Best Offline Card Games

The 5 Best Offline Card Games for Android & Iphone 2024

It is fun playing games, especially when it is absorbing like card games. Today we can barely live without our mobile devices (android & iphone) and of course, avoid keeping ourselves busy with one or two games at leisure.

Playing games should not be left for kids, it is something that can adults participate in, as it keeps the mind vibrant and also helps your body feeling young. Although, one should be careful so as not to become an addition.
Remember, too much of anything is not good. Games like card games can take one completely but one should know when it is enough. One hour to 3 hours should not harm.

As such you are inquiring about offline card games with which you can entertain yourself and strike boredom down into the ditch. In this article, you will learn about those different offline card games.


As you already know, a card game is a game which uses playing cards as the basic material of the gameplay. It also does not matter the technology involved in the game. Card playing is known to have originated in China before AD 1000.

Around the year 1360, the act of playing cards was brought to Europe by the Mameluke Empire of Egypt. From then, it spread to many parts of Europe and then to sub-saharan Africa in more recent years.

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There are many offline card games that can keep you entertained, but we shall bring you the best five of these offline card games.


Solitairica is an offline card game that combines both battle and classic solitaire features in a spectacular manner. This unique feature of Solitairica makes it stand out and thus, this game can keep your eyes fixed on your android or iPhone for hours.

In this game, you are playing with a monster who is a master in the game of cards. From your wins, you get coins and with those coins, you can enrich yourself with enough ammunition to defend yourself from that attack of this monster. But when you are stuck or out of moves, the monster attacks you.


This is another offline card game which you may want to try out. Onirim as a card game plunges you into a sort of maze; in a state where you are lost. You are required to find your way by opening different doors, out before your strength runs out. This game exercises your brain very well, as such is a very interesting game to play.

To come out on top, you must be able to battle hard against the game. In the process, you are required to collect the eight oneiric doors before the deck runs out. To obtain door cards, you have to turn in cards of the same colours 3 times or when you discard your key cards.

Whatever you choose, you will have to decide what is best for you including deciding the best use of the cards in your arsenal in order to come out the victor.

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Some say offline card games are purposefully difficult to play. But where is the fun when you extract and discard the difficult aspect of the game. The Card Thief game is another card game that is developed to challenge your brain. In this game, your goal is to pass the dungeon. You will participate in as much as 4 robberies and you will test your abilities to escape from enemies and from traps.

In your lair, you can use the card to unlock powerful equipment cards. With each heist, you will be able to use 3 equipment cards and you could be on your way to becoming the best thief in the world.

Card thief is available for download on Google play and app store.


This game was developed by Konami Digital Entertainment and was released in September 2016. Shortly after it was released, it became widely played on both iOS and Android devices. This game introduces it, players, into a world of duelists. Aside from the normal 54 cards, you are allowed in the game, you can also acquire powers such as the vanishing power. With the power vanishes, you can discard a card for another. There are other powers too that you can acquire, and keep you entertained throughout the playtime.

YU-GI-OH gamers can explore much more on the game including multiplayer, use the card you collected to attack your opponents and also get to use fierce characters like Yusei Fudo, Seto Kaiba, Yami Yugi, Jaden Yuki, and even more.
With the online multiplayer, you will be to pitch your own strategies against players from any part of the world. Download this game now and never have a dull day again.

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Poker World is an offline card game that has earned so much popularity around the world. This game is designed to allow you to set complexity and visit different cities where card tournaments are held in the game. Thus you can travel around the world and take real-life competitions.

It is not just about giving the best poker experience and the feeling you are playing against real players but letting you also show off your skills and could be on your way to becoming World Poker Champion. The game comes with some exciting features such as free poker chips every 3 hours, events and tournaments, play live with friends, and even much more.

Poker world game is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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