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The 7 Best Writing Apps Of 2023

Writing is an essential part of any business whether online or offline. And if you must succeed in your business, then you must be able to write well! However, if you are not really good at writing presently, we have the best writing apps of 2021 that can help you fix your errors and write nicely.

People who write nicely are able to engage their readers while always putting proper tense to good use and are able to differentiate the parts of speech. No matter your style of writing, you’ll find a good app that meets your needs. But you should be able to consider some vital things such as your genre of writing, writing process, target audience, and writing environment before ultimately deciding on the app you’ll be settling for.

Writing apps have features such as spaces to organize your words, create outlines, reference while working, and check past drafts among others. So, whatever your goal is, these 7 best writing apps of 2021 are everything to check out.

1. Grammarly

You may not be good at sentence structure, spelling, and use of grammar, but Grammarly can help you write like a pro. The app is currently being used by millions of writers around the world for different online goals. If your work has errors, Grammarly underlines the errors in your work and also provides corrections and suggestions where necessary.

In addition, you’ll see reasons for each correction proffered. The app allows you to set goals regarding formality level, audience, and preferred tonality, and also analyze your work for clarity, delivery , engagement.

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2. Evernote

Evernote seems to have features for endless usage. You can use it for work, school, and many more. The go-to writing hub is also perfect for all your to-do lists and notes. You can sync your activities on the app across different devices of your choice that already have the app active.

According to Forbes, this writing app is a very powerful tool that entrepreneurs, executives, and creative people can use to put their ideas together. Scan vital documents and keep them accessible on all devices. Save web pages for more resourceful use by marking them up with arrows, texts, and highlights. The free plan costs nothing to use, but the personal plan costs €6.99 per month, while the professional plan costs €13.99.

3. Living Writer

Living Writer is one of the best writing apps for Novelists and authors. It’ll help you in starting your book, creating plots, organizing your thoughts, writing the book, and exporting the finished work for publishing.

The app contains a series of outline templates of popular story structures. It can be accessed on iOS and Android and now has a new offline desktop mode. You can snatch a 14-day free trial to check out how versatile this app is, and thereafter choose between Best Value plan that goes for $8 per month and Regular Payments at $9.99 per month.

4. WritePro

WritePro can help you gain solid understanding of writing and become your own best editor. The platform helps to guide through character creation, scenes, and plot summaries with the help of built-in word processors that help for a successful finished work.

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WritePro helps to remove unnecessary texts from your writing, toggle text boxes in and out of full screen, save your work automatically while moving to a new screen, copy your work to another word processing program on your computer, and export your writing in PDF or RTF (Rich Text Format).

5. ProWritingAid

Over 2 million copywriters, editors, authors, professionals, and students are currently using ProWritingAid to step up their writing. It focuses on improving business writing, creative writing, and academic writing while also providing in-depth reports that can be beneficial to strengthening your writing.

With ProWritingAid, writing feels no longer like a chore, it becomes fun. There are available videos, articles, quizzes and suggestions for fun-interactive writing. Pricing begins at $20 for monthly subscription. Yearly plans go for $79 and you can have it for a Lifetime with just $399!

6. Rev

Rev is one of the best speech-to-text AI apps used by over 170,000 customers in marketing, education, technology, and other industries. It is very reliable for transcription, foreign subtitling, and creating video captions.

They charge $1.25 for every 60 seconds audio-to-text transcription you do, and $0.25 addition for a time-stamped or verbatim transcript. And if you ever feel unsatisfied with the result you get or transcript quality, you can reach out to them for immediate correction.

7. Hemingway

The Hemingway app focuses on giving your writing a clear and bold effect. The app highlights typographical errors, complex and lengthy sentences. Red highlight indicates that the sentence is complicated and dense for reading, while the yellow highlights suggest that you should split or shorten the sentence.

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You’d find this app very helpful with cutting down your word-count without throwing away vital points from your content. Simply paste your text into the app to receive suggestions for necessary editing. You’d also get suggestions reframing certain sentences from passive to active voices. Hemingway is absolutely free for users.

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