UBA africard prepaid card

What is UBA Africard, activation and how to get one

You are probably one of the many people who are still asking what is UBA Africard and the difference with the other debit cards?

Both are plastic card as you can see, except that UBA africard is a prepaid card which can be reloadable, prefunded and variant denominated in Naira while debit cards are cards connected to a holder’s account whose money is immediately transferred directly from the account when performing any transaction

This UBA visa card is accepted in all visa acceptance points in every country. To be a UBA Africard holder, you do not need to be a customer or have an account with the bank.

The card in question can be used to purchase items from any store, makes bill payment, buy airtime and data and even pay for your utility bills.

If you are also a blogger with earnings from ads network like Google AdSense, you can also set it up to receive your google adsense payment. You also have the liberty to receive the funds from any ATM point in Nigeria and abroad.

What you need to qualify for UBA Africard

Below are the requirements needed to get your UBA Africard processed. You must visit any UBA branch with the following items, they are;

  • A recent passport photograph (preferably not more than 3 months old)
  • N1050 cash for the UBA Africard prepaid visa card.
  • Amount not lower than N2,000 to top up your card.
  • Utility bill (water bill, waste or Nepa are accepted)
  • Any Government-issued ID card (passport, National ID card, voter’s card or driver’s license are accepted)
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Benefits of UBA prepaid card (Africard)

  • The UBA like all debit cards is valid for 3 years from the month it was issued.
  • It requires a personal identification number (Pin) which is expected to be known only to you for security purposes.
  • Money transfer is made easy when you transfer from your prepaid card to another UBA prepaid card.
  • Real-time banking transactions available at your disposal.
  • It can be used on any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Point Of Sale (POS).
  • Professional support available 24/7 through the bank official links.

Features of UBA Prepaid card (Africard)

  • It does not matter whether you are UBA customer or not, you can apply for UBA Africard.
  • It is an alternative to cash.
  • It is safe to use across WEB, POS, and ATM.
  • The funds can be retrieved in the event of a stolen card, lost card or theft.
  • Funds available anytime, anywhere and any day.

How to obtain UBA Africard (Prepaid Card)

Get UBA prepaid card and enjoy seamless transaction and access to service to service. To get your UBA Africard, follow the following steps:How to apply for UBA prepaid card

  • Visit any UBA branch in Nigeria.
    Meet the customer representative and demand for UBA Africard.
  • A form will be handed over to you which you are expected to fill and return back.
  • You are to wait for not more than 1 hour for the card.
  • Fund the card with not less than N2,000 and you can start using your UBA Africard.

How to fund UBA prepaid card (UBA Africard)

You can easily top up your UBA Africa immediately after picking up your card or through the UBA internet banking. How do you do this?

  1. Visit www.ubagroup.com on your smartphone or PC.
  2. At the top of the page, look up for internet banking and enter your login details for access.
  3. Click on “Transfer to Card” icon on the menu dashboard. If you are using a desktop, you are going to see it at the top of the page.
  4. On this new page, fill in the payment details and also select your UBA account and click continue. If you do not own an account with UBA, visit the branch to top up.
  5. Give it one last shot by previewing your entered details and then confirm your transfer details.
  6. Enter your secure pass or your one-time password (OTP) and then click on submit to give your approval.
  7. Once your transaction has been completed, you will be notified with a payment summary.
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