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Sterling Bank Specta Loan ~ Payday And Business Needs

Sterling Bank provides customers and non-customers with quick loans from specta in under 5 minutes to take care of unexpected needs. If you are an owner of a small or medium enterprise, you can apply for the Sterling Bank Easy Loan.

Gone are the days when it’s difficult to access loans, especially now that most financial institutions in Nigeria now provide everyone including the self-employed easy ways of borrowing money from the bank.

Nowadays, sterling bank quick loan applications can now take place through USSD code, mobile app, Internet banking, or at the bank, and the funds disbursed under 5 minutes.

This is how much technology has improved the overall ways of doing business. Most personal loans are unsecured loans, therefore you can expect your loans to be disbursed to your account with no much collateral required.

However, you will need to satisfy some requirements to get the loan but the most important thing to get loans from banks is to have a regular source of income.

In this article, we will give you some sterling bank loan products and how to apply for any of them. We will try to exclude loans for Big Corporations.


Specta is one of the facilities offered by Sterling Bank. It is designed to help individuals access loans in under 5 minutes from anywhere they are.

Whether for personal and business needs, you can apply for Sterling Bank’s Specta with no need to provide any form of collateral. Besides, you can also avoid the need to visit the office, provide guarantors, or complete documentation. Everything can be done online.

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Specta is open to everyone irrespective of occupation and bank. Specta has the following packages:

sterling bank loan in 5 mins specta

1. SpectaXtreme

SpectaXtreme is a product designed for almost everyone but with more concentration on Salary income earners and business owners.

This is a type of Sterling bank loan you need when you can’t wait for the payday, but need a quick loan for personal or business needs. You can get the loan from sterling bank with no unnecessary profiling.

The best part of taking this loan is that you can get up to two million naira in loan and with up to one-year maximum tenor. Sterling bank’s SpectaXtreme interest rate is between 26% to 30% per annum.

To apply for SpectaXtreme, simply click to begin the process.

You can also search for ‘Specta by Sterling’ on either Google Playstore or Apple Store and then install on your device. You will be required to create an account on the platform.

2. SpectaBasic

Maybe the loan amount and tenor offered by SpectaXtreme is not enough for you and you need a plan that could give more, you can go for SpectaBasic.

SpectaBasic is designed to give salaried workers loans (who own a sterling bank account or not) and business owners with a functioning account with sterling bank up to five million naira in loan plus 4 years repayment plan.

The interest rate is flexible and this depends on the loan amount and tenor, however, you will be able to know how much you are paying back before submitting your Sterling bank loan application, thanks to sterling bank online calculator.

Customers and non-customers can apply for SpectaBasic by visiting to begin and access more information or download the Specta App from your app store.

3. SpectaPrime

SpectaPrime is the fastest way for individuals and corporates to get loans, it gives you loans in 5 minutes with no profiling needed.

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This sterling bank loan helps individuals and entrepreneurs to borrow against financial assets such as Savings, Cash Deposits, Treasury Bills, and other investments for either personal needs or business needs.

These investments and savings will not be drained but will let you earn interest. With SpectaPrime, you can secure a line of credit with your savings or investments if you have seasonal cash flow fluctuations. You can get a low-interest rate and also avoid being affected by the rising interest rate.

The SpectaPrime allows you to invest your savings in local and foreign currencies in a fixed deposit with a maximum of one-year investment option and then take a loan to match the investment tenor. You can get about 80% of the investment with a very low-interest rate. For instance, for every 1,000,000 in Savings, Cash Deposits, Treasury Bills, or any other investments, you can borrow up to 800,000 from Sterling Bank.

To apply for SpectaPrime, click to get started.

However, if you have already opened a Specta account, click to login

4. Specta Quick Cash

Specta Quick Cash does not care which bank you use, instead, it gives quick cash based on your social media reputation and transaction history.

After you have shown interest to apply for Specta Quick Cash, the bank assesses the User’s Social Media profile using a proprietary Social Algorithm to calculate a user’s Social Reputation Score. The amount that applicants can get will depend on the Social Reputation Score.

What makes you eligible to request for a loan on Specta Quick Cash is your score. If your score is enough to get you a loan, the social credit officer will disburse funds. Sometimes, you may be required to provide additional “Social Collateral” to qualify for a cash request on Specta Quick Cash.

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Like it has already been stated, you do not need to be a sterling bank customer to get Specta Quick Cash. However, if you are a Sterling bank customer, you can enjoy a lower interest rate. Before applying for this particular loan, ensure that your bank account has been running for at least a month.

Cash Requests on Social Lender ranges from a minimum of 1,000 Naira to a maximum of 100,000 Naira (maximum of 10,000 Naira for first few transactions, maximum of 3,000 Naira for first-time users without Social Guarantors). The maximum amount can increase over time depending on the number of successful transactions. Do note that this is a 30 days loan.

To apply for sterling bank social lender, visit, and click on any of the social media platforms to begin your loan application. Facebook, twitter, linkedin, and mobile phone number are supported.

5. Specta Allawee

Sterling bank understands the allawee is not enough for any serving corpers. The Specta Allawee was designed to help corps members access loans that can be used to obtain devices such as smartphones, laptops, or gadgets or for personal/business needs.

Whether personal loans or device finance, specta allawee comes with the same set of rules for both. Corps members pay 23% on the amount borrowed from sterling bank. Management and commitment fee is 0.5% which are taken before the loan is disbursed.

Serving corps members are expected to have their allawee account, otherwise known as Salary account domiciled with Sterling bank. The collateral for the Specta Allawee will be your NYSC Certificate.

Corps members can visit to access Specta Allawee Loan. You will need to provide some personal information including NYSC call-up number and contact address. You can also download ‘Specta By Sterling Bank’ on your App Store. For more information, contact sterling bank customer care.

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