The WAAW Foundation Undergraduate STEM Scholarship 2023/2024

The WAAW Foundation Undergraduate STEM Scholarships 2023 for Young African Women is a scholarship program that is done yearly by the WAAW (Working to Advance science and technology education for African Women) Foundation for female students. The scholarship is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based scholarship; the aim of the scholarship program is to help need-based African Women studying any of the STEM-related courses in higher institutions in Africa.

The WAAW ( Working to Advance science and technology education for African Women) Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental international organization founded in 2007. The Foundation’s headquarters is situated in Lagos, Nigeria and it also has a working office in Texas. Its mission is to increase the rate and number of African Women entering Science and Technology fields and also make sure African Women take part in Technology development and Entrepreneurship to benefit Africa.

Beneficiaries of the WAAW scholarship fund receive 500 dollars each

Scholarship Eligibility

There are some criteria that must be met for one to be eligible for the WAAW scholarship. Here are some below;

  • You must be a born and bred African female student to take part in the scholarship
  • You must be an undergraduate or you should be currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s program in a higher institution.
  • The course which you study must fall under STEM or STEM-related courses.
  • You must have a defendable or proof-able financial need.
  • You must be in either your first year or second year at the university to apply. Students studying a five years course can apply in their third year
  • You must be below 32 and above 16 years to apply.
  • You must have excellent grades and excellent performance in your course of study
  • You must have proven leadership qualities (e.g. being a course representative) and a good community service record.
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If these criteria above are met then you can then apply.

How to Apply for the WAAW scholarship

First of all, before applying you have to wait for the scholarship application to open. It usually opens in September and closes in November so you have to apply within the time in which the application is open. Below are simple steps to apply for the scholarship

  1. Fill out the Online Scholarship Form

A link is released on WAAW’s website every time the scholarship opens. All you have to do is to go to the website and click on the scholarship link then fill out the form with all the required details asked of you.

The form contains some questions like

  • Personal Contact information
  • Family details and Educational roots
  • A statement containing reasons that the scholarship funds are needed and how you will utilize the funds if it is given to you.

Essay questions asking about ;

  • Career goals and how the WAAW fund will assist in achieving those goals in not more than 500 words
  • How Female Education will enhance the African Economy in not more than 300 words
  • Achievements you have made over the years till date in not more than 500 words
  • Family or personal financial situation and how the WAAW scholarship fund will assist your education in not more than 500 words

After answering these questions correctly and sincerely you will then click on submit. After submitting it is assumed that you have applied for the scholarship.

Pre-Application requirements

After filling out the online form and applying for the scholarship, the team at WAAW headquarters reviews all applications and shortlists the ones that follow the criteria set to choose the beneficiaries of the scholarship fund. After being shortlisted the WAAW foundation require of you ;

  1. Two Academic references:
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Academic references show your achievements and excellence in your Educational performances. Academic references can be your matriculation certificate, previous semester or session results, Previous level result transcripts, and departmental acceptance letter.

  1. Two Professional References:

Professional references are people who can stand for you and testify to your academic excellence and achievements. Professional references complement your academic references.

WAAW Scholarship FAQ

What type of scholarship is the WAAW scholarship?

The WAAW scholarship is a multi-regional scholarship available only for African countries that is the scholarship benefits only Africans alone.

How will you receive your WAAW scholarship fund?

After being shortlisted and approved to be a beneficiary of the WAAW scholarship fund, you will be contacted through the contact details you provided in the registration form filled you during your application. Needed details to transfer the funds to you will be collected and after confirmation of details and information provided by you in your form, the funds will be sent to you.

Why should I choose the WAAW scholarship program?

As an African, the WAAW scholarship should be a good choice when choosing a scholarship program you wish to apply for because the WAAW scholarship is African based and there are higher chances of you getting the scholarship fund than when you apply for an American or European based scholarship.

When can I apply for the WAAW scholarship?

You can apply for the WAAW scholarship program during the time threshold in which the scholarship application is open. As stated above, the WAAW scholarship application usually opens in September and lasts for about a month so you should start checking the WAAW website for the application form link during September.

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How many times can you apply for the WAAW scholarship program?

Normally, you can apply only once for a scholarship and that’s the end but some few scholarship programs allow more than one application.

Who can apply for the WAAW scholarship?

As long as you are African, a female, and an undergraduate, you can apply for the scholarship fund.

How long does the WAAW scholarship last?

The WAAW scholarship program gives a one-time fund to the beneficiaries of the scholarship. There are other scholarships that sponsor your educational journey throughout higher institutions so if you are looking for a long-term scholarship, the WAAW isn’t the right one for you

I hope this article answers all the questions you have about the WAAW scholarship program. Good luck applying!

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