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Wema Bank Nigeria Customer Care Phone Number, Email, and Whatsapp

Have you ever wondered if there are other ways to contact Wema Bank Customer Care instead of going to the bank every time you need to make inquiries, requests, or complaints?

Actually, there are several ways. Whether you have already joined the league or someone who wants in, customer care at Wema Bank can be contacted via their official phone number, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

With the methods that will be provided to you, customers can avoid spending all their day in the bank. Anyone going to the bank these days will agree with me that it is not what it used to be. Since the time that more people have started using banks, it has led to longer queues at the bank.

The way out is to adopt other ways you can get in touch with Wema Bank Customer Care.

If you do not know how to get in touch with Wema Bank Customer Care, this article will help you with the hints.

Below are the Wema Bank Purple Connect (24 hours Contact Centre):


Call it one of the best ways to quickly and easily get in touch with Wema Bank Customer Care Representatives, you are not wrong.

As a customer who wants requests, or complaints to be quickly attended to, this is the best shot you got. When you adopt this method, you are quickly provided with everything that relates to your banking issues and the assurance that things will be resolved quickly.

For instance, calling the bank to help you block a stolen card is the best option, instead of waiting for hours when you use email or Facebook.

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The major disadvantage is that call made to Wema Bank Official Phone Line is not toll-free. You pay from the very first second including the time spent with the pre-recorded audio. However, a customer care representative should pick up within 3 minutes.

To get in touch with Wema Bank Customer Care (Purple Connect), call the phone numbers – 08039003700, +234-01-277-7700-9, and 07000PURPLE (07000787753). This how you contact the bank through their official phone numbers. They can be reached at any time.


If you owned a smartphone, you can use all the platforms in this section. Having a smartphone means you will be able to do more than people with push-button phones.

Social media and instant messaging apps are among the attractions of the internet. It makes conversation so easy and affordable. One can choose to spend hours without feeling the heat, but not when you are on calls.

As a bank that understands that its large base of customers also deserves the most affordable ways to contact them, Union Bank is also on popular social media platforms, but we will be concentrating on the best apps to contact them which happens to be Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Wema Bank Customer Care Facebook Page

Facebook is the biggest among them, there is no argument about that. A social media platform with such numbers compared to the rest of the packs deserves such a tag.

Union bank knows where its customers are, it is not a surprise that they are also on Facebook to give you all the supports you need. It could be to make enquiries, complaints, or issues, the customer care at Union Bank has got you any time.

Customers who prefer to use Facebook to contact the bank can reply to post or send ‘DM’. However, customers should always refrain from sharing information on a timeline which may put their account in jeopardy.

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Besides, when you reply to a post or send a direct message, the bank will not ask you for such info as your ATM or security pin. Always know what to disclose in open posts.

Wema Bank Facebook Group Page is www.facebook.com/wemabankplc. Customers will need to wait for some time before getting a reply. If it is urgent, then this method is not for you.

Wema Bank Customer Care Twitter Handle

Twitter is really amazing no doubt about that, it is a place where you can get the latest stories and happenings from around the world.

Your bank understands that the places to be is on Twitter considering how many users it has been able to pull. As a bank that understands the concept of marketing, taking advantage of the social media platform is yet another strategy.

To do that effectively, they know it involves listening to customers’ complaints, requests, and enquiries especially from potential customers.

Customers can tweet or send DM but you must avoid sharing very sensitive information in a public space. Meanwhile, union bank will never ask you to do that. The direct message is also a feature that can come in handy for a very sensitive issue.

The wema bank twitter handle is @wemabank or you can click www.twitter.com/wemabank if you are on the browser.

Wema Bank Customer Care Whatsapp Number

Whatsapp has been applauded to be the best instant messaging app, and it is one of the must-have apps on any smartphone. A smart business owner knows that it can also be used to improve sales.

Union bank is a typical example of the ways organisations use WhatsApp for business. The app, being a perfect alternative to Wema Bank Online Live Chat is one of the best ways to contact Union Bank Customer Care Representatives.

Just like Facebook, one will be able to attach files, documents, or even audio files to the agent in charge.

Wema Bank Whatsapp Number is 09044411010. Add it the way you will add any number into your phone contact. Go to WhatsApp and refresh the list.

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Alternatively, you can click wa.me/2349044411010 to quickly get in touch with Wema Bank through their Whatsapp number.


Contacting Wema Bank Customer Care via their official email address is also possible. With this method, you can afford to be broader in your content, and also attach files or documents if needed.

Not without its lowest low though. The waiting period can be very frustrating as Customers will need to wait for 2 to 3 hours before being contacted by the bank. This may not be ideal for people who desperately need answers or quick resolution. However, they always respond to all queries or requests.

To get support via wema bank email address, send your inquiries, requests, or complaints to purpleconnect@wemabank.com.


Wema Bank does not have a dedicated online live chat on their website. It’s strange considering they are almost everywhere. Maybe because WhatsApp sharing a deep similarity with live chat was the reason why they binned it.

Not to worry, customers can still have the same experience with Whatsapp, as that is the closest thing to Online Live Chat.


If you have used all the options provided for you and still unable to get the expected outcome from Wema Bank Customer Care, you might need to contact the Wema Bank Head Office for help.

The corporate head office will try to make their findings come to a reasonable conclusion. Customers can expect the bank to be fair as they discharge their duties and responsibilities to the parties involved, in the hope that the bank and customer relationship continues.

Below is the address of Wema Bank Head Office:

Wema Towers,
54, Marina,
P. M. B. 12862, Tinubu,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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