Why blog is important

Why a blog is important for your business

Don’t you ever wonder why small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational companies make use of online platforms? It is because they understand why a blog is important.

One of the most effective and cheapest ways to promote a business is using blogs or microblogging platforms. Both can be used to promote business but one seems to have more capabilities than the other.

By nature, microblog is almost the same as blog except with few distinctions that separate them, microblog allows users to write texts, upload pictures, videos and have them published on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat.

Social media sites have seen a lot of improvements, more people are now exploring other benefits of microblogging aside from connecting with friends and families.

The traditional usages have been chats with friends, update status, upload pictures, and videos. Bonding with people on social media is just a part of it, you can even have your own online store on the platform. People are now using it to promote businesses, a good place to start but you have the whole playing field by creating a blog for your business.

Why you need a blog for your businessWhy blog is needed

Below are the reasons why a blog is very important for your business:

1. A thorough content could convince your audience

When you own a blog, you are already on your way to build your business. Unlike microblogs, you can have that long and thorough content, no more having to resort to very thin content.

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Connect with your audience using words, images, infographics, and videos. Give enough reasons why they should use your products which can be depicted in the images, infographics, and videos if the needs arise.

A dedicated space for your business will prove more than having a real-time face to face conversation with potential clients.

2. It builds up your reputation

To build a very strong reputation will take a lot of time and effort. Making time for your clients and customers on your blog could be the reason why you will get more leads.

While making all efforts to improve your business, publishing content regularly and connecting with authority sites may put your blog at the top of search engine result if done rightly.

This will enhance your reputation which will make your audience to trust you. A new customer might ask you to provide proof of past dealings, you can always share your customers’ testimonies or direct them to your page.

More reasons why you should always ask for feedback from satisfied customers. If there are any negative ones, manage and correct the situation the best way you can. Those left unsatisfied in the long run could hurt your business in the long run.

3. Sharing made easy

With a blog, you can spread your content easily to several microblogging channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Telegram. This boosts your traffic and could bring more leads.

Visitors can also share your link, embed or email to friends and families. This can make your post go viral especially when friends and friends of friends find it very informative.

4. Convenience and cheaper alternative

A blog makes it easier to connect with your audience. By using your blog to connect, you will be able to market your products better, help them understand why they need to buy from you and instantly build a relationship with them without leaving the comfort of your home.

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It is also inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising. Imagine having to make calls or meet people within your environment on a regular basis, this takes chunks of money from your purse.

Managing your resources is the key to grow and improve your business. No one will enjoy having more expenses than income since making profit has been the ulterior motive of starting any type of side hustles.

5. Connects globally

Location is no longer a barrier. You can now connect with Mr. Tom who lives in the USA or Miss Alice in the UK at the cheapest means ever. Every detail can be shared using multimedia.

Bringing the foreigners into the fold could expand your business, through the experiences with people of different cultures, you might be into what is currently in hot demand in the country, such business opportunities have the capacity to skyrocket your business into the zenith. With time, you might find yourself on the front page of Forbes.

6. Blog gives voice to everyone

Not everyone is blessed with the power of oratory, some even have problem with speaking for a long time. It does not matter if you are an extrovert or introvert, blog makes sure you can be heard.

Introverts are often judged by their ability to bottle emotions and nonchalant attitude, which is not really true. Introverts are uniquely suited to see the situation as it is. Having the ability to weigh down things is a blessing in disguise, this helps you to understand your customers better, especially on a platform which doesn’t require an instant response.

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In the real-life situation, expression may seem difficult but through your web blog, you have the power to craft content as it pleases you; read messages, digest and reply the best you can while taming your temperament.

7. It opens up another stream of income

Your primary reason why you started a blog is probably to connect your business to the world, it could still open up several ways of making money.

If you have stuck around a bit, you must have heard AdSense. Adsense is one of the ways bloggers make money from their blog.

Adsense is one part of the subsidiaries of Google Inc. Google uses your blog to serve ads that are targeted to your keywords and audience, for example, a finance niche blog will mostly serve ads from financial institutions.

No business lost even when you manage to create content from time to time, more people coming to your blog through your ranking keywords will let them know about your businesses.

Moreover, income generated from AdSense can mean much at the end of the day. Businesses can always do with few improvements.

8. Blog gives room for practicals and reduces costs

Online merchants do not need to have the products in place to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Products can become obsolete or get damage if you are finding it difficult to locate a buyer. Manufacturing a few products or procuring few would help you reduce your expenses to minimal in the event of mishaps.

Making mistakes can be very expensive and damaging especially when you have no idea if your proposed business will gain momentum, you can experiment using your blogs without providing the physical products.

It is safer to have a few products on ground, If there are a lot of demands, business managers can reposition themselves and think of a better way to stock their goods. Always make sure that you have a producer in place who is ever ready to meet your orders.

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