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University of phoenix login Online campus: Need the Online login portal for the institution? Then you are in the right place as we will be providing you with information on how to access the, university of phoenix login application, change passwords if forgotten, and many more.

As a student, an online login portal that the school offers ensures a quick way to access all information regarding your studentship. Another is the convenience you can get and also knowing that you have enough time you can use on other activities instead of going all the way to the school premises to have it sorted.

The university of phoenix login online portal is cloud-based software accessed through HTTP – by that, as a student, you have various ways to connect to the online system. Among them are using your Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, Mac, or any other device that is known to access browser apps.

Online university of phoenix login page will provide all students of the institution with all necessary info such as Programme, Grades, transcripts, dues payment gateway if any, academic progress, School schedules, educational materials such as ebooks, podcast, videos, past questions, and more.

About University of Phoenix Login Portal

The University of Phoenix Login Portal is the online platform used by successful applicants to enable them to easily access resources that might be useful during and after the course of their studies.

With the online portal, students will be able to track their academic progress, check reports and schedules, get financial backing if qualified, check current courses as well as previous and upcoming courses, access materials, join discussions, and more.

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Aside from that, it could also be used to get updates or important messages from the school. The University of Phoenix Login Portal is an important resource, especially during your school days. This is the platform you want to check regularly to avoid missing important info.

Benefits of the Online University of Phoenix Student Login Portal

As a student of the school, there is so much to gain from using the Online University of Phoenix Student Login Portal, below are some of the benefits:

1. University of Phoenix Student Login Portal is a great and convenient way for students to access information from anywhere.

2. It provides access to resources that could potentially help students improve their grades and performances.

3. The online platform could be used to make tuition payments or any other dues allowed.

4. It is a place to connect and join discussions especially for academic purposes.

5. Access to all courses including previous current and the ones that are yet to be taken.

6. Access to news, updates, and information from the University of Phoenix.

7. Students can monitor their progress, access assignments, exam schedules and grades, and more.

Requirements for Online Login on University of Phoenix Ecampus

To access or create your school account on Login on University of Phoenix Ecampus Portal, below are the requirements:

1. An internet-enabled device like Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet is required.

2. Also, you must have obtained the correct website address. The sign-in page address is

3. Student’s login details. Your username and password for signing into your account.

4. A browser app. Most browsers will be able to handle the webpage. However, we recommend Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.

University of phoenix login application

All students that have been given admission will need to sign up for an account on the University of Phoenix portal. You can no longer make use of the old user names used for Proficiency Assessment, Online Collection, or other programs outside your admission.

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However, if you have already signed up at the Application Center, there won’t be a need for this registration, instead, go to the Login page.

We will be sharing the details on this page as promised. Let’s get you started on the University of phoenix login application Processes.

1. Visit the University of Phoenix Ecampus Sign up page

To create a student account, go to This is the first step to owning a student account on the website.

The eCampus registration will require some information which will be providing the details in the subsequent steps.

2. Choose a unique username

The next step is carefully selecting a username that is yet to be taken by anyone. This could take much time as most names would have already been used. You can always add numbers to get a name that the system will accept quickly.

If you have all the time, you can always make use of different usernames until you find one that is still vacant. The username will make up your login details when signing into your student account on the University of Phoenix Online Login Portal.

3. Create a password

Selecting a password is the next move and you want to select one that cannot be easily guessed by anyone. Remember, with your username and password, your grades, academic progress, and more can be accessed by anyone.

To be able to successfully create a password, it must be at least 8 characters. The chosen passwords must not relate to your names or username. It must also contain at least one special character, number, upper and lower case letter.

4. Provide other personal information

Some of your details are already in the school’s database, however, a few things need to be sorted out. Among them is carefully providing your date of birth, email, address, and Individual Record Number (IRN).

The IRN number is the number generated for you after securing admission into the University of Phoenix. The numbers are usually between 5 to 10 digits and should be entered without dashes or spaces.

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5. Confirm the application

It will be wise to go through the information you provided in the field. This will allow you to detect any error if any. After that, you can now click “Submit”.

After registration, you will be sent an email to your inbox. The mail will contain information on the next step to take as you make use of all benefits that come with the application.

How to Sign in on University of Phoenix Login Page

university of phoenix login ecampus

  • To access the online login University of Phoenix Login Portal, simply enter on your browser.
  • Provide your University Of Phoenix Login Details, they are the username and password you created during registration.
  • Tap “Login” to gain access to your School’s account.

How to change your password

If you think your account has been compromised or you mistakenly reveal your login details to a third party, you can always change your password.

To change your password, you will need to sign in to your account. To use the login portal, go to or

After gaining access to your dashboard, proceed to Financial Plan tab and then click Change Password under Account Settings. Provide Old Password > New Password > New Password again and tap Submit to confirm the change.

Recover Password on if Forgotten

You can reset your account if you no longer remember your password again. Follow the following steps:

1. Visit the Student Login portal page at

2. Then, click Forgot Username / Password?

3. On the new page, select “I forgot my password” and click Continue.

4. The system will need to confirm it is you, so you will need to provide your personal information including the Last 4 Digits of your SSN.

5. Select I am not a Robot and complete the CAPTCHA

6. Tap Continue and then follow the online prompts to recover your account back.

How to contact University of Phoenix Support

While using the Online University of Phoenix Support Login Portal, an issue may occur that needs the service of an expert in such field, the school has a team assembled to help students in any way. It could also be for inquiries or feedback. Below are the various ways to contact Support:

  • Phone Number: (844) 937-8679
  • Email Address:
  • Request Info Platform:
  • Live chat: visit click on the live chat icon to get started.
  • Official Website:

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