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Webreg UCSD: A Helpful Guide to UCSD WebReg Login

WebReg UCSD is a web-based application provided by the University of California San Diego for new and returning students to plan their schedules, register for classes, add, drop or change classes. The School is also known as UC San Diego.

Only students who have been offered admission and are currently enrolled will be able to use and access Webreg UCSD and also its usage is only during specific enrollment windows.

To access the UCSD WebReg, you will need to provide your TritonLink user name or student PID and password. Once submitted, you can then navigate the page.

How to log into webreg UCSD

Follow the below step by step instructions to access web reg UCSD:


1. Launch your mobile or desktop browser and enter students.ucsd.edu.

2. Click My Tritonlink. If you are on a mobile device, you will need to click Menu first to unveil the link.

3. Provide your or student PID or TritonLink user name.

4. Now, enter your Webreg UCSD and click Login to start using your account.

5. Click the “Classes & Enrollment” menu located on the dashboard.

6. Click on “WebReg“ from the dropdown menu.

7. Find and select the session/quarter and tap Go.

8. Once you select the appropriate quarter/session, you can then search for, plan, or enroll in the available courses.

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9. You can also skip the first two steps by visiting http://mytritonlink.ucsd.edu to be redirected to the login page.

Note: Understand that your UCSD WebReg login details should be exactly what you used to log into the Virtual Advising Center.

Classes enrollment on webreg UCSD

There are several things you should endeavor to take care of before proceeding with the class registration and among these are checking your course recommendations and reviewing academic plans.

The Academic Plans are templates of what students are expected to complete per
quarter in order to finish their degree in 4 years or less. Every student will be admitted with a different academic background so the Academic Plans will be made use of. First, visit plans.ucsd.edu to look through the plans or schedules.

After you have looked through your Academic plan on the page, plans.ucsd.edu. You should also check out the Major Department Website. You can get started by visiting students.ucsd.edu > TritonLink > Academics > Advising > Majors/Minors.

The Major and Program websites will help you prepare for your first quarter at UC San Diego as well as to find detailed information about major requirements.

The GE Sheet will be made available on the Virtual Advising Center and help you navigate which courses toward GE requirements are available this upcoming fall quarter.

The Schedule of Classes is a place to get the department’s course offerings for each quarter of the academic year. With the Schedule of Classes, you can search for courses and also view the seats that are yet to be taken. To access the Schedule of classes, go to MyTritonLink and then the “Classes and Enrollment” tab.

What to Do Before Enrolling in Classes in Webreg UCSD

1. Have a chat with your advisor

There are a few paths to walk before you can begin your class registration. Among them is getting required class listings from your course advisor. This will ensure you are able to register for classes properly during the session. You can also use the Virtual Advisor to make inquiries or an appointment.

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2. Complete all prerequisites

Also, to avoid being automatically dropped from the affected course or waitlist, you should complete all prerequisites which include receiving a qualifying grade for any required prerequisite courses. You can make a request for authorization to enroll in for Class by submitting your request through Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).

3. Go to Schedule of Classes to check your class information

The schedule of classes is a wonderful tool to use as it houses some important information that you can use. From the Schedule of Classes, you can access information on available seats, course evaluations, faculty listing, class times and sizes, etc.

In other words, it will help you with the necessary information about the Class you want to enroll in for. Once done, you can proceed to UCSD WebReg Login Page, Sign in using your student PID or TritonLink user name to plan your Schedule.

4. Be sure not to exceed quarterly enrollment limitations

It might interest you to know that during winter, fall, and spring registration, you will only be able to enroll up to 11.5 units of course during the first pass.

Starting the first day of instruction, you may enroll in up to 22 units, including wait-listed courses.

Starting on Monday of week 2 of the quarter, you may request to enroll in more than 22 units via Enrollment Authorization System (EASy). However, during the summer session, the limit is 12 units.

5. Check and clear your holds

If you have some holds, you may be unable to register for the upcoming quarter. When this happens, you should contact the office that placed the holds so they can remove them. Meanwhile, visit Holds.

6. Check your enrollment appointment time

One other thing to do is to check your appointment time which can be done by going to the Enrollment and Registration calendar.

With this, you will be able to determine when enrollment appointment times are made viewable for the quarter. Visit WebReg to view the time your enrollment appointment will commence.

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7. Check class repetition rules if you plan to repeat a course

If you are planning to repeat a class, then you will need to find out if you’re eligible to repeat a class for credit, and how to do it. Since this is a very broad subject, we would request you visit the How to Repeat a Class page for clarification.

How to enroll for classes in webreg UCSD

1. After login into webreg UCSD, Tap Enroll on the exact class you want to enroll in.

2. Next, confirm the class information is correct, select the grading option (Letter or Pass/Fail) and click the Confirm button. Students may also be provided an option of selecting a unit option for a class.

3. Look out for the Request Successful message. Once it appears, click Close or Send Me Email Confirmation to return to My Schedule.

4. Alternatively, you will also be able to enroll directly from the Search window by clicking Enroll.

How to drop a class in webreg UCSD

1. To drop a class during open registration, go to “My Schedule“.

2. Click “Drop” under the Action column.

3. Confirm the class information, review warnings and click “Drop“.

4. Once the Request Successful message displays on your screen, you should tap the “Send Me Email Confirmation” or “Close” button to return to My Schedule page.

5. Lastly, you will need to confirm the action was a success by looking through your My Schedule page.


1. How can I find classes in the Schedule of Classes?

It is not as difficult as you may have thought to find a class in the Schedule of Classes. The easiest way is to search by Department Name. For instance, if you are looking for a class in civil engineering, you will need to make use of the pull-down menu to highlight the course. Now, Click on Display Web Results to view all the classes on Civil Engineering for the given quarter.

2. How do I find a course’s prerequisites?

Students will be able to find their course prerequisites by making use of the Course Prerequisite Tool. If the course you are interested in has an “A” restriction in the Schedule of Classes and is absent of a prerequisite link, you should reach out to the department offering such course.

3. How to log out on UCSD WebReg

It is very important to log out your account information on UCSD WebReg especially on Public computers so that unauthorized person does not have access to your account.

To log out of your Webreg UCSD, you should click the Log Out link located at the upper right-hand corner of the browser window, next to your name. Once clicked, you will be redirected to the TritonLink website’s home page.

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