best websites to download fonts for free

10 best websites to download fonts for free

Are you looking to perfect your website design, logo, or any other design work, but can’t afford to buy fonts at the moment?

A quick google search will show you websites where you can download fonts without buying them, but how many of these sites offer quality fonts even though it’s free?

Instead of wasting time in your search, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. So in this article, you’ll see the best websites to download fonts for free. But before using free fonts, there are things to consider.

Things to consider before using free fonts

One thing you have to know before using any fonts is that each font comes with its licensing issues which determine how you can, and cannot use the font. Some fonts come with a license that allows you to use them for whatever purpose, but others prohibit you from using the font for certain commercial purposes, for example, creating ebooks, or Facebook images.

So before using any font, you have to make sure you know the type of license it has so that you don’t incur any legal issues.

List of best websites to download free fonts

1. Google fonts

Google fonts is arguably the best place to find free fonts. They have a massive collection that features over 800 categories of fonts.

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best sites to download fonts for free

You could find almost any type of font here — from San serif to monospaced fonts, handwriting fonts, and more. It’s easy to find quality fonts on their site as you can narrow down your search and search fonts based on category, popularity, location, or attributes like width or thickness.

When you find a font that you like, you can either download, or copy the code, and then embed it on your website.

2. Font squirrel

If you’re looking for fonts that you can use for commercial use, then font squirrel is a good place to go. Just like Google fonts, they have a massive database of fonts that you can choose from.

sites for downloading fonts

The website has amazing features like the Webfont generator which you can use to create your own fonts and a font identifier tool that allows users to identify fonts based on images.

3. Fontspace

Fontspace boasts over 30,000+ collections of free fonts from 2100 designers. By simply taking a look at the fonts, you can easily see if the font is licensed for commercial use, or if you can only use it for personal use.

fonts downloading websites

If you’re a registered member, you can create your custom font collection so that you can easily access them when you want. You can also contact the designer if you like.

4. Urban fonts

Urban fonts also have a large database of fonts. You can sort for fonts on the site according to the category, popularity, and newest fonts. You can also search based on different themes, and more so, you can create an account so you can save fonts for future use.

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sites to get fonts

The website also has an excellent preview feature which allows you to preview fonts using a selected text on a black background, so you can see exactly how it looks.

5. Behance

Behance is a social network where some of the world’s best designers showcase their work and share their designs. You can find a lot of free content on the platform, including free quality fonts.

where to download fonts

If you conduct a quick search on the platform, you’re going to find a lot of quality fonts that you can download free of charge. An interesting thing about Behance is that the fonts you see on the platform are unique, and you can download fonts that aren’t rampant among designers.

6. Dafont

Like others, dafont has an extensive collection of fonts that are available for free, and you can easily see quality fonts that you can use for any design project.

where to download fonts

You can search fonts by alphabetical listing, popularity, style, or author. One feature that makes dafont stand out from the rest is that you can sort fonts based on different themes, for example, valentine themed fonts, homo-themed fonts, video game fonts, and more. This makes it possible for you to easily find fonts that you can use for different types of projects.

7. Fontasy

Fantasy boasts an archive of more than 1000 fonts you can download free of charge. The fonts you see on this website come in different styles, and it’s easy to search for fonts.

where to download fonts

When you see fonts that you’d like to use, unless instructed otherwise, you need to make sure to contact the designer before using it commercially.

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8. Fontstruct

Fontstruct is a combination of font-making tools and a community of people who come together to create fonts and share their creative work with others. The site contains a massive font archive of more than 43,000 which are all available for free download.

download free fonts on websites

You can even clone fonts that are made by other users to create your unique custom fonts.

9. Abstract fonts

Abstract fonts are a huge collection of use that you can use personally or commercially. However, it’s still important that you read about the licenses before downloading any font.

best websites to download free fonts

The fonts on the site are presented in a visually appealing way, and you’re going to be delighted browsing the fonts collection. When you click on a font you like, you’ll be shown details of the font, including the licensing. Again, you should read through before you proceed to download.

10. 1001 fonts

Do not be deceived by the name, this website has a collection of over 9,000 quality fonts on its database, and new free fonts are added every day which can be used for personal or commercial use depending on the font license.

sites for downloading fonts for free

You can browse and search fonts based on font size and weight.

Which website are you going to check out for free fonts?

What you’ve just read are the best websites to download fonts for free. Each one contains amazing fonts that can take your design project from good to great.

So ahead and click on anyone you like to visit their website. It’s all free.

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