Best Video Quality Enhancer Software

10 Best Video Quality Enhancer Software For Windows

The chances of coming across low-quality videos on the internet today are relatively slim, hence a video creator or editor who creates a low-quality video is most likely to be embarrassed at the output. This is because the majority of the world’s population would rather prefer to watch a high-standard video when compared to the latter.

This technically puts you at a disadvantage if your competitors are creating better content than you are. This publication is geared at revealing 10 of the best video quality enhancer software for Windows devices that will help bring out the best in your videos even while you are live on camera.

10 Best Video Quality Enhancer Software For Windows

  • VSDC Free Video Editor l $0
  • Wondershare Filmora l$49
  • HitPaw Video Enhancer AI l $43
  • Shotcut l$0
  • Avidemux l $0
  • Pinnacle Studio l $55
  • Lightworks l $0
  • Open Shot l $0
  • EaseUS Video Editor l $18
  • Clipchamp l $0

VSDC Free Video Editor

One of the advantages that come with upgrading or purchasing a Windows OS is that it gives you the chance of enjoying a free video editing tool like VSDC that’s designed to provide quality enhancement services for every video.

This software is not equipped with advanced tools such as other video editing software highlighted in this publication but it does come in handy when you’re trying to extract a video scene, create 3D videos, or apply various effects to your videos.

Wondershare Filmora

If you’re looking for professional video editing software that’s compatible with Windows devices, then Wondershare Filmora is the best option for you. It’s equipped with numerous templates while also introducing a virtual tutor that will help beginners fast-track their journey in learning how to edit videos without a physical trainer.

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It is not limited to beginners as it is also used by experts in creating high standards videos in over 50 video formats, and there are numerous video and sound effects to integrate into your video to create something unique.

HitPaw Video Enhancer AI

This software uses artificial intelligence to deliver triple video-enhancing tools that will help polish your video. You can use It to improve low-resolution videos that you received from the internet or other sources while you plan on exporting to your device storage device or your social media pages.

It also helps users create high-standard animated or cartoon videos that your target audience will find engaging. Generally, it implements the use of various effects in making videos appear with an improved look, and it cost less than $250 to obtain the lifetime version of the software


Shotcut is another great software for Windows users with a low budget and with a desire to create amazing videos even without any prior knowledge about how video editing works. The Shotcut software is available for all age groups at zero cost thereby making it easy for content creators and others to edit seamless videos.

One of the software’s unique features is that it supports beginners by granting them access to premium video editing features meanwhile, it does not have a ready-made template as you’ll be required to edit or create videos that suites your taste.


This video editing software is loaded with both basic and advanced features making it a good pick for Youtubers and other types of content creators. It allows users to cut out different parts of a video or replace them with a different scene from a different video.

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You can extract a scene from a video and upload it on Youtube shorts or any of your social media pages, it also allows users to change or improve the sound produced in the video thereby making it original.

Pinnacle Studio

This software relies on the use of AI in editing and improving the standards of videos on your computer’s hard disk. You can use this software to improve the quality of movies, and skits, you downloaded and may choose to use it for personal gains.

There is no limit to the total number of videos you can edit daily with the use of Pinnacle Studio, and you can also produce slow-motion effects, increase speed, fix video or audio distorts, etc.


This is a rare tool that will help improve your video standards for free, and it performs advanced features such as allowing you to create 3D videos, animated videos, and many more while also applying various effects.

It is safe to assume that the software may perform below expectations when compared with other paid software; however, it is highly recognized by numerous film makers and professional editors. You can export your videos without having to worry about the smallest type of watermark in your videos.

Open Shot

With Open Shot, you can create stunning or captivating videos with the use of green screen effects where you can replace a video background, and add an object, person, animal, etc into their videos.

It has an easy-to-use interface making it easy to navigate and add texts, subtitles, and other effects without external help. Some users find the software’s green screen effect less satisfactory and dislike the fact that the software can’t reduce video sizes. This shouldn’t be an issue because you are not paying any fee to download or enjoy the software’s inbuilt tools.

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EaseUS Video Editor

This software makes it easy to improve the quality of videos on your laptop computer, it supports various versions of Windows and is widely used by filmmakers, content creators, or for learning purposes. It’s embedded with numerous tools that will not only help you add a retouch to your videos but will also give you the best suitable output in your desired format.

It further helps users modify the colors & brightness in their videos which will come in handy when you’re trying to change your video appearance when needed. It also features an inbuilt audio editor that can be used in producing a perfect video with the best background sounds.


Some internet users are accustomed to avoiding low-quality videos on the internet and will never settle to watch videos below 720p; this may cause you to lose a substantial amount of viewers. However, Clipchamp takes away those worries as it enables you to edit and export HD videos(1080p).

You can use the software to edit all types of video formats while you improve its content by applying diverse text, video, and audio effects to your media file. The only downside associated with this software is that some use considers the pricing high.

In conclusion, this publication reviewed 10 video quality enhancing software dedicated for Windows users to choose from in retouching a poorly recorded video by themselves or received from external sources, we also observed that some of these software programs can perform multiple functions such as being able to edit audios, pictures files.

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