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Snapcredit | Easy loan for salaried workers

Not a day goes by without a reason to spend money which can be immediately solved by cash at hand or in bank but sometimes, we may find ourselves with no financial backup plan. The is the reason why we depend on loan which can be gotten from money lenders.

Not one, two but more than a dozen loan providers out there. Among them, we have snapcredit, another digitalized loan providers that aim to help people with their emergency loan needs.

The decision to borrow money comes down to urgency, payment has to be made and your salary is not available for now or enough to take care of them. The next course of action is to take a loan which can hurt you in the long run if care is not taken. The best thing is to know your limit even when requesting for loan.

The most used loan option is always personal loan due to the fact that it accommodates every excuse. Think wedding, school fees, medical expenses, funeral, home keep and appliances, party hard, phone purchase, vacation, house purchase and several more. I could go on but we might end up not leaving here.

Fortunately, snapcredit also offers you a way out of any issue that requires money upon fulfillment of certain conditions which will be ironed out in this article.

Pros of snapcredit

  1. Easy and secure platform.
  2. Paperless and total transparency.
  3. No collateral needed to secure a loan.
  4. Money is disbursed immediately after account set up.
  5. Employers and employees have access to online reporting system.
  6. Enjoy credit at a very affordable rate.
  7. It is backed up by technology which further improves the quality of service.
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How much is available to borrow on snapcredit?

The maximum amount you are entitled to depend on your monthly income and other benefits, years spent with the company and your transaction history which will be judged by the data you provided.

All the information about your credit line and the maximum amount you can borrow are available on your dashboard. The information will be available upon your registration on their web page.

In the event you have not yet exhausted the maximum amount, you can also request for a top up at any time. Caution still needs to be applied so you don’t put yourself in a very difficult situation.

How to apply for loan on snapcredit

1. The first step is to sign credit service agreement with snapcredit

Credit agreement will need to be signed by your employer through the HR. The document can be downloaded on snapcredit website or request for it at the office. This is important to enable employee(s) have access to credit facility. Note that it is just a one time task.

2. Open account with snapcredit

After your employer has enabled you, go to and start the process. Enter your salary account and tap “send”

3. Determination of whether you are creditworthy

Now that you have been able to complete the registration process, snapcredit will attempt to study data provided by your employers and the ones you entered during your registration including monthly income.

How long you have spent with the company, your monthly takeaway and position currently occupied are the yardstick to determine the amount that can be released to you.

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4. Make a loan request

This is time to make your loan request. Go to the website and log in. Select the amount of loan you want and the loan tenor. In few minutes, you are expected to receive a credit alert of the said fund.

5.Paying back loan

Every finance company will attempt to reduce their risk, snapcredit has managed to reduce their own by making sure that the moment your salary enters your account, repayment is done quickly based on the arrangement.

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Snapcredit remains one of the best moneylenders out there but not without its blemishes. Loan apps like renmoney, paylater and branch loan are more straight forward than snapcredit in the sense that there is no room for employers to come through.

They only request for your BVN and other details to study your financial details which will be used to know your credit score.

Another big one is standard chartered loan, it offers more fund and about 60 months loan repayment period compared to most loan providers but entails lots of documentation.

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