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Watchcartoononline free website: Since the last domain name change, Cartoon and anime fanatics have been finding it difficult to locate the real Watchcartoononline website especially when they search on search engines.

With many fake ones on the web right now, it is easier to download from them and thereby leading to you ignoring the original watchcartoononline site. Although there is nothing wrong with using these sites, however not many of them are as endowed as what the original site offers.

Therefore, if getting your cartoons and anime series from Watchcartoononline is exactly what you are looking for, this article is poised to provide the correct link plus other things you should know about the popular site.

Genres available on

I have never seen cartoon video sites with more genres than Maybe, there are but I am yet to discover at this time of publishing this article.

It has all genres you might be looking for, all it takes is to browse through the list and find the ones that are going to give you a good time. The platform also allows you to search by genre which seems better than having to go through that huge list.

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It is worth mentioning some popular genres to give you an idea of what is in stock for you when you visit the cartoon website. The genres include Adventure, Drama, Romance, Science Fantasy, Mystery, Horror, Superpower, Crime, Family television series, War, Samurai, Martial Arts, Action, Supernatural, Magic, Sci-fi, Animated television series, Metafiction, Animated television series, Urban, and Vampire.

What is the correct and official Watchcartoononline website?

Over the years, has consistently served cartoon lovers until things took a drastic turn. They shut down.

Users waited for so long until they had no choice but to go for alternatives. There was not even an official report about why they shut down but later reopened for business except that with a different domain name.

Now that they are back, you can now stream and watch the best cartoons on their website for free. And the site to watch your cartoon online is Movies are available in multiple video file-formats including HD, and SD. The SD helps to conserve your data better, but if you want a more quality view and better audio, you should go for the High Definition (HD).

Also, the old website name, is still working except that you will be redirected to If it happens you forgot the new link, all you need to do is to use the old link

Is it illegal to watch cartoons on Watchcartoononline

As long as they are not authorized by any authority to provide anime and cartoon videos to the public, it is illegal to watch or download from

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However, in most countries, there are no punishments meted to offenders to the extent that it makes it hard for people to ignore. It is also very difficult to track users down since most downloads normally take place at the comfort of one’s abode and this may be very difficult for constituted authorities to manage.

Therefore, check out the extent of the laws in your country to determine if you can continue downloading on

Is Watchcartoononline safe to use?

You can question when it comes to whether it is legal to watch anime videos from their platform, but not if it is safe to use. Since it came on board, there have been no issues as regards that.

Website visitors have streamed thousands of cartoon videos and anime over the years without hiccups. Thus, your safety concerns should be ruled out as it is perfectly safe and secure to watch cartoons online on the website for free.

Besides, Watchcartoononline videos do not show ads, so there is no chance of being redirected to any ads that could potentially cause harm.

How to watch cartoons online on Watchcartoononline

  • Visit on your browser to watch cartoons online.
  • Enter the name of the cartoon or anime videos you want to stream on the search field located below the top bar.
  • Users can also go through the suggestions on the homepage or search by any of the categories.
  • Tap the cartoon you want to watch online.
  • Click the ‘Play Icon’ to start streaming the cartoon online for free.
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You can make changes using the buttons below the videos. For instance, if you are not pleased with using much data to watch it, you can switch to Standard Definition (SD).

Other sites to watch cartoons online | Thewatchcartoon website seems to be the popular choice among Cartoon movies lovers, but there are other great alternatives that are doing well when it comes to offering high-quality cartoons to users from around the world. Among them, we have,, and

You can also consider getting your content from which appears to be among the best anime sites. Whatever one you go for, you will at least find something close or more to what offers.

Is it free to watch cartoons on Watchcartoononline?

Watching cartoons is totally free on, there is no payment in any form or any cost for using the site.

As long as the site is up and running, you can stream as much as you would any time and any day. No cap, just unlimited till you have had enough and decided to take a break.

What kind of content is available on the watchcartoononline website?

As long as it is anime you are looking for, then it does not matter what your choice is as the cartoon site has everything you might need. Be it series, movies, or just a particular genre you thought it will never be found there. There is no place you will rather have them all but on Thewatchcartoon and

Does watchcartoononline have old cartoons I can stream for free?

Yes, does not only have new releases of cartoon and anime videos, but also old cartoons you can watch at no cost.

As long as you know their names, the search field is the best place to start from. When you decide to check for them through genres or categories, you might have a lot in the list, but a search made using the title makes it faster.

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