best video editing apps for android, iphone and ipad

The Best Video Editing Apps For Android, Ipad & Iphone in 2024

Videos have speedily become the preference of many internet users around the globe. They express so much emotions and store memories more than photography. And for you to produce good and quality videos, you will need the best video editing apps around.

There are a good number of decent tools that give top-notch results to Android and iPhone users. And the best video editing apps enlisted here will help to achieve your video editing goals either as a professional or an amateur.

So, if you are working on a particular video or you have some projects that would demand a few video editing tasks, but you are overwhelmed or unaware about which app to harness for a perfect job, there are countless options of video editing apps available. But we have reviewed the Best video maker apps for Androids and iPhones to help you streamline your chase for the most efficient options.

Here Are The Best Video Editing Apps To Consider

1. KineMaster Pro

KineMaster Pro is a high quality video editor for Android. This app is peculiar in that it helps you perform editing tasks in several layers. You can adjust the background using double exposure. There are also unlimited amount of effects, text over lays, audio tracks and can even mix numerous fragments.

KineMaster has huge benefits which include that it supports 4k editing and video export for up to sixty (60) frames per second. It also makes available instant editing previews, speed regulators, 3D transitions, color LUT-filters, and perfect management of the volume curve from background music and video clips.

The app also has tools for the removal of watermark features and countless other premium assets which are only available on the premium version of the app. But about 80% of the app features are accessible for users on the free version.

The premium version with more features available for users goes for $4.99 monthly charges. This upgrade will give you opportunity to edit videos without watermarks.

2. Inshot

Inshot has all the widely sort-after features in video editing which makes it one of the best video editing apps available for Android users. You can harness features such as; background blurring, cutting and trimming of videos, filters and motion and audio effects to the editing tasks. There are also numerous series of themes for graphic designers to employ.

However, to remove watermark on your videos, you will need to pay $2.99. This upgrade will give you increased features to use on the app and also remove in-app ads.

3. WeVideo

WeVideo is one great video editing app leading in terms of cloud-based editors. The free version is imbued with everything you need to understand the basics before upgrading to the premium version.

The free version allows users to trim clips, select music from a long list from the built-in library, and add filters and much more. You are also allowed to use 10GB of cloud storage from the free version for your editing. However, without upgrading to the premium plans, your videos would be watermarked.

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The premium version of the app has some fanciful advanced functions and features. These functionality includes the ability to share edited videos in 4k Ultra HD resolution, and a music library that features licensed commercial music.

4. LumaFusion

This video editing app provides professional-level editing for iPhone and iPad users. It is imbued with rich features that offers keyframing, support for vertical and horizontal videos, colour correction, some advanced tools for title creation, insert/overwrite functions, well featured audio mixer, absolute support for PAL at 25fps upon export . The mobile and tablet enabled app is developed mainly for filmmakers, video producers, journalists and the likes.

With LumaFusion, you can edit three audios tracks and videos using a range of high-spec trimming tools and transitions. It is indeed an app that offers an extra clout and should be considered.

5. VideoShow

VideoShow is generally categorized as one of the best video editing apps for Android and iOS. The mobile app provides fantastic features to create videos and slideshows with sound effects, photos, music and much more.

It is designed with built-in effects, live dubbing, stickers, transitions sound effects, filters, GIFs and more to create your video projects easy. It’s features are quite simple for beginners.

And as many video editing apps, the free version comes with Watermark and is very good for simple videos and photos.

6. Horizon

Spontaneous action moments can be quite tough to capture horizontally while on the move. Horizon video editor is a simple app that makes this possible. It helps users to get good hold of horizontal videos without barrier in the position of their phones.

The app captures footages in horizontal forms regardless of the tilting of the phone during the shots. And this means even if you had your phone rotate while capturing your video, it will still come out as landscape or in horizontal orientation.

More so, depending on the features you need, you may be required to make some purchases on the app. While it works perfectly with Android devices, the iOS version is even more advanced.

7. Vizmato

This easy-to-use video editor comes with some fun in the process of editing. And as a video editor, you have the opportunity of adding music and video effects, filters, texts and themes to your videos. The app also has sharing features that helps you extend finished videos to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp.

Vizmato offers exceptional effects, themes with about one hundred and fifty background music available for use in video editing. There is also effect for changing voices. This can make you voice sound like that of a little child, a ghost and many other characters.

It has a slideshow maker that makes it possible to convert your photos into videos while also adding music to the project. The app also has effects for speed, slowing down motion and reverse. You may choose to add stickers or custom texts with its features too.

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Vizmato makes it possible to shoot HD video while harnessing its live recording feature.

You have numerous opportunities at your disposal using the free version. But the Pro version makes extra features available to you. This includes a visual FX pack, access to more music and removal of watermarks on videos. Annual subscription for the upgraded version costs $12.

8. PowerDirector

PowerDirector provides dominant manifold track timeline for video editing with its dedicated features for Android devices. The app is imbued with numerous video effects, slow motion editing, chroma key editable, FX editing, and most of the usual features and transitions.

After completing a video, you can export it in 720p. The premium version will give you Full HD 1080p and 4k. The vertical video editing app has good range features and is easy-to-use. The app is also available on Windows.

To remove watermarks on videos, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. You’ll also have more features available for use.

9. Pinnacle Studio

With Pinnacle Studio, you can make video and music effects, arrange video clips on the storyboard, make accurate timeline edits, and add top-notch transitions to editing.

The app offers features that help to upgrade videos from 720p to 4k. It has easy navigation features and host of other features and intuitive gestures. You can also export and continue your video editing with the advanced tools on the desktop version.

Pinnacle Studio is available on iPhone, Desktop and iPad. The Pro version goes for $2.99,

10. PicPlayPost

This app is one of the best video editing apps with distinct features that lets you add pieces of media up to three hundred and sixty five to produce a 30 minutes video than can be exported in 1080p quality.

Users can slowdown, speed up and also reverse videos. In addition, the app has an automated slideshow that depicts a form of rough-and-ready movie. You have a guide that helps in the creation of diverse video editing creatives.

PicPlayPost is designed majorly for mobile devices such as iPhone, Androids, iPads and Windows. It is free but possesses premium features that makes advanced features available to the user.

11. Magisto

Magisto is a free and high-quality Artificial Intelligence (AI) video editing app. This award winning app provides easy-to-use features in creating incredible videos in just three steps.

In the first step, you choose an editing style such as “Clean”, “Fashion”, “Traveller” or “Country”. In the second step, you are to add video and photo footages which you can contain in your video. Also select a sound track from the app’s built-in library. And then finally, with AI features of the app it helps to spontaneously edit and create your desired video.

Magisto is an advanced marketing app with impressive ability to auto-edit your projects. It delivers top-notch video end-result while also saving you lots of time in the creation process. Instagram users will benefit a lot from the great features of the app.

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You can also upgrade to its Premium features which includes; creating longer videos and direct export to specific social media platforms such as the Facebook’s ads manager. The professional and speedy editing process is perfect for online marketers.

12. Hyperlapse

This video editing app is one of the best available editors around. It is specifically designed for Instagram users who can create a time-lapse video can hence be shared to fans and followers on your Instagram.

The editor has an amazing functionality that helps to capture variations in climate. It also has a strong stabilization feature that makes it work fine without tripod in view.

Users however need multiple attempts to get really nice results from their projects.

13. Quick App

Quick App is a product of GoPro creators. It has a design that helps to hasting the process of editing. This means you can do your capturing, editing, and postings on the go with this fantastic app. It has fewer features and is also for Android users.

Quik can also do some automatic editing by going through your footages to discover appealing moments, while also able to trim and edit them automatically and also enhance transitions.

Quik will help you create beautiful videos speedily with its automatic editing features. It is best for getting video edits achieved speedily.

14. Funimate

This great app help create fun videos that can be shared across diverse social media platforms. Funimate also gives users the opportunity to add all sorts of FX flourishes into your editing and recording. You can add sound effects, stylish texts, hearts and glitters to your projects.

The app also gives options to make collaborations with friends. For instance, you can super-impose your co-star to make an impression that they are together with you. The free version is available on Android, iPhone and iPad devices but with limited functionality.

You would need the premium version which starts at $2.99 to use more filters and harness other numerous features.

15. VideoShop

VideoShop is one of the best video editing apps available for android and iOS users. It possesses features that helps users to trim their videos and images easily in seconds. You can also slow down videos and fuse multiple clips into one whole.

The easy-to-use nature of the app makes it excellent for beginners in video editing to add and enhance filters, add texts, sound tracks, edit sound effects and do a whole lot with other functionalities.

However with all the nice features which make it suitable for creating fun YouTube videos and also promoting video projects, it only permits a single audio recording per time.

16. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another firm android app for high-quality video editing. This app works fine for Instagram influencers and doesn’t watermark videos. It also has no paid subscriptions. The app also works suitably in creating audience-ready videos for other numerous social media platforms.

FilmoraGo also allows users to incorporate their own music or sound tracks from their library. You will also be able to add overlay themes, tiles, texts, transitions and do video clip trimming.

Its desktop version starts at $44.99 annually and offers improved editing features. But then, a lot of functionalities are still available for use in the free version of the mobile app.

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