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20+ Best Websites to Download Android and PC Games for Free

Since the first video game was created back in October 1958 by Physicist William Higinbotham according to APS, gaming has somewhat slowly become a fun, interesting, and compelling way of entertaining oneself.

It has been proven scientifically that video game has its benefit in the human body such as improving manual dexterity, letting you be better with social skills, increasing brain grey matter which in turn boost connectivity, and can also help you become a problem solver and quick thinker.

Although gaming has its downsides, that is not what we want to look into today. In this article, I will be sharing with you a long list of 20+ top websites where you can download PC and Android games.

There are numerous websites from which you can download action-packed PC and Android video games, but as you are downloading the game from them, you might also be downloading a virus along which may corrupt your PC or even expose your details to the internet. Only a few of them are genuine.

So stick with me to the end of this post and you will discover some of the best websites you can download virus-free PC video games from *might as well grab a cup of coffee to keep you hydrated as you’re reading on*.


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1. Steam

Of course, how could I dare to not list Steam first? With nearly 30,000+ addictive video games, Steam is perfect, or better put, the ultimate destination for gamers to connect, discuss gaming-related topics, create video games, and also download video games for PC.

The Steam platform was initially launched in September 2003 by Valve, an American video game developer and publisher whose headquarter is situated in Bellevue, Washington DC.

2. Softonic

A portal well known for being one of the leaders in downloading applications for Android devices. One aspect that users like a lot is that it has a “Free Games” section, where you can try some popular games totally free such as Roblox, Lords Mobile, War Thunder, etc.

The advantage of Softonic is that users can rate the apps to inform new users. It should be noted, however, that most games will redirect you to the Google Play Store so that you can download and install.

Softonic which was initially launched as a file-oriented download service themed Shareware intercom was later reformed in June 1997 by Scott Arpajian, the platform is available in over 16 languages worldwide so it can be accessible by the majority of people that do not speak or understand English.

3. Origin

Origin is yet another video game for PC distribution platform owned by EA (Electronic Arts), a Video game company in the USA (United States Of America), also the second-largest gaming company buzzing in Europe and America, the platform is available in over 19 languages for easy accessibility.

Origin platform is solely existing for the sole purpose of playing and downloading Video games. If you are looking for most genres of games, it is worth going through their list.

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4. GOG

GOG, a privately held company of CD Projekt, is the platform you need to visit if you’re the type that hankers for action-packed, old, or newly released video games for PC.

GOG is a digital delivery network that allows users to download and acquire video films and video games. You may install games with only one click and no specialized client is required. Offline play is possible for the games you download and install from this invaluable site, GOG.

To play games, you wouldn’t require an online connection. Furthermore, all of your gaming histories will also be stored on the web and synchronized across all of the other Android phones that are owned by you. Your gaming progress will not be lost.

5. Softpedia

Softpedia’s collection of over 1,000,000 free and free-to-try programs is available for download and purchase by customers. It does contain a large number of games in a range of genres, such as fighting games, music games, slot machines, role-playing games, survivalist and stealth games, and many others.

Softpedia has games for PCs, Macs, and Android devices. The game program discovery feature on this platform makes it easy to find the game you’re looking for. As a result, we recommend this as one of the finest websites.

6. OVA Games

Another PC video game platform on this list is OVA Games, not as popular as Steam, Softonic, and others but they also offer PC video games download service in 15+ genres such as action, adventure, arcade, fighting, casual, simulation, horror, sports and many more.

One thing you need to be wary of is that the games on this platform are cracked or tampered with by the OVA team, not sure why they do this, but they also have one benefit for the Freemium hanker – the games on their platform are all free to download.

7. Microsoft Games

Launched in March 2000, Microsoft games which is now known as Xbox Games Studios is another PC video game platform that will be mentioned on this list.

Not the best, but one of the best, they have both paid and free games in any genre you might like. There is a trending game and best-rated games section on the platform which can let you know what new games people are playing.

Microsoft Games support is lightning fast as you do not need to contact them by email and wait for days if you run into a problem, you can just use their team chatbot assistance called “Cortana”.

8. Game Jolt

Hosting over 200,000 video games for PC, Game Jolt is a social community-run platform that was launched in 2008, not only can you download video games for PC, but you also get to connect with like-minded gamers, content creators from all over the world in any game type such as Minecraft, Pokemon, Among us, Roblox, Fortnite, and others.

Downloading games on the site is safe as you are not likely to experience any issue such as malware or whatever that could cause an issue.

9. GameSpot

GameSpot PC video game hosting platform does not only allow you to download games for your PC, but they also provide a detailed guide, reviews, news, preview about each game so you can know what to expect and how the game will be like when you finally download it.

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This will save you from wasting your data to download a game and not meeting what you have expected, they also have a forum like Game Jolt where you can connect with gamers alike, post any query or problems you might be having, and even be the first to hear about newly released games.

10. G2A

G2A which was founded in 2010 by Bartosz Skwarczek and Dawid Rozek in Poland has now emerged to be one of the fast-growing digital games platforms. Attracting over 20 million users with over 600 employees even though they do not create, distribute or host games by themselves, they only source for games from different digital platforms like them.

Some of the platforms they source games from are Steam, Xbox, GOG, and others. The site is run a legal business, you can download any game knowing that there is no likely problem to expect.

11. Skidrow Games

Skidrow Games is another video game for PC that gamers have been flocking to in bulk with the main aim of downloading games free of charge, this platform is almost similar to the OVA platform, but it is standing out with just one feature, and that is, they do not crack the games on their platform like OVA does.

You will just be provided with the game direct download link or the torrent download link so you can choose the best option suitable for you. The platform is also user-friendly with a very simple interface.

12. IGG Games

IGG Games INC (I Got Games) was founded in 2006 by a Chinese PC video game developer and publisher company. They were originally founded in Fuzhou, Fujian, China, but now, they have expanded and have numerous headquarters in many countries including, the United States Of America, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Belarus, Hong Kong, Philippines, and South Korea.

The games on their platform are also cracked just like Game Jolt, you will be provided with the direct download link or torrent download link similar to Skidrow games.

13. Gamersky

Gamersky is yet another Chinese-owned PC video game platform. They offer all types of games, in any genre of your choice. You can search for or look up a game you like easily with their alphabetical encyclopedia feature.

This platform is in the Simplified Chinese language, but if you are using Google Chrome to access it, it can be easily translated into English at the click of a button.

Gamersky also does not host games on their platform, instead, sources for them from a website called Sonkwo.

14. Epic Games

Epic Games is an American PC video game hosting company originally founded in 1991 by Tim Sweeny as Potomac Computer Systems while still in his parent’s house in Potomac, Maryland.

This is another platform where you can download virus-free and original video games for your PC. Game fanatics can find both free and paid games in any game genre of their choice on the website.

15. Apps Apk

Apps APK is a top Android game download website for anyone including kids. It allows Android users to pick from thousands of applications and games and download their favorites to their smartphones.

It does not immediately install apps or games on the Android smartphone, with the exception of Google Play. Instead, an APK file will be downloaded to the Android device which can then be installed afterward.

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16. Addicting Games

Addicting games is one of the largest PC gaming platforms in the United States Of America, attracting over 10 million users every month. They develop, host, and distribute thrilling, action-filled, innovative, and addictive video games as their name implies.

They have one of the most comprehensive collections of free online games including puzzles, arcade, multiplayer, firsts person, and much more.

17. Home of the underdogs

Home of the underdogs PC video game platform is a must-visit for retro game fans since it has a treasure trove of full-version classic games.

You can choose to buy a game or play one for free, search for games you like using their live search form or alphabetical sorting encyclopedia.

Home of the underdogs also has a gamers Google group community where you can discuss gaming-related topics, follow this link to join if interested.

18. GameTop

You may well have heard of Game Top, a website where you can download tiny and conventional PC games. There is a vast database of thousands of games that are compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

This site has a variety of games such as Hidden Objects, Racing, Puzzles, Boards, Cards, and more. Using genres, language, features, company, and other modifications, you can quickly locate your games.

It offers an easy-to-use layout with all of the most famous apps included on the front page. It will launch a large library where you may stream and install apps. On this site, you may quickly watch a sample and learn more about video games.

19. Romspedia

When it comes to high-quality and genuine game download platforms, you can’t leave out Romspedia.

In this category, Romspedia is without a doubt one of the crowned winners. The website has a huge catalog of video games for PC and Android, with fewer advertisements than most of its competitors.

Their website is user-friendly with a simple interface and clean design, to the extent that just by looking at it, you are going to instantly fall in love with the Romspedia website.

20. Mega Games

This site is a must-see for anyone who likes tough games. It’s a wonderful website for discussing games and learning about new ones. It has a difficult user interface, and as a result, you might spend some time understanding the tabs. It contains not only the game itself but also the Trainer, Cheats, Mods, Bug Fix, as well as other gaming tools.

To understand much more about the features of this site, you can sign up for a free account. You can also stay updated with the recent news and download links for the freshest and perhaps most famous games on the website.

21. Romsmania

Last but not least is Romsmania, another huge database of PC video games, including MACs and Android also.

You might want to be careful when trying to download a game file from this website, as it has been reported that downloading the bare .Exe file might put a virus on your device. So download the .Zip file first and then extract it.


There you have it! Our list of best websites to download free PC and Android games has finally been let out of the bag. If you’ve read to this point, then there must be one or more websites among the list that caught your fancy.

Have you tried any of the websites listed above in the past? Tell us your experience with them.

Do you think we’ve omitted some very good websites from our list, please tell us about them?

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