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Top Eleven: Best Online Football Manager Game For Android & IOS

Top eleven is inarguable the best online football manager. Ever wanted a platform to show how much of a tactician you are?

You may never come close to managing a real football club or even in your locality. Yet, Top eleven football manager gives you a chance.

The twist and the expectations are imbibed in the game. Wanted to get the better of a superior opponent? You have a chance if you manage to find some weak points in the team. Just like in the real world, even the underdogs could have their day.

It is now 3 years since I joined and Jose Mourinho deservedly remains the face of top eleven. We have seen Mourinho get the better of superior teams because he knows how to win ugly. For him, winning is all that matters. It does not matter what you do to win as at the end of the day, it is the scoreline that counts.

I have had my hands on pes club manager and soccer manager, yet I always go back to top eleven because it affords me the chance to put my wits against managers from around the world and also it is more realistic.

Most of the soccer manager games currently on the store, you can afford to play through in few hours but top eleven has it timed just like what is obtainable in the real football world.Top eleven records

Features of Top Eleven

  • Football association matches
  • Champions league competition
  • Super cup competition
  • kits designs
  • Licensed teams
  • Customized crest
  • Customized stadium
  • Super league competition
  • Cup game
  • Customized teams
  • Licensed players
  • It comes with a cool background soundtrack to gel you into the moment
  • You can train players on your own
    buying of players from aution, negotiation, recommended players and scout.
  • Players with exceptional skills can be bought on any of the sales platform
  • Set ticket price for each of the competition
  • Checking of statement of account
  • Receive sponsorship
  • TV rights fees
  • Promotion and relegation of teams
  • Live commentary
  • Challenge managers in competitions
  • You can decide to give your team instruction while on the line. Defend when it suits you, possess or turn into full attack mode.
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Where to download Top Eleven 2019 apk for android 

For those on android, you can get it from the Playstore

It is also available on apple store if you are iphone user, simply go to the apple store to download top eleven 2019.

Top Eleven for Ios Users

Top eleven is also available for iphone and ipad users. They can play with the same progress like their counterparts on android and web version.

To download top eleven into your smart phone, just head to apple store and search for top eleven.

Best training drill on top eleven

Managers do complain of losing much energy when they train prayers. I have been there too and I totally understand how it feels.

It’s always been trial and error till I finally found a perfect training which does not consume your energy much yet give your players good upgrade.

Best training drill on top eleven soccer manager is warm up > pass, go and shoot > skill drill > piggy in the middle > use your head > stretchTraining top eleven

You only lose not more than 7% to 8% of the condition when you train using the drills.

Best formation and tactics

There do not seem to be the best formation and tactics on top eleven. My own advice is you invest in top wingers and attacking midfielder (Amu) with exceptional skills as they seem to score more goals, even more than the strikers.

Getting players with exceptional skills in every department would give your team a boost.

If you really want to adopt formation that had worked for me then I will suggest you use 4-2-3-1.

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For tactic on top eleven

  • Team mentality – Attacking
  • Focus passing – mixed; if you are chasing the game, you can switch to down both flanks
  • Passing style – mixed
  • Force counter attacks – on
  • Pressing style – low
  • Tackling style – normal; if you need to toughen up the defense, change to high but it will make your players get tired quickly. Watch your energy indicator to know whether to change or not.
  • Marking style – zonal
  • Play offside trap – on

Top eleven Info

  • First released: October 19, 2011
  • Downloaded: 200m+
  • Rated: 3+, contains ad
  • Language: 31 different languages
  • File size: 90.6mb
  • Website:


Top eleven for long has continued to be the best online soccer game with nordeus continues to update the game apk with features.

This is no doubt the reason why they have survived this long as managers always want to feel a new breath.

Top eleven 2019 has taken over from top eleven 2018, not without the overall improvements that make managers alway want to explore more of the game.

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