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Top 5 Best VPN Apps for IOS: iPhone and iPad 2024

Your iPhone and Ipad deserve the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) App. Although IOS devices are known to possess a strong defense against almost any form of attack, VPN apps offer more benefits that you probably have no idea of.

It is more than providing resistance against any form of attack which could be through malware. Still, such too cannot be ignored. Your IOS device can also be targeted if you visit a suspected site or are connected to shady wifi, a VPN will repel the attack by ensuring data safety and protection.

Users will be able to share data with anyone without having to worry about which of their data is exposed. It also guarantees that your data are safe from hackers through the encrypted network provided by the VPN services. By connecting, your IP address, bank cards, passwords, and even your locations are well protected. This is the greatest form of online security that should not be taken for granted.

Some websites restrict access of some countries to their content. This move has led many people to install VPN on their smartphones. With a virtual private network, you can easily bypass blockers and filters after selecting any of the listed servers that the site supports.

A VPN application houses a lot of benefits and installing one on your phone could help someday, if not now. If you are having issues with making a selection for your IOS device, below are the best VPN Apps for iPhone and iPad:

1. NordVPN (Free Trial & Paid)

best vpn app for iphone

NordVPN is one of the highly-rated Virtual private networks that protect your online activities, encrypt your traffic, and bypass any restrictions.

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Setting up the app is very easy and you could quickly get started using your email address. Once you have signed up, you can then proceed to log in to the app. The app has several options you can make use of, but one function that tends to stand out is Split Tunneling. The feature allows you to disable the VPN services on selected apps.

Unlike many VPN apps, you can enjoy a faster internet connection. You can quickly access content on pages and avoid time wasting common with most apps.

New users can try Nord VPN for 30 days. After 30 days you can subscribe to any of their plans if you are okay with the offering. The VPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied, you can have a full refund within the time frame. The one-month plan goes for $11.95, the yearly plan is $4.92/month and the two years plan gets you a better discount at the rate of $3.71/month.

App Store: Download NordVpn for iPhone and Ipad.

2. ExpressVPN (Free Trial & Paid)

best vpn app for iphone

ExpessVPN is also at the top of the chain when considering the best VPN apps in the world. It is mostly one of the few virtual private networks that are really fast even when taking measures to protect you online.

The VPN service is in 160 locations in 94 countries and with over 3,000 VPN servers that users can connect to. As a user, your online protection is guaranteed as the company adopts industry-leading privacy protection to ensure perfect anonymity.

There are also over 15 languages to switch to, making it easy for most people from any country to make use of the app without a language barrier.

ExpressVPB is not free but comes with a 7 days free trial. The one month is just $12.95, but you can save more by purchasing the 6 months and 15 months plan. The 15 monthly plan comes with an extra free 3 months for subscribers.

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App Store: Download ExpressVPN For IOS.

3. Thunder VPN (Free)

best vpn apps ios

Thunder VPN is easily one of the top VPN apps you can install for free on your Apple IOS Device. It is an excellent choice except that you will need to deal with ads if you are on a free plan. The app masks your IP and physical address, making it difficult for anyone to get information about you. You will also not need to worry about being timed out as there is no usage and time limit.

The app does not request for signing up or log in. All you just need to do is click on connect and then select any of the available servers for users. You can also leave it for the app to select the best server for you via Auto Select. Meanwhile, the premium plan has the fastest servers, but you won’t even notice while on your free plan as it is fast enough.

Users can also upgrade to a paid plan by subscribing to a premium plan. The weekly plan is $4.99, the monthly plan $9.99, 6 Months $29.99 and 1 Year is $49.99. Users will be able to save more by choosing the higher plan.

App Store: Download Thunder VPN For iPhone and Ipad.

4. TunnelBear (Free)

best vpn apps for ios

TunnelBear is a free and must-have VPN to install on your iPhone or Ipad, even if you have already installed one. The app ensures your anonymity and protects your data from getting into the wrong hands while using the internet. It creates a stronghold that is meant to shut off hackers from accessing your personal information and internet activities.

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As a free user, you are allowed 500Mb worth of internet browsing every month when on the app. No login, signing up or credit card required, just one tap connect and you are good to go.

Tunnelbear also blocks suspicious ads from loading on your device and since Ad services tend to monitor your browsing behavior, the VPN app ensures you get a new IP which makes it difficult for them to track you. Although not all ad services are bad, some do this to know what kinds of ads you might be interested in.

Features you are likely to love on TunnelBear are Grizzly-grade security, fast servers in over 22 countries, and prompt customer support anytime, etc.

Users who need more can also get an upgrade to the paid plan at an affordable rate.

App Store: Download TunnelBear For iPhone/Ipad.

5. HotspotShield VPN (Free)

best vpn apps for ios

HotspotShield VPN has a free and paid version for users who are looking for the best virtual private network (VPN) that has the necessary attributes to shield their data and personal information from attacks. However, the major difference between the free and paid version is the availability of ads on the free one while the other does not.

You will be able to cloak your real IP address while on the internet. This makes it difficult for hackers or advertisers to get information about you. Users whose countries have been banned from accessing a particular content or restricted by a website and app can now bypass any firewall or restriction using the app.

The paid version has unlimited access and supports up to 5 devices on a single subscription. If you are unsure whether the plan is for you, there is a 7-day free trial you can take advantage of. Within the time frame, you will be able to know if it is worth investing few dollars on.

A 1-month subscription on HotspotShield VPN costs $12.99 and $7.99/month for a yearly plan.

App Store: Download HotspotShield VPN For IOS.

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