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UTS Canvas: Helpful guide to use the Canvas UTS

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is also utilizing an online management system to help students get the best during their school life. LMS is now being used by several schools around the world and one would expect a school as big as UTS to follow suit. UTS Canvas is the name the school has given her own LMS and is used by both instructors and students.

For the instructors, they use it to provide a rich and learning environment while the students can benefit from the intuitive and endowed content, all thanks to the school. As long as you have completed your registration as a student, you will be able to access all your subjects online via Canvas.

The starting point is not usually the UTS Canvas login page, as you will need to activate your account. However, most students tend to find their ways around the UTS Canvas activation, then making the login page their main interest. But first, let us dig in deep on what a UTS Canvas is.

What is UTS Canvas?

UTS Canvas is an open-source LMS used by the University of Technology Sydney, Australia to offer students a rich teaching and learning environment that comprises videos, texts, and discussion options with several other tools that they will no doubt find very useful.

With the UTS Canvas, you will find the environment endowed with everything you need as a UTS Student. The learning environment is designed for you to explore and improve on your skills. It will grant you access to ebooks of subjects you are offering. Canvas can be accessed online and is also available on mobile devices.

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Access the platform using your student ID and webmail password. Upon logging in, you will have access to your course, presentations, slides, announcements, and resources that you might find very useful.

How to log into uts canvas

Here is a guide for the canvas (UTS) sign in process:

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1. Navigate to https://canvas.uts.edu.au through your web browser.

2. Enter your UTS email address that includes your name (not ID). Tap Next.

3. Provide your UTS Canvas password and click Next.

4. Sign in to the UTS Canvas dashboard. Do note that your UTS student number and password should be the same as your UTS Webmail login or Blackboard (UTSOnline).

How to reset UTS Canvas Password

Forgetting a Password is not peculiar to you, we all have been there and you can get your password through a simple process.

Follow the guide below to reset your UTS Password:

1. Visit the UTS login page at https://canvas.uts.edu.au.

2. Click Password Reset.

3. Scroll down and tap Password Reset for UTS Students and Alumni.

4. Complete the following details including Student ID, First name, Family name, and Date of birth.

5. Complete the captcha and click Submit.

6. You will receive further instructions to reset or change your UTS Canvas password.

How to activate your UTS student account

Once you have been enrolled as a student of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), you will be provided a UTS Student ID number linked with a UTS e-mail address and several key UTS systems. You will own the account till the day you leave school.

You will need to set up and use multi-factor authentication (MFA) before you will be able to access UTS systems. MFA ensures that your account is safe and also gives you secured access to multiple UTS systems using a single sign-on. Visit login.uts.edu.au to set up a secondary security option.

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1. Click UTS:My Account website to activate your UWS account.

2. Enter your Student ID number, first name, last name, and other information required on the page. Tap Continue.

3. The next step for you is to set up 3 security questions and also provide answers to each of them. The security questions and answers can be used to verify your ID and also reset your password in the future.

4. Now is the time to create a UWS password. Create a password using the criteria set by the system. If you set it correctly, a confirmation message will be displayed on your screen that your account has been activated and you will also see your email address.

5. You can proceed to set up your multi-factor authentication (MFA) at login.uts.edu.au if you are yet to do so.

Note: Once your UTS account has been activated, email may take up to 30 minutes to hit your inbox. Most other systems will be available immediately.

If you have already activated your account, you may use MyAccount to change your password instead of re-activating your account.

UTS Canvas App Download

You can download the UTS Canvas on iPhone, iPad, or Android depending on your smartphone operating system. Using Canvas is a better option compared to the website and it has certain advantages like receiving instant notifications.

  • Google playstore: Download Canvas for Android.
  • App Store: Download Canvas for iPhone and iPad.

After installation, open the Canvas app and search for University of Technology Sydney or UTS. Once found, add it. Log in using your student email address and UTS password. After, authenticate with multi-factor authentication to access your UTS Canvas home page and subjects.

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How to use UTS Canvas

Once you log into your account, the first thing you will come across is your dashboard and that is basically where the magic happens. Through the dashboard, you can access services and resources tailored just for you.

Your dashboard will default to one Card View, List View, or Recent Activity View. To change your Dashboard view, click the Options menu and select your preferred viewing option. When changed to Card View or Recent Activity View, the dashboard will display a sidebar. The sidebar will include upcoming assignments, a To Do list, viewing grades, etc.

The most important thing is that you have a clear view of the most important resources and services right on the page, they include courses, groups, calendars, inbox, history, and more.

The dashboard may also come with an announcement tab, which are an announcement provided by UTS. You can remove the announcement from your dashboard by clicking the Remove icon.

How to view grades on UTS Canvas

The grade page is where to get all the current grades for all course assignments including comments, scoring details, and rubrics. If you are through with any course, there is a chance that you can now view your grade for the subject. If it is not yet available, it is just a matter of time as your instructor may be gradually working on it.

If you have any courses that have been concluded, you should be able to view their respective grades.

1. Go to your Global Navigation, click the Courses link, then click the name of the course you want to view the grade.

2. Click the Grades link from the Course Navigation.

3. The grade page should open, from there you can select the course from which you want to view the grade.

4. You can also print the grade. To print your grades, click the Print Grades button.

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