Best Vr Games Without Controller

8 Best Vr Games Without Controller 2024

Virtual Reality (VR) games are games where the player(s) feels the actual impact of the gaming actions and environment. As the name implies, the

VR games virtually places the participants in the reality of the game. To play this game, you wear accessories like VR Headset and sensor-equipped gloves.

You also need a controller, but with the Google Cardboard and Daydream headsets, you can play some VR games without a controller. Although you will still enjoy the game to an extent, but truth be told you will not enjoy it as when you use a controller. So in this article, we shall go through different Virtual Reality (VR) games you can play with a controller.



Smash Hit is one of the VR games you do not need a controller to play. With your proper headset you will be able to play the game. In this game, you are required to journey through a glass structure.

These glasses break and form obstacles. Your duty therefore, is to smash these glass obstacles with prime accuracy so that they do not get back on you. The game has 50 glass rooms and you have the luxury of choosing which of them that entices you. The futuristic glass structure as well as the audio effect create an experience which I believe you want to try.

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Do you love racing? I believe the X-Racer VR game will interest you. It is another VR game that so not require controller before you play it. It creates a fantastic user experience through the 3D graphics with which this game was created.

In playing this game, you only need to sway your headset to give directions and maintain the track and to avoid hitting the obstacles on the road.


This game is actually one of the best games you can play without a controller; all you need to play Roller Coaster game is Google Cardboard support or Daydream on your device.

This game places you in a virtual reality where you are driving a real roller coaster. With your headset you will be able to direct the motion, avoiding obstacles and slowing down where necessary. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.


Street Jumper is an interesting VR game which does not require controller. All you need is a compatible headset with a trigger button. The set is set on the road and you are required to dodge the incoming vehicles. As the game goes on, the speed of the game also increases and so does your chance to get hit increases.

The game allows you a 360° view of the well designed visual features. This creates a vision that really entices.


In Snow Strike, your duty is to protect a certain snow fort from evil snowmen. Using your headset, you will fire some snowballs to these evil snowmen. Of course the will fire back and by moving your headset, you will dodge their own snowballs.

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The Snow Strike is another VR played without controller. It is also known for its high visual quality and all its features combine to create an unforgettable experience.


End space is a game anyone who has access or uses an iPhone should not miss. The best part of the game is that it comes with great graphics plus great visual effects to give you something close reality.

You must have seen a lot of movies with the storyline about space or aliens, this time you will be pitching your pitch against the very best opponent you really want to avoid.

Put your thumb close to the button and shoot when danger presents itelf. It is pretty intense game so you are going to try and come out wih your thinking cap.


You must have had a lot of fun with some of the VR games you can play without need for a controller. Check out Trooper 2, another exciting games you can play.

Trooper 2 is a fun arcade game with about 14 or more levels of guns blazing round. Being a solder means you have to give it your best even when you know you are average at best. You need the recognition, why not hit them and hard?

This cool VR games without a controller for android will get you glued to your screen to the extent you might not know it is dark already.

8. Darknet VR

Let me start the introduction by saying this is a paid game but will be worth every cash spent.

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As a renowned Cyber hacker, you only have one job which is taking data and cash without authorization. To do that, you are going to try and use every trick you can think of, send viruses and lock into a concealed environment.

Darknet remains another exciting vr games that can be played without the need for controller and the game is also available on Android, and Playstation.


Vr games without a controller can be really scary if this is your first time but you are just going to love it in the long run.

Now you can go ahead and enjoy these VR games that you can play without Controller.

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