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Action can happen anytime and just anywhere. It can be on the road, on the celluloid screen, or even on the small and micro screens like palmtops and Smartphones. Paramount Plus is a next-generation video streaming service that brings you world-class entertainment in the form of movies and videos consisting of unique stories from iconic stars. Apart from Blue Bloods Season 12, subscribers can choose from Almost Famous, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The Conversation, Days of Heaven, and many more.

Paramount Plus, the fantastic streaming video service, was officially launched on March 2021 and counting today; this streaming service has gathered whopping 4.3 Million new subscribers. There are overwhelming episodes stored in its media library content and over 2,500 movies, in addition to original series, which are unique and mind-boggling too. With the power of the Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader, you can engage the fantastic realm of original entertainment on your mobile screens and other intelligent devices.

Blue Bloods Season 12: The American Police Drama Created Out of Fiction

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Blue Bloods happens to be a completely sulking American police procedural drama made available as the televised series broadcast on CBS. This fascinating drama series revolves around the principal characters, which are part of the illusory Reagan family, having an Irish descent and a strong belief in Roman Catholicism. The family is die-hard law-abiding, and most of its members have been associated with American law enforcement. The ace performers in the Blue Bloods TV series are the Reagan family, including Tom Selleck, Frank Reagan, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, and Len Cariou.

Henry, the father of Frank Reagan, had served as a beat cop in the New York Police department and, due to his distinguished services, became the Police Commissioner. Frank Reagan followed the footsteps of his hard-working father, Henry, and became the Police commissioner. Frank’s daughter named, Erin, holds the assistant district attorney position. Danny is Frank’s oldest son, a well-known detective in NYPD, while his second son is Jamie, who is working as a sergeant in NYPD. A fellow cop murders Frank Reagan’s son named Joe. Joe had been involved in investigations to unearth the deeds of corrupt and lewd cops of NYPD, known to be Blue Templar.

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Blue Bloods Season 12 is engaging suspense and procedural action series that follows the league of its earliest series. The series is available on the famous Over the Top (OTT) like Paramount Plus by utilizing the power of y2mate paramount plus downloader. Blue Bloods Season 12 has a total of 13 episodes, and each of these episodes carries forward new suspense while keeping the previous accounts alive for a more intensified action.

Episode 1, “Hate is Hate,” is the starting point of hatred and action between law enforcement agencies and the investigations. Erin is finding herself in the middle of solving a pending murder with her boss, D.A. Kimberly Crawford (Roslyn Ruff), as the prime witness.

Frank is finding himself struggling with the city mayor (Chase) discussing the terms to keep the city safe in the best way. Witten (Lauren Patten) suspects intimidating a young man by pulling her gun after he struck her from behind, and the whole event is under IAB investigation.
The second episode, “Times like These,” sees a high-intensity drama happening between Mayor Chase and Frank over the city security.

On the other hand, Danny’s investigation of the gang attack has turned upside down. A new emotional disturbance emerges when Jamie knows that Eddie has been lying all the way. Episode 3 – “Protective Instincts” is exciting because Frank is offered a professional realm by his old friend Lenny Ross (Treat Williams) with the NFL.

Danny and Baez have become busy investigating the murder of a delivery man at the migrant restaurant.

Apart from taking the new professional role, Frank also thinks about how the present situation will touch Erin’s probable competition to become Manhattan DA.

“True Blue” sees Jamie experiencing the backlash from officers after he has partnered with Erin and Anthony to investigate the underground bar where the NYPD and FDNY are hiding their criminal indiscretions. Witten plans to relinquish the police force, while Danny and Baez have gotten busy investigating female student murder in the prestigious school. One of the initially accused is the boyfriend of the girl. “Good Intentions” is where Jamie and Eddie get through deep into the marital tensions after revealing that Eddie allows her newly freed ex-convict father, Armin (Michael Cullen), to be a part of the family. Danny and Baez desperately help Ohio man (Dave Quay) find his sister. Anthony takes Erin’s help in absolving the female gang member.

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“Be Smart or Be Dead” is when Frank becomes protective as he learns Danny of experiencing the threat by a gang. He asks Jamie to protect Danny. Frank also makes efforts to avert his cop grandson, Joe Hill (Will Hochman), from looking for revenge for his attack. In the “USA Today,” Danny’s and Baez’s go helter and kilter to search for the culprits responsible for assaulting the shop owner. Erin has become more suspicious about her boss after DA has given her the assignment.

“Reality Check” is when Danny partnered with Anthony to find the possible reasons behind double homicide, but little does Danny know that Anthony’s cousin named Joey (Anthony DeSando) is part of the gang who committed the homicide. Eddie and Jamie’s work and personal relationship are under pressure. The episodes like “Firewall,” “Old Friends,” “On the Arm,” and “The Reagan Way” see the characters playing their roles in fighting their personal and professional lives only to come out clean and more organized.

“Cold Comfort” sees Fran’s fight with ignoble cops, while Danny’s and Baez’s is seriously involved in the case of a brutal gang assault on an NYPD detective, and this research is soon to end with startling outcomes. Eddie and Badillo follow the offenders responsible for stealing valuable rare works from a famous bookstore. Jamie has joined Henry in inspecting the death of an old friend under suspicious conditions.


Catch the fiction and procedural drama series like the Blue Bloods on the Paramount Plus. With the y2mate paramount plus downloader, you have the action, which will keep you engaged for a longer duration. This smart Paramount Plus downloader brings you closer to valuable entertainment and reel life adventures.

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The Surefire Way of Downloading the Paramount Plus Movies with Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader

Are you interested in viewing the original video series off-grid mode? Want to download a movie show or original video series on your iOS or Android mobile device! Here are the quick steps that you need to get through:

Step#1 – Launch and Install

y2mate paramount plus

Launch the Paramount Plus App on the Smartphone and log in to the account. Browse through the video series and episodes you wish to download on your device. Press the down arrow icon provided adjacent to the movie.

Step#2 – Downloading is in progress

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After you have clicked on the download arrow, a message is flashed that will show the download time along with the video series.

Step#3 – Ready to watch

y2mate downloader

After the download is complete, the download icon will appear as a checkmark.

To search for the video series you have just downloaded, start navigating through the video library, tap on the menu, and click on the download button. You are ready to watch the videos and movies on your mobile screen.

The Best Pricing Tag for Amazing Movie Entertainment

Pricing is a major deciding factor, and with the Paramount Plus video downloader, you are not only going to have an excellent CBS movie streaming service but also 1080 pixel entertainment in your possession. The pricing is, of course, super great, and subscribers can avail the features of the downloader under three subscription plans. The monthly plan is priced at the US $ 19.9, available for a 1 PC License. The Annual Plan is priced at US $ 59.9 with 1 PC License for the US $ 4.99 (monthly). The monthly and annual plan comes with seven days money back guarantee. The Lifetime Plan is available to the subscribers at the US $ 149.9 for 3 PC Licenses. This subscription plan comes with 14 days money back guarantee.


The y2mate paramount plus downloader is a top-notch and advanced entertainment technology that gives the subscribers advantage of downloading and ripping the movies and watching them off the grid. The third-party tool is nicely priced and doesn’t stress your pocket. Subscribe to the digitally advanced video streaming service like Paramount Plus and avail the best entertainment without hassles. Blue Bloods Season 12 or just any other video season for that matter, the paramount plus downloader is welcome for movie and video buffs. Excitement is rolling, and you are only a few clicks away from downloading the video downloader.

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