How to start an Instagram blog in 2022

How to start an Instagram blog in 2024

One of the ways people read news on the net is by reading a blog post. Blogging has grown over the years that it has delved into microblogging. And one of the ways of microblogging is creating an Instagram blog. You see, starting an Instagram blog is way easier than setting up a website.

There will be no need for web hosting, web design, or writing a long article on a particular topic. However, a website also has more advantages than a microblog but that is not the topic.

Steps to Start a Blog on Instagram

Starting an Instagram blog is an easy process. With less effort, you can set up for yourself an Instagram blog and this article can help you with it. There are ten reliable processes you follow to open an Instagram blog in 2023. Let’s scroll down, shall we?

Create a Creator account on Instagram

Creator account on Instagram is particularly featured on Instagram for people interested in blogging and influencing. What you need to do is to sign up for an Instagram account and convert your personal account to a Creator account.

With the Creator account, you can view your blog analytics, run ads on your blog post, and you can share links on your Instagram stories. You also have a contact button where people can message you directly to your email.

To convert your personal account to a Creator account, you can follow these few steps;

  • Log into Instagram account.
  • Go to your profile and click on the hamburger icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on “Account” on the menu that popped up
  • Then click on “Switch to professional account
  • An option to choose between business and Creator account will pop up, click on the Creator account.

You will be asked to choose your Instagram category and then confirm it.

Select your blogging niche

This is the most crucial part of blogging that people tend to overlook most times. Finding a good niche is very important for your blog. What you need is heavy traffic and a good niche can get you there.

To find a suitable niche, you need to consider how consistent you can post, what kind of audience do you want to attract? What company do you want to work with? You can get a broader niche that is comprised of many branches.

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Best Instagram Blog Niches

engineering instagram blog niche

💻 Personal Blogging, Traveling/Vacations, Hobbies & Interests

If you have a passion for anything that doesn’t include news or teach people something, then starting an Instagram blog around it will be easy. If your hobby is baking, writing poems, taking photographs of airplanes, following football teams- whatever it is- you can make a blog to share your passion with others.

Once you’ve found a niche, all you have to do is find the appropriate hashtags and start sharing beautiful photos on your profile.

📝 Journalism, News & Politics

If your stories get shared from one side of the world to another then you might have a chance to start your own blog. The best part about blogging news is that you don’t have to spend much time on research, all you have to do is pack the feed with relevant information, do some hashtagging and sit back while the traffic flows in.

📸 Photography

Seasoned photographers are always looking for safe havens to share their pictures and build a community around them. If you have a talent for photography then this blog idea is perfect for you. All you have to do is upload beautiful photos from your daily life, give it an appropriate headline, attach the right hashtag and sit back as people fall in love with your photographs.

🎥 Video Blogs

If you like recording videos and uploading them on Youtube or any other video-sharing site, then you might consider turning that into a blog. The pictures are already taken, all you have to do is upload the videos with an appropriate headline and share it through your Instagram profile.

💻 Technology-Related Blogs

If you’re a techie and love blogging about the latest trends, then Instagram can help you reach your audience. Create beautiful visuals related to different gadgets, laptops and mobile devices and use them as your profile pictures on your bio. Attach relevant hashtags and sit back as people starts following you!

👙 Fashion-Related Blogs

If you’re into fashion and love shooting pictures of dresses, makeup, shoes, bags- whatever it is- then all you have to do is create beautiful visuals using them and sharing posts with the right hashtags. Attract potential readers for your blog! You can follow some top fashion bloggers to get ideas on how to implement it.

🎨 Art Blogs

No matter whether you like drawing simple sketches or complex paintings, Instagram has a way to help you make a name for yourself. All you have to do is upload beautiful pictures of your work, give it an appropriate headline and tag relevant hashtags.

💡 Blogs on Parenting & Kids

Instagram is the best place for parenting bloggers to connect with other parents who believe in raising children the right way. Having beautiful images in your blog is not enough, you also have to engage in conversations with your readers and be active on the platform so they can trust you more.

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📚Books & Reading Blogs

If you love reading books or writing reviews about it, then setting up an Instagram blog will help you find more people who love the same genre as you do. Just upload beautiful photos from your favorite novel and attach relevant hashtags for more people to notice you!

💻 Blogs on Food & Drinks

If you have a knack of baking or cooking mouth-watering dishes, then why not turn that into a blog. All you have to do is upload beautiful pictures of your creations with a relevant headline and use the right hashtags. People will be pleased to follow you from the very beginning!

📚 Beauty Blogs

Beauty bloggers have been using Instagram as their prime marketing platform for years now. All they do is create beautiful visuals related to different makeup tutorials, nail arts, hairstyles and upload them on their profile. As simple as that!

🔑 Instagram for Businesses

Although there are few companies that already have their own separate pages, the majority of businesses still use personal accounts to promote themselves on the platform. All they do is change the bio and use some hashtags- and voila! You can also create a business page if you’re a freelancer working in a niche field.

Put up a captivating bio on your profile

When people visit your profile, the most capturing part is your bio. Your bio would lead them to what you are going to offer to them. An Instagram bio consists of a little note describing yourself and your blog.

Your bio only takes up to 150 characters. So you can only make it short and interesting. Your bio can also consist of your contact information which includes your email address or a phone number. Ensure that your bio consists of whatever intentions you have for your microblog and make it captivating enough.

Add eye-luring images and graphics to your page

One thing is to attract people to your page, another is to keep people clinging to it. One of the ways to achieve it is to post attractive images on your page. Psychologically, photos attract people to a post than the caption.

Your photos shared need to have your brand identity design so it will be recognized as yours. However, it is not mandatory to be your photos. You can get images from any free stock photo website since most of them do not require much attribution.

Give your posts great captions

Now that you have lured people with your interesting pictures, the next thing to do is glue them to the post. And to do that, you have to give your post a captivating caption.

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It may be hard to give a caption to a particular photo, probably because you haven’t thought it through. An eye-catching caption is very important just as a beautiful photo. A beautiful photo may speak volumes, but a good caption increases it.

Create an audience around your Instagram blog

Remember when I wrote you should consider the audience you want to build while finding a niche? Now, this is where it matters. You have to build a community for yourself on your Instagram blog.

You need to increase your engagement. You know the type of people you want to attract to your page. Therefore, you can start by engaging with other accounts you follow and those that would like your content.

Make use of high-performing hashtags

instagram blogging-using hashtags

One of the most important things about Instagram is hashtags. Whatever is trending at the moment, people use hashtags to see other people’s thoughts on the matter. For example, #silhouette_challenge trended well enough that people used the hashtag to search for what others did in the challenge.

And so it is in blogging on Instagram. Instagram is very competitive and you need to drive targeted traffic to your page. The best way to find a good hashtag is to use a hashtag finder such as Tailwind. For your page to be recognized, you have to use less competitive hashtags unless you want them to be drowned out by the highly competitive ones.

Be consistent in posting content to your blog

All of the above processes may get you the audience you want for your blog but how do you make them value your page? People had created Instagram blogs for themselves but because of inconsistent posting, their audience start to lose interest in their page.

To be consistent in posting is not for two or three times a week but every day, keeping your audience active on your page.

Blog with Instagram features

Aside from making regular posts on your page, you may also need to make your blog interesting by using some of the Instagram features such as Instagram stories, Instagram TV, Reels, and live. You can also use these features to grow your account. That is what most Instagram bloggers do.

Monetize your Instagram

You may by now have gotten the audience you want and it’s time to start making money out of your effort. To make money on Instagram depends on the audience you built and how many followers you have. This way, brands would endorse you to create content for them on your page.

You can also earn by affiliate marketing. You get to share the product you are using and earn a commission through sales with your affiliate link. Also selling your product such as digital downloads is a good monetization strategy.


Now, you have seen how Instagram blogging works. It may not be as simple as it was stated especially when gathering an audience for yourself but you will get a hang of it. And you can only achieve that through consistency.

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