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UK-Used Phones: Things you should know before Buying

UK-Used phones are currently the rave right now in Nigeria. Not only are they extremely cheap, but they also look very new in appearance. Buying a UK-used phone gives you the satisfaction of getting your preferred phone and saves you money; it’s essentially slaying on a budget. You can afford to buy extremely expensive and even limited edition phones at a lower price.

UK-Used items are things that have been used in the United Kingdom but are still in good condition and shipped to Nigeria for continual use. Most of these items are quite sturdy because they are produced by the original companies and are of good quality. Aside from phones, people also buy UK-Used clothes (thrift), kitchen appliances, laptops, and electrical appliances.

UK-Used Phones: Things you should know before Buying

Although UK-Used phones are a great way to use premium mobile phones at low cost, if you’re unlucky, you might end up with faulty phones and have to spend more money than you would spend in purchasing a new phone.

Although these phones are affordable and great money-savers, there are some downsides to getting a UK-Used phone. This article will uncover all you need to know before purchasing a UK-Used phone.

1. It might be a stolen phone

The crime rate is high in every part of the world, even the UK. So in buying a UK-Used phone, there is a high chance that the phone might have been stolen and sold to people who, in turn, shipped it to Nigeria. As you do not know the original buyer, there is no way of confirming if they are the original owners of the phone or not. To ensure you do not get arrested for something you don’t know about, ensure you collect a receipt upon purchase of the phone.

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2. They do not come with a warranty

When buying an item, a warranty ensures that it can be returned if it doesn’t work properly. There are no warranties on UK-Used phones; if the phone should have any technical or factory faults after you buy it, you can’t return it to the seller. Even if there is an existing warranty on the phone, you cannot use it since you’re not the phone’s original owner.

To be on the safer side, take a reasonable amount of time to check out the phone. And if you have any reason to doubt, you should avoid buying or look for another.

3. There is a high chance of the phone developing faults easily

Some of these UK-Used phones were previously broken and put back together (refurbished) and might not be as good as they were originally when there were bought. This creates a great chance of them developing faults easily. Also, some of these phones might be very old and already falling apart even if they look good on the outside.

4. They do not come with accessories

UK-used phones do not come with the usual accessories that come with a new phone. After purchasing a UK-used phone, you will also have to buy the phone’s accessories, like the phone charger and earpiece. This means you will have to spend extra money to get the phone to be fully functional.

Imagine buying a phone that will still need a 120w charger that costs about $35 to $40 in the market. It is important you should know the cost of the accessories as well to know if you are paying a reasonable price for a Uk used phone.

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5. You might have to unlock the phone.

Some of these UK-Used phones are locked before being shipped to other countries, and you might have to unlock them before making phone calls, sending SMS, and gaining internet access. This unlocking process incurs an added cost; sometimes, unlocking may be impossible. Before buying a used UK phone, ensure it does not have any locks on it.

6. It might be a locally used phone

Some retailers buy phones from local users and pass them off to buyers and UK-used phones. So when buying a UK-used phone, you have to be very careful because there is a high chance that it might just be a regular second-hand phone and not a UK-used phone.

Things to check for when buying a used phone

#1. Conduct a service code on the phone

Mobile phones have unique codes used to self-test different functions in the phone like, sensor, touch, LED, RGB, camera, receiver, etc. These codes can be found online.

If you dial a service code associated with a brand and it is not working, then there is a cause to be worried.

#2. Request for the receipt of the phone

Ask for a receipt. This is your proof of ownership, so ensure you are given a receipt when you buy a used phone. If you are buying from a store, make sure you get a signed receipt from the seller. If ever there is any issue as regards the ownership, you should have no issues having it resolved since the address and seller’s phone numbers will be there. Most importantly, always buy from established sellers who have been in the business for a long time.

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To avoid buying a stolen London used phone, ensure you secure the receipt, whether in hard copy or soft copy with the IMEI of the phone carefully on it. The IMEI of the phone is usually written on the receipt of the phone. This code is unique to each phone and can be used to track the location of a phone. Confirm if the code on the receipt is the same as the one on the phone. You can get the IMEI number of a phone by dialing *#06#

#3. Try to check if the phone is functioning well

You cannot fully explore the condition of the phone in one go but still try to check the condition of the phone’s camera, check if the ports are working well, check the condition of the speaker, mouthpiece, and earpiece and also confirm if the phone overheats.

If possible, you should also go with a memory card, your sims, and earphone to fully get a grasp of the condition of the Uk-used phone. If you are not provided a charger, ask for one for testing purposes.

#4. Check for physical damages

Before you pay for a used phone, ensure you check it thoroughly for cracks, scratches, and dents. Some of these might indicate faults in the phone, so endure to check the phone properly.

Discoloration in the screen points towards issues with the phone’s screen, ensuring this is properly done. Remove the screen guard and patch to help you check properly.

#5. Battery condition

With iPhones, you can easily check the battery’s condition by inspecting the battery’s health; this can be found in phone settings. With Android phones, you can use apps to check for battery health or change the phone and observe how long it lasts. An acceptable battery health percentage should be at least 80%

#6. Ask for a warranty

Upon your purchase of the phone, ask the seller to give you a warranty so that you can return the phone in case of undisclosed faults you might find in the phone.

Some sellers might not want to give warranty which is very understandable. But if you have not paid, you still have an edge, so they may resort to giving you 1 to 3 days which is good enough for you to understand every bit of conditions of your recently purchased London used phone as it is also called.

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