UGA eLC: How to Log in to eLC UGA

eLC is an acronym for eLearning Commons and is a learning management system used by the University of Georgia. The UGA eLC can also be called D2L or Brightspace and that has to do with the fact that eLC is the UGA version of the company D2L’s learning platform.

As a student, the eLC at UGA is an online space that, when accessed, will provide you with almost everything you need to succeed at the School. Logging in to the LMS will require a valid UGA MyID login and password.

The UGA eLC has a lot to offer. Among them include being able to access quizzes, engage in discussions, access resources like video and audio, view and make use of documents, and so on.

As a student, it is arguably everything you need. Even as an instructor, it is highly customizable, thereby giving you the freedom and way to bring the needed tools and resources that will help students.

How to log into uga elc


To access the eLC at UGA, simply follow the guide below:

1. Navigate to through your browser.

2. Tap “UGA MyID Login“

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3. On the UGA Single Sign-On Service Page, enter your username and password.

4. Tap login to access your UGA eLC account.

What is a MyID for eLC UGA?

Whenever you want to access your eLC account at UGA, you will be required to supply your username which is the same as your MyID. Therefore, a UGA MyID is a sign-on name that faculty, staff, or students use to access their eLC as well as several online services at the school.

It is also to be noted that the MyID will require a password, that is already linked to it for successful access to supported systems.

How to reset UGA eLC Password

This section can be applied if you could no longer remember your uva elc password and you want to have it reset. If completed, you will send a link which you are to use to reset your eLC UGA password.

1. Go to

2. Tap Forgot Your Password

3. Enter your UGA MyID. This will be used to identify you.

4. Complete the Captcha and then tap Verify MyID to reset your UGA eLC Password.

How do I change my eLC UGA password

Unlike Password reset, this implies that you know your current password, but you only want to have it changed due to one reason or the other.

To change your UGA eLC password, you will need to visit, tap Change Your Password, and log in to your account. Follow the online instructions to change your password.

What is a MyID Profile?

The MyID Profile is a self-service application that can be used to change or reset your password if forgotten, and also receive a passcode on your verified mobile phone or non-UGAMail address.

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Before you will be able to change your password, you must have completed your MyID Profile. The completion process only takes two steps, they are setting up your secret questions and then, and setting up your verification option via a mobile phone, secret questions, or non-UGAMail address.


How do I set up my secret questions?

This is among the steps when creating your MyID Profile and can be accessed in the Manage Profile section of the MyID Profile Management Application.

How long do I keep my MyID?

Once you are done with your studies or leave UGA, you will no longer be able to use to access your MyID and all connected services including UGA eLC after some time.

Can I change my MyID?

Once a MyID has been assigned to you or any student, changing it becomes impossible for security reasons.

What if I forgot my password and I haven’t set up a MyID Profile?

A team has been assembled to help out if you forgot your password and also has not set up a MyID Profile. The team can be reached by calling 706-542-3106. Once requested, you will be given a passcode that can be entered on the forgot your password page. You will now be prompted to set up MyID Profile before resetting your password for use on

They can give you a passcode that can be entered into the forgot your password page. You will be prompted to set up your MyID Profile before resetting your password on MyID and all MyID connected services like eLC UGA.

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How to log in to UGA Mail account

To log in to your UGA mail account, simply visit Click on “Log in to UGAMail“. Now, enter your email address and click Next. Provide your password to log in and access your UGA Mail account.

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