Telegram icons and meanings

Telegram Icons and Symbols and Their Meanings

Telegram is an instant messaging app that allows real-time communication between users. With it comes some interesting and new features that most IM apps do not have. Being an app with an unusual interface, users are likely to come across several Telegram icons and symbols they may not know their meanings.

This should be an issue for you as some of the icons can easily be interpreted unless you are not really a social media type of person. To make it easier for newbies, we will provide the full list of Telegram icons and symbols and their respective meanings.

What is Telegram Icon

A telegram icon is an image or symbol that represents a capability or specific function that may be easily known to the users. For instance, most people from the 80s won’t have any issue understanding what the ◼ (Stop), ⏮(Backward/Rewind), or ⏭ (Forward) icons stand for on their media players. Each symbol with a specific meaning making it very easier for users to know what button they are to press when necessary. It is also the same for instant messaging apps like Telegram and Whatsapp.

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Telegram Icons and their meanings

Below are the common icons and symbols that can be found on the Telegram

Chat Screen Icons

This section is the most important part of the packages that Telegram offers. Therefore, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with all the icons and symbols in this section.

1. Pin Icon

Telegram pin icon

Pin icon has now become popular among folks. It was first introduced on Windows 7 to let users quickly access apps or programs they often make use of. Since then, some developers have improvised and added it to applicable programs.

The pin icon is also available for use on Telegram. It allows users to be able to pin chat at the top of the page. This means that the chat will stay on top no matter how many messages or chats you are on. This helps you to quickly access the pinned chat you are most interested in instead of searching through the supposed long list.

2. Number inside a circle next to a chat or group

Telegram icons and meanings

When you see a number in a circle/ellipse, this notifies the users about the number of messages that have not been read.

3. Speaker Icon

Telegram Speaker icon

Speaker icon is one of the most used icons on the telegram. When you consider the reach of the app, you will have no choice but to mute some friends or groups especially if you have a bulky list.

The speaker icon, otherwise known as horn icon can come with a slash or not depending on your current setting. A horn icon without the slash on it implies that a user or group has not been muted. A horn icon with a slash means that the selected user or group has been muted, this means that you won’t be notified of any interactions.

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4. Rotating clock icon

Telegrams symbols and meanings

When you see a clock icon displayed after you send a message on Telegram, this means that your message is yet to be delivered or is still in process. Most of the time, this is always caused by poor internet service.

5. Single check icon

Telegram symbols meanings

A single check icon is a positive one, unlike the clock icon. On Telegram, it implies that your message has been successfully sent to the recipient or group, but not yet read.

6. Double check icon

Telegram icon

A double-check icon seen after a message implies that the recipient or at least one person from the group has seen the content which could be text-based, image, video, or any other supported files.

7. Paper clamp icon

Telegram icons and meanings

Paper clamp icon is otherwise known as Paper clip icon symbol/icon. It can be found both in Direct Messages (DM) and Group Chats. When tapped, you will be granted access to upload or share your gallery, location, contact, music, or any other file with a recipient or group.

8. Smiley Icon

Telegram icons

Smiley icon is used to represent an emotion or object and Telegram has a lot of them in their gallery to make your chats even more interesting and fun. Do you want to express yourself in a sad mood? You can have access to lots of them.

Within this space, you can also select and make use of stickers and gif icons to make it even more exciting.

9. Keyboard icon

Telegram icons and their meanings

This should not be difficult to understand considering that the keyboard is important for the smooth running of your device. With the keyboard Icon, you can switch back to text mode.

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10. Multiplication icon

Close or multiplication icon

Multiply or multiplication icon is also known as Cross icon on telegram. It is normally used to close or clear previously used stickers.

Group and Channel Icons

1. Eye icon with a number next to it

This icon represents the number of times content such as a message, video, audio or any supported file has been viewed. The eye icon is usually found in Telegram channels

2. Microphone icon

Telegram icons and meaning

Microphone icons can be used in personal and group chats. It is used to record and share voice messages with your contacts or a group. Instead of typing your messages, you can just hold the icon, express yourself, and then release it for automatic sending of the recorded voice.

3. Video icon

Telegram icons meaning

Video icon adopts the same process as the Microphone icon except that you will need to record video, and share it with the recipient or group. This feature also allows users to switch their default camera to the back camera.

4. Bell Icon

Telegram icons

The bell icon can be utilized in Telegram channels. It can be used to disable notifications on your channels. When the bell icon has a slash, it denotes that subscribers won’t be getting notifications for broadcasts. When it is just the “Bell Icon”, it means that Subscribers will get notified of any broadcast.

5. Pencil icon

Telegram icons

Pencil icon gives you a quick access to the core parts of Telegram such as group, channel, chat, secret chat, and many more. Instead of navigating toolbars, the most used features are right at your fingertips.

6. Down arrow icon with a number

Telegram icons meanings

When you click the down arrow icon, it will take you to the last message on the timeline. This process will also ensure that the number on the arrow will instantly disappear.

If your instinct is to scroll down and read your messages, the number will gradually decrease as you read through the message.

7. Three dots icon

Telegram symbols

Three dots icon on Telegram is a quick way to access important tools such as mute, video call, search, clear chat history, leave group, and report any disturbing or sensitive post, just to name a few.

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