of sending it if you have to. Pushbullet support, Android Wear, and other countless customization features are available for use. Starters have access to over 100 free themes/skins. There are also a wide range of advanced features for security such as passcode app lock, blacklist features to block unwanted messages, privacy options, backup, and scheduled SMS senders. And it is free but doesn’t permit free international messaging.

Google Playstore: Download Chomp SMS for Android.

3. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent was founded in 2010 and has introduced the next-gen texting to Android devices. It has continued to change designs over the years to unveil a more appealing and modern look.

Special features on the app include built-in spell checking, password protection, group texting, theme support, and many more. You can make free internet calls, send ecards, and backup your text messages. An attractive feature of the app is Handcent Anywhere that allows you to text on your tablet and computer if you like. And despite its challenges with bugs, it has remained solid.

Google Play Store: Download Handcent Next SMS for Android.

4. Facebook Messenger

Unlike several other texting apps, many have reservations against Facebook Messenger especially because of the huge storage required, RAM, and high battery usage. Ads are also regularly displayed and might be annoying to some users. But then, it has massive users around the globe.

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So, you might want to consider enabling its SMS support if you haven’t. It is convenient to use with satisfactory features. Once activated, it takes up the functionalities of your device’s text messaging, but is very easy to use.

Google Play Store: Download Facebook Messenger for Android

5. Google Messages

Google Messages is the official SMS app from Google and is imbued with features necessary for an average user. It supports Google’s RCS features that permit features like iMessage and WhatsApp such as read receipts and more.

It has a very attractive design and allows users to send free text messages, take photos, send audio recordings, share location, group texts, and also block unwanted SMS. You’ll be able to also backup all your texts and archive messages.

Google Play Store: Download Google Messages for Android.

6. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is free, but also has paid plans for its advanced features. It works like any standard SMS app and has a back-end syncing feature that allows you to text from your computer, tablet, and other devices.

It has highly customizable features with tons of sound effects, GIFs, and themes. It also allows spam blocking, delayed SMS sending, and allows you to customize each of your conversations. Features that allow syncing with your devices will cost you $0.99 per month or a flat fee of $10.99.

Google Play Store: Download Pulse SMS for Android.


It is possible you haven’t heard about QKSMS, but it still fits as one of the best text messaging apps for Android users in 2021. It has a very appealing design with features that includes android wear support, over 200 themes, night mode, blacklist, and a host of others.

You can choose to reply to a message without necessarily opening the app. It is simple to use and has all its features available in the free version, however, there are in-app purchases you might incur as you wish.

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Google Play Store: Download QKSMS for Android.

8. Textra SMS

Textra SMS is known as the first SMS texting app to introduce the new Material Design. It is clean and is replete with features that hardcore users. It has customizable features such as scheduled SMS, a robust emoji database, quick replies, blacklisting, 21 text sizes, a wide range of theme colors, and GIFs.

Its standard version is free, but the pro version subscription starts at $2.89. The free version doesn’t have some of its great features like scheduling text messages, and it also comes with ads that may be annoying to users.

Google Play Store: Download Textra SMS for Android.

9. Mighty Text

Mighty Text is popular for its syncing features that allow you to sync texts on your android devices, PC, and tablets. This enables you to send and receive messages and notifications through any of your synced devices. Other features include a priority ringer, adding signatures to your messages, using message templates, message drafts, and more.

It also allows users to send apps, web pages, photos, and also schedule messages. While the standard version is absolutely free, its Pro version costs $5 per month with advanced features.

Google Play Store: Download Mighty Text for Android.

10. SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer is an innovation from a Microsoft Garage project and has turned into one of the best SMS Texting Apps for Android devices. When downloaded, it automatically organizes your inbox while also providing you with smart assistant options.

The app allows you to type with your voice, set automatic reminders, forward bills to your contacts, and save your battery using dark themes. You can choose to create a task on the app, and also auto-backup your messages to Google Drive to keep them safe for future use.

Google Play Store: Download SMS Organizer for Android.

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