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Sterling OnePay: The Sterling Bank Mobile App For Quick Banking

Sterling Onepay is another way to quickly access most of the banking services from Sterling App.

The app has been designed bearing in mind that everyone needs to do things easily and fast. Therefore, Sterling OnePay brings a whole new experience to the digital space.

Sterling OnePay offers a wide range of banking, informational, and life-style services which brings that intuitive omni-channel banking experience on both mobile and web.

This application comes with elegant features, a great user experience, highly secure, convenient, and easy to use. This is a perfect replacement if you are not fond of Sterling’s online banking and ussd service.

I am also a fan of the mobile app because it is one of the ways to quickly access your platform without providing your login details every time. Once you have already set your fingerprint, all come easily.

If you own a sterling bank account with the bank, then you are advised to download and set up your account on the app. Going to the bank or ATM spot should no longer be compulsory except when you need some special services like withdrawal, account set up, or resolution.

Besides, you do not need to visit sterling bank to have most issues resolved. This is one of the reasons why every bank provides customers with Contact Us Page on their website.

This article will let you know the basic things you need to know about Sterling Onepay mobile app including where to download and register.


  1. It is fast, easy, secure, and convenient.
  2. Purchase airtime on the go.
  3. Transfer funds from your account to any bank of your choice in Nigeria within seconds.
  4. Customers can come on board without leaving their comfort zone and have full access to all sterling bank services.
  5. Use your fingerprint to access your profile and save yourself the stress of storing many passwords.
  6. Pay for airline tickets, cable & internet subscription, perform QR code for merchant payments, and pay electricity bills all on the go and within a few seconds.
  7. Initiate standing order payment and be rest assured your transactions are processed at the set intervals.
  8. Search for the closest Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and have access to withdraw cash even without your debit/credit card.
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It is no doubt that Android and IOS devices are the top leading devices in the world, and sterling bank has already ensured that users can download the app from their respective stores.

If you are using a palasa or push-button phone, you will only depend on Sterling Bank USSD for mobile banking transactions.

Customers who use an Android phone should visit Google Play Store to download ‘Sterling OnePay’. If you are unsure about how to locate the download link, simply jump on this >

If you are an iPhone user or your phone runs on ios, then the place to be is Apple Store. Go to the store and search for Sterling Onepay. Alternatively, you can follow for quick download.

The app is free to download from the store and surely brings a whole new experience to the digital space.


After you have downloaded and installed the Sterling onepay app on your phone, the next step is to register and activate it.

Although, you have already been profiled but you still need to go through the signing up phase. There is nothing much to do except that you will need to launch the Sterling mobile app and click ‘Sign Up’ to get started.

The system then asks you to input your sterling bank account number and other information that will be needed for you to activate it. Meanwhile, a mobile app is almost useless without a debit card, you might want to get yours from Sterling Bank.

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You can make your request on the web or simply go to your bank and file the request. This is part of the things you will be able to do after activating your Sterling Onepay app.

During the sterling bank mobile app registration, a one time password, otherwise known as OTP will be sent to your phone for validation.

After completing your registration. Please keep your login details and avoid letting third parties into the platform. The app is safe enough, but you have the most job to do to keep it safe. Always ensure that your biometric is only set for the app and no one else has your login details.

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