Standard chartered loan

Standard chartered loan – borrow up to 10m without collateral

You deserve all the comfort you can get, take charge with standard chartered loan. Standard chartered bank tops the chart as one of the fast-rising banks in Nigeria.

It has been a long walk for the bank, a part of first bank plc until she reneged on her promise in 1996. In 1999, she re-entered the Nigerian market as a subsidiary of standard chartered bank plc located in the UK.

Since then, the bank has grown to become a force in the market by offering a wide range of services, among them is standard chartered loan.
The icing on the cake; it is an unsecured loan, bigger loan offers, competitive interest rate, and longer tenure.

Benefits of standard chartered loan

  1. The loan comes with no collateral, all that is required is to receive your salaries and allowances through the bank.
  2. It comes with a longer repayment period and with an amount up to N10m.
  3. The loan can be used for all purposes.
  4. Competitive interest rate.
  5. It is convenient and quick to set up.

How to qualify for standard chartered loan

Below are the conditions you should meet to qualify for standard chartered loan:

  • Completed application form.
  • Letter from employer confirming the loan.
  • An official letter from your employer confirming that your salary will be domiciled with standard chartered bank.
  • A copy of government issued ID card. International passport, national ID card, voters card, and driver’s license are accepted.
  • Birth or marriage certificate.
  • Signatories on application form.
  • You must provide payslips of the last 3 months.
  • Previous Banks statements (last 3 months)
  • Important information documents.
  • You must be earning not less than N50,000 if you are working in a government establishment or be earning N75,000 in a private company.
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How do I apply for standard chartered loan

  1. Click or enter on your browser.
  2. Enter your names, email, phone number, state and click on OK to continue the registration.
  3. On the new page, use the slider to select your monthly income which will be used to determine how you much you can borrow.
  4. Enter your date of birth, choose your gender and marital status.
  5. Use the slider to select the amount you wish to borrow.
  6. Choose whether you are a salaried person and click “ok” to finish your registration process.
  7. A message will be sent to you with your customer reference number stating that you have successfully registered for standard chartered loan.
  8. Expect your message from the bank to guide you through the final process.

How to use the standard chartered loan calculatorCalculate loan on Standard chartered

  • Click on this link to know how much you are paying back every month
  • The first thing the system ask is how much you want to borrow.
  • Select the tenor you are most comfortable with. The repayment period is between 12 to 60 months.
  • Enter your monthly income into the space provided. Your monthly income determines how high your loan can go.
  • Standard chartered loan interest rate is between 22% – 28%. Finally, click on submit to see your monthly repayment.

Standard chartered loan contact details


Unlike most personal loans, standard chartered loan has a very competitive interest rate which can also change over time due to the force of demand and supply. An increase in demand for money will raise the interest rate and vice versa, therefore, expect a constant change in the interest rate.

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A higher rate can make one imbalance to pay up most loan due to short tenor but standard chartered has made it easier for everyone to extend their repayment periods. However, the conditions can be rigorous but it definitely worth the effort. It is no gainsaying that this might be one of the best loan services ever provided by financial institutions.

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