how to Remain Undetected Online

New Secure Tips to Remain Undetected Online

When dealing with a wide range of information, personal data, and digital asset protection on the Internet, the necessity of internet safety cannot be overstated. There has been an increase in cyber and computer crime in recent years. That’s why internet security is more vital when accessing online financial services and shopping than ever.

We are increasingly relying on the internet in our everyday lives. Online bill payment, shopping, money transfers such as internet banking, mobile banking, and digital wallets seem enticing to consumers. These make the internet the best source for hackers, fraudsters, and cybercriminals to steal users’ private information. This article will show you how to become anonymous online.

Tips on How to be Untraceable Online

Use a Secure and Encrypted Browser

It is one of the crucial steps if you search for how to be anonymous online. Google is well-known for collecting a large amount of data. Instead of using Chrome or any browser from a big technology corporation, use Tor. This safe browser encrypts your IP address and online activities multiple times before sending it over the internet. However, Tor does not encrypt every online application and browsing activity you use. In this context, a VPN can be a good alternative.


Does VPN make you untraceable? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that encrypts all online traffic from browsers and other web-based applications. Along with hiding identity, virtual private networks (VPNs) also mask your browsing history, ensuring that your internet service provider (ISP) is unaware of your entire online activity. Well, there is no better search for a VPN company than VeePN. VeePN is one of the great VPN providers, just download their VPN google chrome extension and enjoy their service. Their VeePN for chrome extension is one of the best chrome VPN extensions on the internet.

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How to stay Anonymous online

Use Temporary Email Address

Do you know, what is the best way to stay anonymous online? Make use of a fictitious or temporary email address. Free services such as Temp Mail allow you to establish temporary email accounts. It also helps in avoiding phishing and/or unnecessary promotional emails.

Use Password-protected Storage

Generally, we save all of our papers, images, and files in Google Drive, which isn’t the most secure option for hiding identity and data protection. Sync, Tresorit, and ProtonDrive are cloud storage providers that use end-to-end encryption. You can use them to store your most crucial or sensitive data.

Use Proxy Servers

When comparing VPNs with proxy servers, proxy servers are preferable for on-the-go networks that you will only be on once. Instead of encrypting your whole online traffic, proxy servers encrypt just your device’s IP address, making them less secure than VPNs (but often free).

Look for HTTPS

You should only visit websites that begin with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP.” SSL encrypts all communication between your browser and the websites you visit, but HTTP does not. HTTPS is an abbreviation for “hypertext transfer protocol secure,” It stands for “hypertext transfer protocol secure.”

Disable Cookies

While surfing only, you must turn off cookies on your device. Website cookies catch or collect data about your online activities, then used to create targeted advertisements. Sometimes this data is anonymized and aggregated, while others are not.

Use Password Manager

Password managers may be pretty helpful. Your efforts to maintain online anonymity will significantly hamper if you use the same password across many accounts. Instead of using the same old password for all of your online accounts, make a new one that is unique and safe.

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how to be untraceable online

Use a Secure Operating System

How do I completely hide on the internet? This is the question most people ask. The best way to hide your identity on the internet is to use a safe and reliable operating system. If your online anonymity is a building, your operating system is the foundation upon which it is constructed. Even though you use secure email servers, browsers, search engines, and the like, your data may still be collected and archived if you’re using an operating system from a large tech corporation. On the other hand, open-source operating systems, such as Linux, isolate each user.

Disable Javascript

Don’t skip this step if you are looking for how to be untraceable online. JavaScript must be disabled. Thanks to the JavaScript programming language, websites may have dynamic images, interactive maps, and other unique features. Sadly, hackers may take advantage of JavaScript vulnerabilities to change and steal user data8, so it’s better to turn it off, mainly if you’re using a popular browser like Chrome or Firefox, which is recommended.


There are various actions you may take to improve the safety and privacy of your online activities. Do you want to be able to surf the internet without being tracked? Then here are some pointers that we’d like to share with you:

  1. Install a virtual private network (VPN), such as VeePN chrome extension.
  2. Make use of Mozilla Firefox or the Tor web browsers.
  3. Make use of a search engine that is anonymous, such as DuckDuckGo.
  4. Using the appropriate browser extensions, such as ad-blockers and anti-tracking software, you may reduce tracking to a bare minimum.
  5. Make sure your social media privacy settings are as private as possible.
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