Top 10 Metaverse Stocks to Watch

Top 10 Metaverse Stocks to Watch in 2024

The Metaverse was ever inevitable. Ever since the launching of the Semantic Web (Web 3.0), its adoption continues to grow expeditiously. To this extent, it almost feels as if we’ve been years behind in technological advancement.

After all the buzz about the Metaverse that happened during the last quarter of 2021, it’s clear that this new world is already here and we should embrace it. As part of welcoming this new world, there are certain actions we must take to clear out any chances of being left behind. Aside from embracing its feature of decentralization by getting decentralized currencies (Crypto), we should be keen to invest in some of the companies pioneering the utilization of this new technology and world.

List of top 10 metaverse pioneering companies and their metaverse stocks

We’ve compiled a list top 10 metaverse pioneering companies and their metaverse stocks that you should keep your eye on for investment possibilities in 2022. As the metaverse continues to develop, the growth of these companies is almost certain as well.

Now let’s get it!

Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: FB)

No other company is a better candidate to start the list than Meta itself. The company formerly known as Facebook had its CEO Mark Zukerberg announce the company’s name change at its augmented virtual reality conference. The change of name was perhaps done to reflect the company’s growing interests in sectors beyond social media, particularly their interest in the metaverse.

It currently trades as with the ticker “FB” on NASDAQ, although during the announcement, the ticker change to “MVRS” was scheduled to take effect from December 1st. To make sure you’re watching the real “former Facebook”, you’ll need to check in with your brokerage on how they have it listed.

It currently trades at an average price of $334, with a market cap of over $950 billion. We did see a 28% dip from the ATH in September, however, we’ve long recovered %11 of it. It’s still at a prime level to invest in because speculations indicate that the company is set to see massive growth in its stock this year.

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Next on the list is Tesla. The company owned by current world richest man Elon Musk, primarily handles electric vehicle manufacturing, energy generation and storage systems. The metaverse is a world that is not expected to ever shut down, and for that to be a reality, companies like these that develop efficient and clean energy solutions will play a key role.

The CEO no doubt has his opinion on the emergence of the metaverse, and that’s a clear indication they’re not oblivious and are making advancements in their technology as well.

The stock price currently trades at $1,160, with a market cap of $1.2 trillion. What’s key to note about this stock is the fact that it has a 52-week range of $539.49 – $1,243.49; these stats are a clear indication that it’s a big performer in the NASDAQ. Surely one of the hot stocks to closely monitor in 2022.


NVIDIA Corp is a computer graphics processor manufacturing company. They’re arguable the best chipset and semiconductor company in the world today. This is part of the reason why they’re tipped to be the huge benefactors when the metaverse completely comes to fruition. Computers will need a significant amount of processing power to build the metaverse, and people will equally need better graphics processors to have a realistic feel of the metaverse; this is where Nvidia will play her part.

The stock price currently trades at the $285 level with a market cap of $753 billion. The current 52-week range is known to be $115.67 – $346.47, giving more indications that a bullish rally of the stock price usually pushes it to phenomenal ATHs.

Freeport-McMoRan (NASDAQ: FCX)

Up next on the list is Freeport, a copper mining and processing company. It’s a no-brainer that with the emergence of new computers and electronics designed to connect to the metaverse, there will be an increased demand for copper and other conducting metals thus favouring mining companies like these.

Freeport is chosen to feature in this list as it is one of the biggest copper mining companies in the world. The stock currently trades at the $42 level, boasting a market cap of about $70 billion. Further stats show its 52-week range to be $24.71 to $46.10; an indication that if by any chance there’s a bullish run this year, we could see the price double. Worth keeping an eye on.

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JPMorgan Chase (NASDAQ: JPM)

Coming up in fifth place is JPMorgan Chase. If you’re familiar with the finance space, it’s hard not to have come across the name of this company. The question you might be interested in answering is how this finance company will be relevant to the metaverse.

Well, most people will consider their level of involvement as pivotal. We’ve seen the financial sector evolve every day since the introduction of decentralized currency. Investment banks are now using cryptocurrencies to hedge their wealth and this trend is set to continue. Also, JPMorgan Chase, no doubt will be working with most companies on this list to either protect wealth or execute transactions; thus the growth rubbing on them as well.

The stock price currently trades at the $168 level with a market cap of $477 billion. What’s more interesting about this stock is that it averages a 33% yearly return. It has been one of the safe heaven stocks for decades.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Multinational tech company Microsoft makes it to sixth on the list. Can easily be argued to be placed higher in the ranks because of the level of connection she has with the metaverse. Cloud computing, the internet, high-end graphics, are some of the main building blocks of the metaverse, and Microsoft happens to be involved in all these industries.

The stock price currently trades at the $328 level, quite close to the ATH, with a market cap of $2.5 trillion. The 52-week range is $211.94 – $349.67 giving us an idea of the extent of the next Bull Run whenever it occurs.


Here’s another household name in the tech industry. Her involvement in cloud computing, web 3.0 and artificial intelligence will be instrumental in developing the metaverse. For now, there’s no announcement from Google stating clearly their involvement in the metaverse, but considering them being an innovative tech company, you’d want to own some of their stocks before they make that announcement.

The stock price currently sits at $2,880 with a market cap of $1.93 trillion. Also, the 52-week range is $1,696.10 – $3,019.33; indicating that she is a top performer whenever there’s a bull run.

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Roblox Corp, founded in 2004, appears to be the closest thing to a social metaverse. The Roblox platform is essentially a metaverse that sprung up from originally being just an online gaming service. Now goes with the name “Roblox Metaverse”, it’s a hard company to look past when it comes to investing in 2022.

The stock price currently trades at $94 and has a market cap of $55 billion. The 52-week range is $60.50 – $141.40; a further indication that 100% gains can come easy during the next Bull Run.

Matterport (MTTR)

Matterport is a tech company that provides the solution in representing real-life objects as 3D images. It essentially enables users to capture real live objects and space, then transforms them into a digitized immersive replica. Although most retail users currently use it to make NFTs, it’s a tool that will be key in integrating real-world objects in the metaverse.

The stock market price is currently at $18, with a market cap of about $5 billion. The ATH is not too far away at $37.60. This is one of the few metaverse stocks you can get on a platter and hold for the long term. The company was established in 2011 and so far is showing great progress.

Walt Disney Co. (NASDAQ: DIS)

You might be wondering what does an entertainment company has to do with the Metaverse. If you consider it, the answer isn’t farfetched; more than 50% of the imaginary worlds and places people wish to create in the metaverse are owned by Disney in real life. Reports show that the company is currently working on patents to claim ownership of these worlds if used in the metaverse as well.

The company stock price currently trades around the $155 level with a 52-week range of $142.04 – $284.94. It’s clear that we’re not too far away from the ATH, and it’s only a matter of time before a new ATH is created.

Final Takeout

There you go, a list of ten stocks that can be positively affected by the growth of the metaverse. It should be noted that historical data suggests that stocks generally have an 8% growth annually, provided the company itself doesn’t fold. The only issue you might have is the will to hold for the long term.


The contents written in this article is for entertainment and educational purposes only, and not financial advice. Please do your due diligence before putting your hard-earned money in the financial market.


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