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11 Websites to Edit Music and Audio Files Online in 2024

Yes! You can edit music and audio files online. If you need to edit your audio files on the fly and don’t want a program that’s going to take up space, then an online editor is for YOU!

In this guide we’ve scoured the internet to find the best free online audio editors to do simple audio editing from the comfort of your browser.

Whether you’re searching for a way to express your creativity or simply want to alter some audio commentaries, this guide will show you how. You may also learn about each tool’s unique characteristics and capabilities in the following section. Whether you want to exhibit off your artistic side, add some audio commentary, or modify some…

#1. Audacity (audio editor online: chrome Extension)

Audacity is a free and open-source software for recording, editing and producing sound (or other types of media data). While Audacity was originally developed as a tool that illustrates how sound waves work, the program is now mainly used as an audio editor.

Audacity lets you record live or playback “previously recorded” sounds. Tracks are arranged on its visible timeline-like animated pieces in a cartoon strip (hence it’s often called The Steve Jobs Project amongst geeks) so you can see where everything should go to give your song some oomph. Editing possibilities include fading in/out tracks while mixing, changing volumes at different times or adding effects such as echo, reverb, flange, chorus and so on. It also allows you to cut large portions of audio, which can be useful if you’re trying to create mashups or something.

Audacity features a few more advanced functionality (such as support for plug-ins written in the Nyquist programming language) but these are not essential to getting started.

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You can use the program to produce high-quality recordings, but it doesn’t have much in the way of sound library management or MIDI file support (because those features aren’t as widely needed as simple recording/editing). Once you’ve finished with your project, you can export it as an MP3 or WAV file for uploading.

#2. Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio

Creating music is now an easy task with Soundation Studio. With its user-friendly interface, you can create beautiful melodies in minutes. Not to mention, the library of sounds available will give your music that professional edge. So why not try out Soundation Studio today?

#3. Audio Tool

Audio Tool

Audio Tool is the perfect app for budding musicians and producers. With this app, you can create your own music right from your browser. Audio Tool includes virtual instruments, mixing and routing panels, and an effects panel. You can also access your track/sample everywhere. Plus, there are more than 250,000 free samples available to get you started.

#4. Twisted Wave

Twistedwave Is A Browser Based Audio Editor.

Twisted Wafe is a browser-based audio editor which is perfect for recording, mastering, and converting sounds. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to record sound, loop, add VST effects, and more.

#5. Beautiful Audio Editor


Beautiful Audio Editor is a great tool to enhance your music. You can apply effects to tracks, ranging from gain, pan, dynamic compression to various of frequency filters. The app also lets you set up audio speed and flexibly fade the volume on your track.

#6. Audio Joiner


Looking to merge your favorite songs into one cohesive track? Audio Joiner is here to help. With just a few simple clicks, you can create a smooth listening experience that blends your favorite tunes together perfectly. Plus, with Crossfade and Fadeout features, you can customize the transitions between each song for an even more seamless listening experience. So why wait? Try Audio Joiner today!

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Audio Joiner notable features

  • No need to buy two different programs (such as for joining and editing)
  • All your audio files are put into a single folder
  • Save tons of time by not having to edit one file at a time.
  • Supports over 300 file formats

#7. Bear Audio

Bearaudiotool Online Mp3 Cutter & Audio Trimmer

Bear Audio is the perfect audio editing solution for anyone looking to easily create high-quality audio files. Our powerful online editor makes it easy to cut and combine audio, apply special effects, and export your finished product in a variety of formats.

This nifty tool allows you to cut and delete audio, You may also use the app to combine different audio files, songs and ringtones, as well as muted or altered volume levels, and apply a variety of transition effects such as fade in/out.

The greatest feature of Bear Audio is that it’s built on HTML5, so you don’t have to upload your files to a remote server. It also protects against file size limitations.

Bear Audio notable features

  • Simple yet powerful audio editor
  • Built on HTML5 audio technology
  • Lightning-fast processing speed
  • Upload audio files or convert them into various formats with efficient output.

#8. Sodaphonic

Sodaphonic Is An Easy To Use Web Browser Audio Editor

Sodaphonic is an easy-to-use web browser audio editor that helps you cut, delete, or merge audio clips. With Sodaphonic, you can edit your voice recordings or any other audio file in MP3, OGG, or WAV format.

This audio editor includes a number of unique features, including the ability to make voice recordings. It has Pause/Play so you can quickly create voice clips in your browser, as well as all of the basic recording capabilities.

It comes also with a clean interface that allows you to record your own audio directly from the tool.

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#9. AudioTrimmer

Online Mp3 Cutter Audio Trimmer

AudioTrimmer is the perfect online MP3 editor for on-the-go audio editing. With just a few simple steps, you can cut, crop, or merge any part of your audio file. Whether you’re trimming down a song for a ringtone or removing an awkward pause from a voice recording, AudioTrimmer makes it easy to get the job done.

The tool comes with a basic and simple editor that anybody can use with a variety of file formats. It may also easily operate on smartphones or tablets, allowing you to use it wherever you go.

You may create interesting ringtones with Audio Trimmer. Upload the song or music to the editor, remove the portion you wish to use as a ringtone, apply fade in/out if required, and pick your phone’s download format.

#10. Amped Studio

Make Music Online Amped Studio Online Sequencer

Amped Studio is the ultimate music production tool for amateur and professional musicians alike! With our easy-to-use browser-based interface, you can create pro-quality music tracks with just a few clicks. Amped Studio comes packed with features that will help you take your music production skills to the next level.

Amped Studio is a rich and diverse music app that gives you access to professional sound effects, transitions, pre-made audio loops, and kits as well as many third-party instruments through VST technology. It’s an ideal tool for beatmakers or vocalists who want more than what they can find on their desktop software plugins within the standard editing capabilities of Garageband (or other programs).

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your masterpiece today!

Notable features:

  • Collaborate with friends on your music projects
  • No need to buy expensive studio equipment
  • Record your own voice or musical instruments right in the software
  • A comprehensive library of ready-made samples and loops

#11. CutMP3

Cut Mp3 Files Online Mp3 Cutter Mp3 Splitter

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to cut MP3 files, look no further than CutMP3! This app makes it simple to trim your music tracks without having to upload them. So if you’re looking to keep just the best part of that song, CutMP3 is the perfect tool for the job!

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